Food Workers Reveal the Grossest Health Hazards They’ve Seen 

2. A Hungry Cow At What?! Chamale shares a funny story about their stepdad’s bakery. “My stepdad used to be a baker in an authentic recreation of… Trista - July 7, 2021

2. A Hungry Cow At What?!

Chamale shares a funny story about their stepdad’s bakery. “My stepdad used to be a baker in an authentic recreation of an 18th century New French fortress. Since they sell bread to the public, the health inspector came by, and she was ripping into my stepdad for violations like the stonework walls, the doorless entrance ways, or the lack of a mosquito zapper. He pointed out that they were following the highest standards except for things that would destroy the authenticity of this 18th-century bakery. The health inspector relented and agreed to give him a pass after verifying the food storage area was secure.

“They went to the shed, which was a doorless building attached to the bakery. As the health inspector went in, there happened to be an escaped cow licking all of the loaves. My stepdad could only say, ‘Honestly, this never happens.’ They passed the health inspection.” This is a funny story. The cow just happened to be in there with all the loaves of bread when the health inspector showed up. To add insult to injury, the cow had licked all of the loaves of bread. Hopefully, the health inspector had a sense of humor for this fun experience! It just goes to show that you should always expect the unexpected.


1. They Had A Really Gross Problem

Straelbora says, “I had a health inspector tell me this story: there was a family in which both the elderly mother and a handicapped sibling used wheelchairs while another sibling lived in the house with them and did all the driving, etc. The health department got a phone call from the local wheelchair company. The brother stopped by and picked up a new, custom-built wheelchair for his sister and for his mother and returned within about 30 minutes, saying that the sister’s wheelchair hadn’t been made to the right specifications; it was too small. After he left, the staff noticed several roaches on the chair, so the guy I met got a call.

“It was summer, and the house was all locked up with no open windows for ventilation, curtains were drawn, etc. The inspector entered the house, and he said it was so stiflingly hot that he started to get dizzy and, he thought, hallucinated. He said that there was a sound like leaves rustling in the fall, and the walls and floors were kind of vibrating. Then, he realized it was because they were literally covered in roaches. He immediately evacuated the three people living there, and the next day, they tented and sprayed the house. So he went in and said that the dead roaches were about two and a half feet deep in most parts of the house.”