10 Superfoods To Fight Inflammation If Consumed Regularly

By Simi
10 Superfoods To Fight Inflammation If Consumed Regularly

The human body is built in such a way that it self-regulates. The inflammatory pain you feel from time to time is the body’s way of letting you know you have been exposed to foreign stimuli, and your immune system is fighting to get rid of them. The unwanted foreign stimuli could be anything from pathogens, irritants, damaged cells or allergens.

While inflammation will be helpful in healing wounds, tissue damage and infections, it can cause more harm to your body if it is left unchecked. You can either experience chronic or acute inflammation from exposure to harmful stimuli. If the inflammation goes on for one or two weeks, it is an acute inflammation. On the other hand, persistent inflammation that can go on for months or even years is chronic inflammation.

There are a lot of health concerns that are usually associated with inflammation, hence the need to pay attention whenever you are in pain. These include the following:

Chronic prostatitis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Hay fever
Celiac disease
Crohn’s disease
Inflammatory bowel conditions
Interstitial cystitis
Ulcerative colitis

The list is endless. It is, however, important that you learn the symptoms to look out for, and what to do when you notice them. One of the easiest ways of fighting inflammation is through a proper diet. There are certain foods that you can include in your meal plan that will help in dealing with inflammation. Some of these super-foods have been discussed briefly below.


After years of research, in 2012 the Journal of Medicinal Food published a report highlighting the benefits of garlic. These were affirmations of what people have known for so many years, but with a scientific approach to them. In this report, they highlighted a number of compounds in garlic that provide therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits to the body.

There are 4 compounds in garlic that contain sulfur, which usually helps in fighting inflammation. This is by blocking the causative pathways to inflammation. If you want to fight inflammation, it is advisable to have 2 – 3 raw cloves of garlic every day. These are best taken on an empty stomach. On the same note, try and include garlic in your meals from time to time, or whenever you can.

The benefits of garlic are not just limited to cooked food, but you can also use it without cooking, and still get the same benefits. For relief from inflammation and pain, you can rub garlic on the part of the body where the pain is localized. After a short while, you will be relieved.

At the moment there are garlic supplements in the market that you can also find useful. These come in handy as dietary supplements. However, before you start using such supplements, it is advisable that you talk to your nutritionist, physician or doctor about it. They will advise you on the best dosage, given your medical history and after studying your history of allergies and allergic reactions, including those of your family members.