Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth At Home

Create a Homemade Whitening Toothpaste with Turmeric If you like the turmeric powder, but you want to make your toothpaste mixture, follow this recipe: one teaspoon… Trista - June 25, 2020
If you like turmeric, you’ll appreciate this homemade whitening toothpaste recipe. Shutterstock.

Create a Homemade Whitening Toothpaste with Turmeric

If you like the turmeric powder, but you want to make your toothpaste mixture, follow this recipe: one teaspoon of organic turmeric powder, one tablespoon of organic coconut oil, and a couple of drops of peppermint oil, spearmint essential oil, or cinnamon bark oil. Mix it all in a bowl and add it to a squeezable tube or a sealable container. 

This method works because both coconut oil and turmeric powder are known for removing plaque and stains. They also work as a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural remedy, which will help you fight infection in your mouth. You will add the essential oils to give the toothpaste a better flavor. 

After you try this, you can sit down and enjoy a tasty orange to help get your day started on the right track. Shutterstock.

Try an Orange Peel and Salt Rub

Just like you can use a banana peel to help whiten your teeth, you can also use an orange peel. This method works because the peel contains d-limonene, a substance that is used in commercial teeth whitening products. For a bonus, you can add a little sea salt to the peel as the salt will help remove surface stains because it’s naturally abrasive.

You don’t need to take time mixing the ingredients, like with most of the ways on this list. Instead, you will sprinkle a little sea salt on the piece of orange peel you want to use and then rub it over your teeth and the bottom of your gums. Just like you would during brushing, you can also rub it on your tongue to help freshen your breath. The key is to wait for your tongue until last, so you don’t rub all the salt off right away. 

Naturally, whiten your smile by mixing a strawberry with a little bit of baking soda. Shutterstock.

Combine Baking Soda Paste with Strawberries

You know that eating strawberries can help whiten your teeth a bit by fading out the stains. However, did you also know that you can create a baking soda and strawberry paste to whiten your teeth just like any other whitener thoroughly? As a bonus, you don’t have to deal with a bad-tasting paste in your mouth for a while. Instead, you’ll taste the strawberries, and your breath will have their sweet smell. 

Finely chop a whole strawberry and mix it thoroughly with a half teaspoon of baking soda. Use a small bowl so you can easily spread the paste onto your teeth. Leave it on your teeth for about five minutes and then rinse. It’s helpful to brush your teeth with regular toothpaste after getting rid of all the residue from the paste.  

You know about the magic of banana and orange peels, but how about lemon peels? Shutterstock.

Learn About the Magic of Lemon Peels

Like orange and banana peels, lemon peels will also work. They tend to work better on making sure that your stains are faded, but if you mix it with a little baking soda or salt, you can build the whitening power to ensure that your smile is dazzling. 

All you need to do is tear off a piece of the lemon peel and add a little sea salt or baking soda to the peel. Then you will rub it all over your teeth and gums, making sure to get the back of your teeth. This teeth whitening trick will not only give you the power to make your smile better but also improve your mouth and breath. 

Any fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C can help keep your system healthy and your teeth white. Shutterstock.

Don’t Forget Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential when it comes to your health. It builds up your immune system to help you fight infection. It can also help you get over the cold or flu faster when you do start to get sick. This reason is why people tell you to drink orange juice, eat oranges, or use vitamin supplements. At the same time, doing this can also help whiten your teeth, but you don’t always need to add oranges or its peels to the mixture. All you need to do is get more of the vitamin into your mouth in any way possible. 

A 2007 study showed that people who lacked vitamin C had more trouble with their mouths. They had a higher chance of gum disease, but their teeth were softer, which made them brittle and prone to breaking. Furthermore, there were more bacteria in their mouth, which leads to the building up plaque and stains. 

Above all, you need to follow proper teeth brushing practices to help keep your teeth white and stain-free. Shutterstock.

Follow Good Teeth Brushing Practices

You learned a lot of natural ways to help whiten teeth, but one thing you shouldn’t forget is one of the best steps always to take is brushing your teeth well. Many people think that all you need to do is spend about a minute or two brushing your teeth, but it goes a lot deeper than this. There are many rules that you should apply to your practice. 

First, you should brush your teeth two to three times a day. You should also ensure you brush at least two minutes each time, but some say it’s better to go three minutes if you want to whiten your teeth. You will also need to be sure to brush every tooth’s surface, brush your gums gently or avoid brushing them at all, make circular motions when cleaning, and be sure to reach the teeth at the back of the mouth. 


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