Physical and Mental Health are Connected and Working Out Can Help Fight Depression

By Trista
Physical and Mental Health are Connected and Working Out Can Help Fight Depression

Technology has brought about a hundred things to boast in the twenty-first century. From earning potentials, daily life activities, chores to lifestyles, nearly everything has evolved with the rolling of time. However, in this racing and pacing of time, health issues have become a significant concern. A substantial percentage of the populace, irrespective of their ages, is suffering from cardiac and chronic diseases. The number of types of health ailments has doubled in the last five years. However, what has become even more of a significant concern is mental health.

Mental health issues might sound like major psychiatric diseases and concerns, and that is actually what comes to our mind when we hear of the term mental health. However, that is not the case in today’s time. A recent significant survey states that more than 85% of the population is affected by mental health issues even though it is not evident on the surface. Anxiety disorder, hyperactivity, ADHD, personality disorders, mood disorders, and traumatic disorders are some of the most significantly facing problems that are taking the modern world by storm. The most affected ones include the people in their twenties and thirties, also known as the millennials.

Depression is not an easy thing to deal with at any age. Shutterstock.

Millennials Are Affected By Depression

Some recent researches state that the percentages of depression and anxiety have increased in recent times significantly among millennials. Medical proofs show that there are personal causes, past incidents that trigger these mental health disturbances in individuals at an early age. However, one of the most essential reasons that stand tall that triggers depression is the lifestyle of this generation.

The easy to fall rabbit hole of the current lifestyle has made it even tougher for today’s population to make it up to a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The junk and processed foods, the excessive screen hours, detachment with nature are some of the leading reasons why most of the young generation is suffering from depression symptoms, which they are even unaware of. However, one of the most important reasons why people are suffering from depression is the lack of exercise. Believe it or not, medical proofs show that working out for just 30 minutes regularly is capable of reducing depression by nearly 18%.