Celebrities Who Have Said No To Plastic Surgery

Rachel Hunter You wouldn’t think that Rachel Hunter was 53 years old, would you? Because she totally is! Born in New Zealand, she’s worked as an… Trista - November 28, 2022

Rachel Hunter

You wouldn’t think that Rachel Hunter was 53 years old, would you? Because she totally is! Born in New Zealand, she’s worked as an actress and a model and is the current host of Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty. She has no problems sharing her beauty secrets with the rest of the world either, which we should be so happy about. Rachel Hunter uses a refreshing toner spray in the mornings, then adds a touch of foundation and mascara, while at night, she uses the same toner to clean off her makeup and before bed. She focuses on being happy and smiling as much as possible since a positive attitude is one of the secrets to looking and feeling young.


Drew Barrymore

At 47 years old, what hasn’t Drew Barrymore done at this point? Starting out as a child actor, Drew Barrymore has been in everything from romantic comedies to horror movies, and she’s showing no signs of stopping for a breather. And the secret to her flawless skin? Not investing in super-expensive products. Part of her skincare repertoire includes Garnier microfiber pads, which you can get 3 of for just $9. She also uses a pore-tightening face toner that also hydrates the skin and a gua sha tool to plump up and rejuvenate her skin. Barrymore shares that there’s nothing like pampering your skin to make it work best for you.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in the game for a long time. At 63 years old, she’s most widely known for her role in the Halloween movies, which have brought a fright to everyone’s Halloween season as she battles Michael Myers. What’s even more surprising is that Miss Lee Curtis uses a product you can buy with change in your pocket to keep her skin looking its best. It only costs about $4 but she swears by it up and down. All she uses is Sea Breeze Astringent to clean her face and nothing else. While it combats acne, it also has natural oils that help to soothe and refresh the skin.


Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner doesn’t look to be 50 years old at all. Not a fan of plastic surgery, she relies on specific products to help her take care of her skin. Miss Garner uses a healthy foundation stick that helps to keep her skin moisturized and a lip balm that not only gets the job done but also lasts a very long time. In addition to her skincare, she also works out every single day, without fail, and that’s taking into account that she also takes care of her kids throughout the day. She also does a lot of cardio until she starts sweating, which can be a great way to get that natural “glow” that people have been looking for.


Jennifer Aniston

At age 53, Jennifer Aniston couldn’t look younger than she already does. She doesn’t seem to have aged much at all, and everyone is always dying to know her secret. Miss Aniston sticks to a morning routine that involves celery juice, a shot of apple cider vinegar, and a probiotic of some kind. She meditates right after for about half an hour and then has her first meal of the day. When it comes to her skincare, this popular Friends actress starts off with soap and water, then a moisturizer with an SPF. In addition, she uses a microcurrent device that helps to lift and tone her face in just a few seconds.