Celebrities Who Have Said No To Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton Once you’re over 60, much of Hollywood believes that there’s no reason for a woman to continue her acting career. However, Diane Keaton is… Trista - November 28, 2022
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Diane Keaton

Once you’re over 60, much of Hollywood believes that there’s no reason for a woman to continue her acting career. However, Diane Keaton is almost 80 and is still going strong to this day. She has no interest in having surgery just to get rid of her lines and wrinkles, preferring to age the natural way. Of course, Diane Keaton’s constantly sporting a beautiful turtleneck, regardless of the weather. But she’s not just trying to make a fashion statement. This Godfather actress confesses that she had a few bouts with skin cancer and isn’t interested in getting it again. That’s why Diane Keaton remains covered up and uses sunscreen to keep those harmful UVB rays away from her skin.


Kevin Costner

At a lovely 67 years old, Kevin Costner has stolen many hearts of women fawning over his looks. He definitely peaked when he starred as Robin Hood in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” But outside of being an actor, he’s also a musician, a humanitarian, and a family man. He’s not afraid of taking a bit out of life when he feels like it, whether it’s horseback riding or running around on the beach looking for crabs. He stays on the move so that the consequences of his age don’t catch up with him sooner rather than later. But sometimes he might party a little too hard. When filming with Gal Gadot for a new movie, people spotted him with a sling on his arm. The film crew has been hush-hush about what happened, so who really knows how he injured his arm?


Connie Britton

Connie Britton has had a role in many famous movies and TV series, and at the beautiful age of 55, she still sporting that winning smile and luscious ginger locks. She has a lot of secrets involving taking care of her hair as well as her skin. Her approach to skincare is pretty simple. In fact, it is so basic anyone can do it, even those with a hectic lifestyle. She focuses on moisturizers to keep her skin healthy and uses sunblock to protect it from the sun. In terms of the rest of her routine, she narrows it down to three or four products instead of ten so that the process can be more streamlined for her needs.

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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is well into his 50s, and although he doesn’t have the same perfect physique that he had in gladiator, he’s still doing pretty well for himself. Crowe is an Australian actor who actually started out in his music career. But when that didn’t work for him, he decided to take up acting instead. Many believe that he’s had plastic surgery to maintain his good looks, but that’s not the case. He prefers to age gracefully, and even when people accused him of having Botox done around his face, he responded by saying that he actually enjoys having facial expressions as part of his craft. Take that, celebrity critics!


Judi Dench

At 87 years old, Judi Dench is still going strong! Starring in the recent James Bond movies with Daniel Craig, “Cats,” and “Murder on the Orient Express,” she isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon. Even at her age, Miss Dench still has pretty wonderful skin, wrinkles and all. For her skin, she only uses simple products and techniques that keep it looking fresh and glowing. First, she’s given a face massage with a jade roller, then comes a face serum in order to plump up her skin. At only twenty pounds, this is a serum that anyone can add to their skincare routine in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is a beautiful 63-year-old and can now be considered the female version of a silver fox. With her hair kept short, she’s always sporting a cheerful smile that makes everyone’s heart light up. And the secret to maintaining her beautiful looks? Well, she’s not sharing it with the world because she frankly doesn’t care. Thompson shared how the world’s beauty standards made it difficult for her to continue her acting career, as she felt that she needed to be “put out to pasture,” but she gave those expectations the proverbial middle finger. She grew more comfortable and confident in her own skin, and she wears that confidence well to this day.

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Val Kilmer

At 62 years old, Val Kilmer isn’t as much in the limelight as he used to be. He recently lost his voice to cancer, but he’s using AI to help him speak with his fans again. Now, Mr. Kilmer spends his time painting, selling his pieces online, and scrapbooking the photos he personally takes. But before his bout with cancer, did you know that he was the youngest person to ever be accepted into Juilliard School’s drama division? Val Kilmer also had no interest in being in “Top Gun,” afraid that it would have a warmongering message that he didn’t agree with. But once this actor accepted the role, Val Kilmer went out of his way to antagonize Cruise and Anthony Edwards so that the tension was there onscreen.


Javier Bardem

Just a little past 50, Javier Bardem belongs to a family of actors who have been in a film since the early days of Spanish cinema. He’s not very good at showing his true age either, which is a pleasant sight for the rest of us. This famous actor hasn’t shared his secret with anyone about how he looks so good, but he keeps negativity out of his life. Javier Bardem separates it into two categories: inner negativity and outer negativity. When it comes to inner negativity, he says that you have to be at peace with it because it will always be there. For outer negativity, he doesn’t pay any attention to it because he considers it a waste of time.


Nia Long

Nia Long is only 49, but you could easily confuse her for someone much younger. So what’s her secret? She focuses on healthy and organic foods that help to keep the weight off. Nia Long also does jump rope, yoga, and Pilates to keep her body healthy and energized. She has never had a round of Botox, nor is she interested in trying it. However, she is a fan of facials, preferring to use a moisturizer that keeps her skin looking young and dewy. Her moisturizer also helps Botox last longer, but it still does the same job without the jab. It moisturizes and tightens the skin at the same time, so all of that hydration is trapped inside.

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Erykah Badu

Even over 50, Erykah Badu still looks as young as when she first appeared on MTV. She attributes her good looks to what she called “wellness hacks” that have kept her feeling young and full of energy. This songbird first develops a morning routine, such as drinking water and having wheatgrass. She has also stated that she leads a vegan-vegetarian lifestyle because she believes that is what is best for her body since there are no saturated fats, and they’re rich in vitamins and minerals. Lastly, she doesn’t rely on sex for happiness. She’s okay with having a partner she can depend on rather than focusing on sex as a band-aid for her emotions.


Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox is aging like fine wine; did you know she’s almost 70? She’s most well-known for her crooning voice, short hair, and play with gender during her early 90s. This famous face has no interest in trying to fit in, which means that plastic surgery isn’t on the table for her. Which is great because we already love the way she looks! She’s adamant that she just wants to look like herself and no one else. She has no problems with photographs and using makeup, but she’s not interested in the overboard touch-up jobs that go on with magazine covers. And when she’s not making great songs, she does a lot of social activism and charitable work too.

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Frances Conroy

At almost 70 years old, Frances Conroy still looks pretty great! Her recent stints in “American Horror Story” and “Six Feet Under” have kept her working and thriving. Despite her beauty, many people have commented about her eye. she was involved in a car accident several years ago. When she underwent eye surgery, the damage to her cornea left her eye discolored. However, she hasn’t allowed that accident to stop her. She recently played the role of the Joker’s mother in “Joker” and made her seventh appearance on “American Horror Story: Apocalypse.” Frances Conroy takes it extremely seriously no matter what role she receives, putting her all into it to make her characters’ stories believable.



Pink is coming up on 50 and still looks like she’s in her 20s. So, what is her secret to the marvelous body and darling face? Firstly, she’s adamantly against any kind of plastic surgery and isn’t afraid to share those opinions on social media. Her makeup artist is the one we all must thank for keeping her look so good. Her most important tool is primer because it goes on smoothly and lasts a long time. But otherwise, the rest of her skincare is dependent on her mood, especially regarding her makeup. She’ll try something once and then switch it up the next time to keep things interesting.


Amanda Peet

At 50, Amanda Peet still has perfect skin that doesn’t have a single blemish on it. Maybe it’s genetics or just excellent skin care, but it’s difficult not to be jealous of her beauty. She’s a big fan of the Olay Total Effects Eye Cream, which is a good choice because it removes fine lines and keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated. She exercises as much as she can on a regular basis, eliminate the stress from her life, and tries to get as much sleep as possible. Besides that, she doesn’t go out to parties or smoke at all. Specific lifestyle choices like those can actually affect the skin if they become bad habits.


Rachel Hunter

You wouldn’t think that Rachel Hunter was 53 years old, would you? Because she totally is! Born in New Zealand, she’s worked as an actress and a model and is the current host of Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty. She has no problems sharing her beauty secrets with the rest of the world either, which we should be so happy about. Rachel Hunter uses a refreshing toner spray in the mornings, then adds a touch of foundation and mascara, while at night, she uses the same toner to clean off her makeup and before bed. She focuses on being happy and smiling as much as possible since a positive attitude is one of the secrets to looking and feeling young.


Drew Barrymore

At 47 years old, what hasn’t Drew Barrymore done at this point? Starting out as a child actor, Drew Barrymore has been in everything from romantic comedies to horror movies, and she’s showing no signs of stopping for a breather. And the secret to her flawless skin? Not investing in super-expensive products. Part of her skincare repertoire includes Garnier microfiber pads, which you can get 3 of for just $9. She also uses a pore-tightening face toner that also hydrates the skin and a gua sha tool to plump up and rejuvenate her skin. Barrymore shares that there’s nothing like pampering your skin to make it work best for you.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in the game for a long time. At 63 years old, she’s most widely known for her role in the Halloween movies, which have brought a fright to everyone’s Halloween season as she battles Michael Myers. What’s even more surprising is that Miss Lee Curtis uses a product you can buy with change in your pocket to keep her skin looking its best. It only costs about $4 but she swears by it up and down. All she uses is Sea Breeze Astringent to clean her face and nothing else. While it combats acne, it also has natural oils that help to soothe and refresh the skin.


Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner doesn’t look to be 50 years old at all. Not a fan of plastic surgery, she relies on specific products to help her take care of her skin. Miss Garner uses a healthy foundation stick that helps to keep her skin moisturized and a lip balm that not only gets the job done but also lasts a very long time. In addition to her skincare, she also works out every single day, without fail, and that’s taking into account that she also takes care of her kids throughout the day. She also does a lot of cardio until she starts sweating, which can be a great way to get that natural “glow” that people have been looking for.


Jennifer Aniston

At age 53, Jennifer Aniston couldn’t look younger than she already does. She doesn’t seem to have aged much at all, and everyone is always dying to know her secret. Miss Aniston sticks to a morning routine that involves celery juice, a shot of apple cider vinegar, and a probiotic of some kind. She meditates right after for about half an hour and then has her first meal of the day. When it comes to her skincare, this popular Friends actress starts off with soap and water, then a moisturizer with an SPF. In addition, she uses a microcurrent device that helps to lift and tone her face in just a few seconds.