Surprising Facts About Cholesterol, and Foods That Help Control It

By Trista
Surprising Facts About Cholesterol, and Foods That Help Control It

With how cheap and convenient fast food is these days, it’s harder to find healthier options we should be putting on our tables. What’s even worse is that those unhealthy options, we’re increasing our levels of cholesterol every day.
What is cholesterol exactly? It’s a waxy, fat-like substance that clings to the cells and walls of your arteries, making it harder to get blood around your body. That puts extra work on your heart, which can lead to permanent damage.

A simple blood test can show what your cholesterol is like so that you can start taking the right steps to get healthy.
There are still some surprising facts, however, about cholesterol that many people don’t know. Some people think that cutting out fatty foods altogether is the best way to reduce cholesterol, but things are actually a lot more complicated than that. Here are some surprising facts about cholesterol and, more importantly, great foods to incorporate into your diet to keep it under control.

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High Cholesterol Can Be Genetic

Many people focus on their cholesterol levels and how to change them through diet and exercise. What some people may not know is that they might not be able to change anything about their cholesterol even after a lot of hard work.

The majority of your cholesterol levels are due to genes, which you can’t exactly change. If your family has a predisposition towards high cholesterol, then you’re going to fall into the same boat. However, that doesn’t mean you’re without a remedy — keep reading to see what you should eat!