Natural Methods for Controlling Anxiety

By Trista
Natural Methods for Controlling Anxiety

If you are like 40 million people in the United States, you struggle with anxiety. You may have anxious thoughts that interrupt your day, or perhaps your anxiety is so severe that you struggle to complete basic tasks, such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, and eating nutritious meals. Some people have to face the daily reality of anxiety-related disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Unless treated, these mental health challenges can interfere with living a meaningful and productive life.

Many people have turned to psychotropic drugs to calm their anxiety, and medications can certainly be beneficial, especially for people who have chronic issues with high levels of anxiety. However, if your anxiety is moderate, you may control it using natural methods. Even if you are on medication, you can add some natural techniques to augment the effects of the medicines in further taming your anxiety lion.

Taming anxiety naturally, rather than relying on medication to do the job for you, may require some lifestyle changes. You may have to pull out of life’s fast lane and be willing to take things at a slower pace. You may also have to change your diet and develop the daily habits of exercise and meditation. While the cost may seem high, the ultimate benefit will be not only more manageable anxiety but all-around improved health and well-being.


31. Imagine yourself in a calm place.

While in a perfect world, your home is your resting place where you can retreat from the storms of life, reality often conflicts with that ideal. For many people, a home is a place of chaos and stress, and it is also a place of anxiety. Plenty of people also have fast-paced, high-stress jobs that also lead them to intrusive levels of anxiety. Spending an hour in a morning commute, followed by eight to 10 hours with overworked colleagues and irritated bosses, and then coming home to a less-than-relaxing evening can undoubtedly take its toll.

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What can help is mentally remove yourself from these situations, even if only for a few minutes, long enough to reboot your mind. Imagine yourself at the beach, or perhaps fishing in a secluded lake, or hiking in the mountains. If nature isn’t your thing, possibly remembering your most recent trip to Disney World will mentally take you to a calmer place. You don’t need to go into an hours-long trance. Just take five minutes, perhaps in between meetings or during your lunch break, to close your eyes and envision yourself in a calm and relaxing place.