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Toning your shoulders is something that we all tend to neglect because of working on the arms instead. Work Your Shoulder Muscles The next body part… Trista - August 7, 2020

Toning your shoulders is something that we all tend to neglect because of working on the arms instead.

Work Your Shoulder Muscles

The next body part is your shoulders. You might think that this can just be lumped in with your arm workout, but isolating this muscle group will help you to notice an improvement in the toning of this area. 

Give the At Home Shoulder Workout a try alongside Vicky Justiz. It’s explicitly designed to be done at home, and you just need some dumbbells. If you don’t have, you can substitute these for household items such as filled water bottles. 

Strengthen your core and your shoulders with this 40-minute at-home workout.

Shoulders And Core With Caroline Girvan

For a longer shoulder workout combined with core strengthening, this 40-minute at-home workout from Caroline Girvan should do the trick. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a mat. You’ll work the shoulders from all angles. 

You’ll perform each exercise for 45 seconds and then go into a plank variation demonstrated by Caroline. After that, you will rest for 30 seconds. This move will be repeated four times, and then you will move onto the next exercise. 

Tone up your arms with water bottles and exercises from Pamela Reif in just 10 minutes.

A Pamela Reif Arm Workout

Once you’ve worked hard on your shoulders, it’s time to tone your arms. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have any equipment like weights because this workout from Pamela Reif just needs water bottles!

It’s a quick 10-minute workout focused on toning your arms with the help of some water bottles. Soon enough, you’ll have strong arms that can support you during a plank position, and you’ll feel so much better because of this YouTube workout video. 

You’re just 10 minutes away from having toned arms with Chloe Ting and her Lean Arms Challenge.

The Lean Arms Challenge With Chloe Ting

You could also try this 10 Mins Toned Arms Workout with Chloe Ting. She has a Lean Arms challenge that you can try out, and this workout is the final episode of that challenge. It will give you arms the ideal exercise. 

Another great thing about this arm workout is that it is all done standing, so you don’t need to worry about being put into a push-up position. It’s also low impact for those of you who want to feel the burn but don’t want a high-intensity workout. 

Upper body workouts will workout both your arms and shoulders at the same time in just 15 minutes.

The Intense Upper Body Workout With MadFit

It’s also great to do an upper body workout instead of just doing arms or shoulders. It will work in both these areas and increase their strength at the same time. MadFit offers a 15 minute Intense at Home Upper Body Workout. 

Again, it requires no equipment, so you are more than able to do this from your comfort. It will work your arms, chest, back, and shoulder muscles. Let’s just say that you might want to book yourself in for a massage the next day!

We all want the washboard abs, and you can start working towards that goal today with just an 8-minute workout.

8 Minutes To Build A Six Pack

Another area that we all want to improve on is our abs. We’ve seen all the Instagram goals, and we want to achieve it. The best way to do this is to start working on them today! All you need is 8 minutes, and you can begin building your six-pack abs. 

This incredible and short ab workout from Pamela Reif will have your stomach burning and the abs starting to form. You just need a mat, and you’ll do exercises such as planks, bicycles, and leg flutters. 

Look for 30-day challenges so that you stick to a program and feel motivated when you see results.

30-Day Free Flat Belly Challenge

If you are looking for an ab specific program, Chloe Ting is your girl for this. She provides a comprehensive 30-day FREE flat belly challenge program on YouTube, and you can stick to this program each day and see the results. 

This 10-minute intense ab workout is just one of the videos in this series, and it will help you achieve your goal. Some of the other videos range from 10 to 45 minutes and will get those abdominal muscles working hard.

You can combine an ab workout with HIIT cardio to feel the burn all over your body.

HIIT Cardio Combined With Abs

Another option for working on your abs is to combine it with a HIIT cardio workout. For this type of exercise, you don’t want to miss this video done alongside trainer Jess Sims. It is a 30-minute intense workout for your abs. 

It works using your body weight and a mat. It might be even fun and more motivating to get a friend to work out alongside you to hold each other accountable and make sure you are keeping the correct form to avoid neck and back injuries. 

Never skip leg day – make sure you get the most out of this targeted area with an exercise like this YouTube workout video.

Working Out With Obi Vincent

You’re probably wondering about leg day – possibly one of the most critical days in a gym schedule. It is excellent to do targeted workouts because when one area is sore and stiff, you can work on another – like your legs!

If you’re bored of just doing squats and lunges, try out the Most Effective Bodyweight Leg Workout with Obi Vincent. You won’t need weights and are suitable for all levels of fitness thanks to a variety of alternatives to suit your level. 

Don’t forget about your inner and outer thighs – follow alongside MadFit to tone these areas.

Toning Your Inner And Outer Thighs

MadFit offers a Toned Inner and Outer Thigh workout that is about 20 minutes in length. This workout includes side planks, squats, lunges, and leg raises to work those muscles that need to be toned up for summer. 

This workout requires many floor movements, so you’re going to want to make sure that you have a comfortable mat or surface. Try and find a thick yoga mat to ensure that you don’t neglect specific exercises because you feel your bones digging into the ground. 

Exercise your legs and booty together in this combination workout from Pamela Reif, 20 minutes long.

Legs And Glutes Are A Killer Combination

Legs and glutes are a great combination to work on during a workout. If you have 20 minutes to spare and want to work on these areas, follow Pamela Reif on her 20 Minutes Legs + Booty workout with no equipment required. 

You’ll start with a 10-minute “booty activation” to get your glute muscles feeling the burn followed by a 12-minute leg workout. You can also use a booty resistance band for this workout to make it even harder and more intense. 

Let these YouTube videos inspire you to get into shape and get healthy with a wide variety of exercises available with the click of a button. Shutterstock.

Start Working Out At Home Today

Working out from home may seem like an impossible task at first since you don’t have all of the gym equipment handy; hopefully, all these incredible YouTube workouts can get you moving instead of moping around. 

Doing at-home workouts, even after quarantine, can help you save a lot of money on gym fees, and you have no excuse about not wanting to drive to the gym because you can get amazing results in your living room.