Surprising Signs of Dementia and New Research On What Causes It

Losing Weight Can Be A Concern Have you noticed a change in your loved one’s weight? They could have gained a few pounds or lost some… Trista - December 8, 2022
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Losing Weight Can Be A Concern

Have you noticed a change in your loved one’s weight? They could have gained a few pounds or lost some weight that seems out of the ordinary. This is one of the early signs of dementia, as people with the disease generally forget to eat or forget they have already eaten. If your loved one has dementia, it’s best to figure out your specific situation to see if your loved one needs around-the-clock care or just daily visits. If you believe they need around-the-clock supervision, you can best speak with their doctor about your concerns to see your next steps. Your loved one may exhibit other symptoms along with this one that will make it easier for their doctor to diagnose the problem.

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Driving Poorly

Has your loved one been getting in many accidents or acquiring speeding tickets lately? It could be a sign of dementia if there are other symptoms as well. People with dementia can’t comprehend certain things around them and often forget speed limits or the safe distance between vehicles when driving. They could even forget which pedal does what in the car. It’s for this reason that people with dementia shouldn’t drive for their own safety. If your loved one has been in trouble with the law lately, it may be best to start taking them where they need to go.

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Using the Wrong Utensils

People with dementia and Alzheimer’s often forget how to use everyday objects. They could use a whisk to flip pancakes or a slotted spoon for soup, for example. If you notice your loved one having difficulty with everyday objects, it may be helpful to guide them in the right direction. Certain situations may require letting them do what they need to to avoid anger and confrontations. If you notice these symptoms, speak with your loved one’s doctor before it worsens. People with dementia often don’t understand that what they’re doing is wrong, so a lot of compassion goes a long way.

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Having No Filter!

People with dementia often say things they don’t mean. They may blurt out obscenities or make inappropriate comments about your weight or looks. You shouldn’t chastise them when this happens, which may only worsen things. Just remember that they don’t understand that what they’re saying is wrong and inappropriate. If your loved one has these symptoms, the best thing you can do for them is to ask their doctor about it. There may be another reason for the sudden outburst. It’s best to always find out what’s happening before it worsens.

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Having Different Mannerisms

When it comes to dementia, many things may seem out of the ordinary, but the biggest thing you might notice is a change in personality or the way your loved one speaks. They may take on different mannerisms or go from a happy-go-lucky person to someone who seems bitter and angry. This is often one of the biggest things you’ll notice in someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Your loved one will just seem ‘off.’ They may start to have slurred speech or even speak with a different accent. It’s one of the strangest symptoms of dementia because your loved one just seems like another person.

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Not Enjoying Hobbies

One of the last signs you might notice is just a general a loss of interest in things they once loved . As an example, if your loved one used to enjoy gardening all their life but starts to neglect their plants due to a lack of interest, there may be a problem. It’s little things to watch out for that often get overlooked. If you have someone in your life who could be at risk for dementia, keeping your eyes and ears open while around them is best. This will help you notice all of the little signs you could be missing.

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