Grandma and Grandpa’s Odd Home Remedies and Why They Work

By Simi
Grandma and Grandpa’s Odd Home Remedies and Why They Work

These days, people run to the doctor or pharmacy for the minor ailments. There is a perception that medication is needed to treat just about any condition. Is that true? If you ask your grandparents, they’d tell you that you’re wasting your money. Why? Because there are home remedies, you can use that work far better than any medication. Our grandparents grew up and lived in different times to our own. In their day, more than half the medicines we have access to today hadn’t yet been invented.

This meant that people needed to be innovative when it came to treating ailments. They had to rely on the things they had around them to help. What’s more, their remedies indeed work. If you try them out, you’ll find that they can do what they promise. Take the time to sit your grandma or grandpa down and pick their brains about any other home remedies they might know. Keep a note of them in a book so that you develop your book of home remedies to pass onto your kids. You never know when they could come in handy.

Here are some home remedies to start your collection:

30.    Bad breath remedy

What is it?

The correct term for bad breath is halitosis. Several factors can cause halitosis. Tobacco from smoking is one. Others include poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, or infections in the mouth, gums, nose, or throat. Decaying teeth can also cause bad breath. Certain foods can cause halitosis as they break down around the teeth. Some medications may also cause a person to have bad breath.

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What’s the remedy?

Chewing celery can eliminate bad breath. While it might not address the causes of halitosis, it can provide relief from its effects. Getting to the root of your bad breath problem is essential.

Why does it work?

While gum can provide relief from bad breath, celery is a whole lot more useful. Celery is very fibrous. Chewing it increases saliva production in the mouth. More saliva helps to remove food particles that are causing tooth decay and bad breath.