Catching Some Zs with a Cat Might Save Lives

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Human health is prone to diseases. Whether it is a bacterial attack or exposure to chemical stress, there are plenty of ways through which your mental and physical health can be affected.

There are several ways through which you can create a healthy and productive lifestyle that contributes to your mental and physical well being. From taking a healthy diet to keep your mental health sane, you can do every possible thing to ensure your health.

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How Is Good Sleep Equal to Good Health?

Often overlooked but one of the best ways to ensure sound health is by taking proper sleep. Getting proper sleep is essential to help maintain optimal health that includes both physical and mental well being. When it comes to looking after your health, sleep is the first step towards getting that optimal health condition. It is considered as important as following an exercise regime and eating a balanced diet. All your efforts to gain a healthy lifestyle will go in vain if you are not contributing towards a sound sleep.

Modern-day living and strenuous schedules do not always encourage people to get adequate sleep. It becomes necessary to prioritize sleep in order to steer towards a better and healthier lifestyle. How does sleep contribute to your life and why you must make your sleep your first priority? Keep reading.

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Increases Productivity and Concentration

Are you not able to concentrate on things or utilize yourself for the utmost productivity? If yes, have you paid close attention to your sleeping schedule? Well, you must. Sleep has a significant role to play in fine-tuning your concentration power and thereby increasing productivity as well. Studies have proven that sleep deprivation can result in a lack of concentration of loss of cognition.

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Maintains Healthy Weight

Weight is one of the critical criteria for a healthy lifestyle. Your sleep and risk of weight gain are closely related. Poor sleeping patterns can contribute to sudden and unexplained weight gain. It is quite evident that lack of sleep will make a person lethargic and restricts their physical activities as well that eventually contributes to weight gain. Hence, it is imperative to complete your sleep and reduce the risk of weight gain.

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Helps in Calorie Regulation

Just like reducing weight gain, sound sleep will contribute to managing the calorie intake in a day as well. The National Academy of Science, the US has proven that sleep patterns affect appetite hormones. If you are not getting proper sleep lately, then a lack of sleep may interfere with appetite hormones to regulate the calories intake. Therefore, it is advised to get excellent and uninterrupted sleep whenever possible.

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Improves Athletic Performance

Sleep is highly vital for athletes as they have to use their physical and mental abilities to perform well. The National Sleep Foundation has stated that while an average person must complete seven to eight hours of sleep, an athlete must at least take a good 10 hours sleep in order to stay active and fresh throughout the day. Better sleep helps in gaining more energy, increasing mental function, enhancing speed and agility, and expedite the performance.

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Lowers the Risk of Heart Attacks

You would be surprised to know that your sleep can do wonders with your overall health. Not just helping in maintaining weight and improving mental health, good sleep also lowers the risks of heart attacks. Yes, you heard it right. Heart disease is related to the blood pressure of the body. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed in their study that adequate sleep improves the natural flow of blood pressure that eventually result in reducing the chances of heart diseases. Proper sleep also contributes to decreasing the chances of apnea as well.

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Improves Social and Emotional Intelligence

Sleep is closely linked to your social and emotional intelligence. People with irregular sleeping patterns have more chances of experiencing social and emotional issues that can lead to several other mental illnesses. Journal of Sleep Research found that sleep is directly proportional to a person’s emotional empathy. It works as the stimuli that control social and mental interactions.

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Prevents Depression

Are you dealing with depression? Then a good sleep can undoubtedly help you get through it. Depression and sleep are also related to each other. JAMA Psychiatry examined the patterns of suicidal death from the last ten years. It found that lack of sleep contributed to depression resulting in suicidal thoughts and eventually deaths in many. Sleep disorders such as insomnia have higher chances of turning into depression. Thus, taking a night of good sleep and complete at least an 8 hours sleep becomes essential.

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Lowers Inflammation

Body inflammations can be irritating and painful. Your sleep can help in dampening such chronic inflammations. World Journal of Gastroenterology suggested a link between sleep and bowel disease. Sleep deprivation can give rise to gastrointestinal diseases. If you are not able to sleep properly, your gastrointestinal tract will experience difficulties in functioning that will eventually contribute to several bowel diseases. So, never compromise with your sleep if you don’t want to suffer from chronic inflammation caused by these bowel diseases.

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Strengthens Immune System

Your immune system safeguards your health from the possible attacks of diseases. However, what you are doing to protect your immune system? Sleep has the power to repair, regenerate, and recover your body. Research has shown that sleep has the ability to help the body fight off diseases and boost the immune system, as well. While scientists are not able to find the right mechanism that links sleep and the immune system, it is found that sleep has the power to make your immune system stronger and offer it the capabilities to fight diseases.

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Keeps You Rejuvenated Throughout The Day

In order to active and fresh throughout the day, you need to wake up fresh. Sleep helps in energizing your senses and provides you with a fresh start to the day. Taking adequate sleep recharges your body, improves the blood function, and enhances cognition that conjointly works in contributing a fresh and active start to the day. If you are not getting proper sleep, you will wake up feeling lethargic and drowsy all through the day, making you incapable of the day-to-day activities. It can also make you less confident and productive during the day.

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How Can Sleeping with Your Pet Cat Help Your Life?

There are plenty of factors that contribute to healthy sleep and healthy life. Doctors and psychologists recommend different methods to improve your sleep and enhance your health and well being. But have you ever thought that a pet cat could contribute to making your life healthy and provide you with adequate sleep as well?

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend, but those who have feline companions would not believe this phrase completely. Researches and studies have proven that having a pet cat can help to improve your lifestyle on many levels. Every cat is different, but some common traits make them super human-friendly. Pet cats can sneak into your life and bring joy and positivity to your life.

“Around 50 percent of US pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them that enable them to wake up with a smile and positive attitude.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cuddling up with your pet cat at night, add some great benefits to your life. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of sleeping with your feline companion.

Sometimes your four-legged friends are your best friends. Pixabay

Relieves Stress

Not everyone permits their pets to sneak into the bed and sleep with them overnight, and the reason can be anything. On the brighter side, cats can help in easing out your senses. It has been proven that if you cuddle with your cat during the night, their soft fur and gentle purrs can help ease your tensions and relieve your stress. Owing to the strenuous life and hectic schedule, stress starts to take a toll on your life that often leads to several other mental ailments.

While there are many proven scientific ways to relieve stress, sleeping with your cat is one of the easiest and happiest things you would love to do as a cat owner. Sleeping with your cat will ease your senses, making you sleep without any stress or tension. Try making it a habit to sneak in your cat every night and make a space in your bed for you and your cat to cuddle overnight. Make sure to sleep in a convenient position to avoid cramps in the morning.

If you are feeling down, give your kitten a hug. Pixabay

Fights Depression

Depression is one of the significant mental ailments where a person struggles to cope with life struggles and feel hopeless every moment. There are different stages of depression that works differently in different persons. If you have been suffering from depression or experiencing symptoms of it, you can try sleeping with your pet cat. Though not proven as a scientific method to cope with depression, sleeping with your cat can help you overcome depression over time.

The human brain is exposed to react to the sensations of their pets. Even if it’s their sound, movements, or mannerism, every little thing tends to impact the human brain significantly. The same theory works for fighting with depression. Sleeping with a cat will lessen the stress and nerves contributing to your depression. Hence, it is beneficial to sleep with your cat and see a relatable change in your depression. Trust us; you won’t regret the decision of letting your cat sleep with you in your bed.

Cuddling with your kitty is a great feeling. Pixabay

Shares Warmth and Heat

Who doesn’t want a little warmth and heat while sleep? Everyone looks for a comfortable and cozy space to curl up and sleep comfortably. While a blanket can work only to a limited extent, accommodating a feline companion will help you get extra warmth and heat. Both of you can share your body’s warmth and heat and help each get better sleep. When it’s getting chilly cold outside, and your heater stops working, you can always think of this fantastic heater that is available free of cost and are the most adorable ones in the world.

Cat fur is responsible for providing you with the required heat and warmth during the night. When you receive ample warmth and heat during the night, your sleep pattern will marginally improve, contributing to a healthy life. Forget tossing and turning all through the night to find the comfortable warmth when you have a pet cat beside you. So, getting your cat into the bed and cuddling all night for the warmth can offer you a sound and uninterrupted sleep.

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Lowers The Risk of Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are the most concerning issues of human life. Directly connected to the blood pressure, heart diseases pose a grave danger to human lives. While there are ways through which you can maintain your heart health and safeguard yourself from every possible heart disease, there are certain things you can do to make things more interesting. Studies have found that having around and sleep along can lower the stress level and balance blood pressure, which in turn minimizes the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Yes, sleeping with your beloved cat can safeguard your heart health by keeping it away from heart ailments. According to pet statistics, owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart strokes and heart diseases by 30%. So, if you want to keep your heart safe and happy, then cuddling with your pet at night is the best thing you can do.

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Heals Bones, Tendons, and Muscles

Muscles and bone ailment can generate severe pain and discomfort. From physical exercise to medications and therapies, there are plenty of extensive treatments you need to take in order to keep your bones, tendons, and muscles healthy. You might be wondering how your cat can help in treating your bone, tendons, and muscles when all your cat does is purr around you all day. Do you know the healing properties of a cat purr?

A cat purr generates vibrations with a frequency of 20-140 Hz, and studies have proven that frequencies ranging between 18-35 Hz are suitable for joint mobility and strengthening of muscles. Additionally, cat purrs are the most comfortable sound in the world, and it has a therapeutic effect on your bones and muscle health. So next time your cat comes purring around you, try to stay as close to your cat possible. Sneak your cat in the bed while sleeping to get the most out of your cat’s purr at night.

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Sleep Better With Your Cat

Finding the right position and the most comfortable position to sleep is quite tricky when you are unable to sleep properly. Not being able to sleep correctly will interrupt your sleep generating issues from sleep deprivation. Getting a cuddling position with your cat and sleeping with ease can promote sound sleep enabling you to wake up fresh and rejuvenated. Studies have shown that people, especially women who sleep with their cats, are able to complete a good sleep rather than the ones who do not prefer bringing their cats to bed.

Preferring cats over your partner can help you complete a comfortable sleep that will eventually promote your health. Mayo Clinic Center For Sleep Medicine found in their study that 41% of people felt that they were able to sleep better when they slept with their pet cats. If you are also finding it difficult to sleep at night, try bringing your cat along to have a sound sleep. Don’t worry about the fur they will leave or the mess they will create. Just cuddle with your feline companion to get a good night’s sleep.

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No Fear of Sleeping Alone

Many people have trouble sleeping alone. They always need a sleeping companion to sleep by their side. Fear of loneliness often leads to making the person paranoid that can generate several other mental ailments. Hence, people who have a fear of sleeping alone must always have a companion. However, finding a sleeping partner is not always possible. There are times when you have to compromise and sleep alone. If you have a pet cat around, you don’t have to sleep in fear anymore.

Cats are a better sleeping partner than a human. Pouring you with love, and giving you warm cuddles, sleeping with your pet cat can beat all your fear. Once you start getting habitual to sleeping with your cat, you will forget sleeping with a human anymore. Stop worrying about the nightmares and feelings of sleeping alone when you have your pet cat along your side.

Hopefully, you are not allergic to cats in the first place! Pixabay

Allows for Fewer Chances of Allergies

A majority of pet owners tend to make their pets a part of their family. They start treating them as family members. Sleeping with pets have a lot of benefits than you can imagine, but there are some drawbacks that often owners think about getting them into bed. Allergies are one of the prominent issues that are involved with pets. If you own a pet cat, then allergies will not be your first concern. When it comes to allergies, cats do not pose any danger to your health.

Studies have proven that compared to all other pets, including dogs, rabbits, birds, etc., cats have a lesser chance of spreading allergies. You can sleep with your cats and even bring along your kids without any worry. Your cat will not transfer you any sort of allergies. Though cats have a lesser risk of providing allergies, it is always beneficial to take precautionary measures and keep your cat clean always. Make sure to give your cat a regular bath.

Cats will be there for you when nobody else is available. Pixabay

Creates a Sense of Security

Sharing bed space with someone will provide you with a sense of mental and physical security. If you have trouble sleeping at night and prone to mental stress, then it’s always good to have someone along your side. Who’s a better companion than your pet cat? There are multiple benefits of sleeping with. As of now, you might be aware of the perks of sleeping with a cat. Generating a sense of security is one of those multiple benefits.

Many people get pet dogs for safety and protection purposes, but don’t find it convenient to sleep with them. Cats are the great choices to sleep with and get a sense of security while asleep. When your beloved cat is sleeping beside you, you can have a sound and healthy sleep. Wake up fresh after completing an uninterrupted night’s sleep with your cat.

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Makes Your Bond Stronger

When you own a pet, it is essential to growing the bond over time in order to enhance their traits. The best way to create a strong bond with your pet cat is to get closer while sleeping. It will instantly establish a secure connection between you two and help interact in a much greater way. Not only strengthening the bond with your pet but sleeping with your cat will also help you in improving as a person as well.

Making your bond stronger with pets also helps in enhancing your personality and connects with society in a better way. Try to connect with your pet cat by sleeping early and wake up fresh in the morning. Never underestimate the abilities of your cat and start sleeping with your car today. When you spend most of your time with your cat, their traits tend to rub off on your personality as well. It is found that a majority of cat owners are less manipulative and more modest, just like their cats.

Your furry friend will always wake you up in the morning around the same time every day. Pixabay

Works as an Alarm Clock

When you get a good night’s sleep cuddling with your cat, there might be chances you miss your alarms and get late for work. Don’t worry; your cat will never let that happen. Waking you up with soft purrs and licks, your cat will work as an alarm who will wake you up every morning. No need to set the alarm for mornings, just sleep with your cat and wake up with a smile in the morning.

Your alarm might ditch you by not alarming at the right time, but your cat knows when the right time to wake you up is. There’s no better way to wake up than waking up to the sound of your beloved cat. If you are lucky, you can get some warm morning cuddles from your cat, as well. However, just like humans, cats have moods that change drastically. Make sure to shower them with love and take care of your cat because they do so much for you that often remain neglected.

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Cats Can Literally Save Your Life

Cats are highly friendly towards humans. They can simply light up the world and save your life in countless ways. Cats are equipped with abilities to warn humans about possible dangers. When you start sleeping with your cat, you don’t have to worry about your safety, and your cat will make everything safe for you at the right time. For instance, cats can sense the frequencies of earthquakes and warn humans regarding the danger.

Not just earthquakes, cats can sense all the possible dangers and disasters way too early. This way, you can save yours and your pet’s life from dangers. If you think sleeping with your cat is stupid, then you hugely mistake because your cat can do things to save your life.

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Tips For Sleeping with Your Pet Cat

There’s no doubt in asserting that sleeping with your cat can do wonders for your life. From safeguarding your health from severe diseases, including heart strokes to providing you with a sense of security while asleep, sleeping with cats is simply the best thing you can do for yourself.

You would probably assume it is a no brainer that cats are the most adorable pet one can have. All you need is to acknowledge the abilities of your cat. Now that you have been acquainted with the benefits of sleeping with your cat, it’s time to learn some tips for sleeping with your cat.

Did you just get a new kitten or maybe she is an old soul? Either way, welcome to the family! Pixabay

Where to Sleep with a Cat

When you decide to sleep with your cat or bring them home, it is essential to create a space for your cat and yourself where you both can sleep. Most of the people prefer beds to keep their pets, but if you are not comfortable with keeping your cat on the bed, you can create a small couch setting to sleep at night with your cat.

Luckily, cats are not nocturnal creatures. Pixabay

When to Sleep with a Cat

It is crucial to create a particular sleep schedule so that your cat can get accustomed to sleep. If you are not regular with a sleep schedule, it will generate problems regarding the sleeping patterns. Try to make your cat feel comfortable with your sleeping schedule as it is not only you who need a good sleep: your cat also needs to sleep well in order to wake up fresh and energetic.

Not all mattresses are made equally. Pixabay

What to Sleep on with a Cat

Mattresses and sleeping materials play an essential role in sleep. If you invest in a quality mattress, it will reflect in the quality of your sleep. You can either buy different mattresses for you and your cat or simply share the same mattress, but it is vital to get a perfect mattress to sleep. If your cat wants a separate space, you can think of adding a little light mattress that you can spread over your mattress.

You don’t want the cat thinking you are a scratching post. Pixabay

How to Sleep with a Cat

It is important to find the correct position to sleep. Try different postures in order to get the most comfortable position to sleep. Even doctors recommend taking a few days to determine the correct sleeping position when you are sleeping with your cat. It might take a few days to get the right position, but make sure you and your cat are comfortable while sleeping, as the primary motive is to get a good night’s sleep with your cat.

Apart from all these tips, there are a few things that you must keep in your mind while engaging or sleeping with your cat. There’s no doubt in asserting that cats do so much for keeping your mental and physical health in check, so it becomes your responsibility to ensure their health. It is advised to give your pet cat enough time to play and interact with other cats, as well. It will only help them enhance their traits and emerge as happy-go-lucky pets who can give their best to you.

Who knew sleeping with a pet would create so many health benefits? Pixabay

Prioritize Sleep and Don’t Forget to Sneak in Your Cat

Many determinants contribute to a healthy lifestyle. From physical activities to a healthy diet, everything that brings a positive change in your lifestyle is counted as an essential element in making your life better.

Sleep is one of the critical fragments that will help you in making your life healthier. From safeguarding your health from several diseases, including heart attacks to enhancing your cognition and immune system, there are multiple perks of acquiring a good night’s sleep.

It is quite evident that sleep deprivation can result in several grave dangers such as depression, inflammation, mental ailments, and whatnot. Hence, you need to find ways that can contribute to your sleep. There are plenty of external and internal factors that contribute to good sleep. Among all the common factors that contribute to healthy sleep, sleeping with your pet cat has some great benefits.

It is not just contributing to better sleep, having your cat by your side while sleeping can bring significant changes in your life. The above mentioned were some of the best ways through which your pet cat can help improve your lifestyle. So, next time, when you feel low or want to enhance your lifestyle, think of sneaking in your cat into your bed and cuddle all night. It will not only help you promote your health, but it will also make your cat feel special and loved.

Don’t push away your cat and restrict its entry into the bed. They can certainly help you in enhancing the quality of your life. Just create a small space in your bed and see what they can do to your life.