The 30 Best Vegan Restaurants In The World

Veganism is a way of life. It involves abstaining from using any animal products. People who eat vegan diets will not consume any products, whether meat,… Trista - March 29, 2022
Veganism is a way of life. It involves abstaining from using any animal products. People who eat vegan diets will not consume any products, whether meat, eggs, milk, and more. Why? Because they reject the commodity status of animals. By following this philosophy, vegans live a unique lifestyle that is often healthy and eco-conscious. In an effort to be healthy, vegan food has been consistently increasing in popularity recently. Furthermore, vegan restaurants are popping up worldwide, from Japan to Bali to the United States. Nevertheless, which restaurants offer a truly world-class vegan menu? Where should you go for an incredible plant-based meal experience? We’ve collected 30 of the best vegan restaurants globally for you to check out. Take a world tour with us to see some of the greatest vegan options globally.

30. Sapiens, Santiago, Chile

Sapiens is a vegan restaurant with a mission. Started by three friends who sincerely believe that plant-based food is the future, this vegan restaurant is committed to sustainable, healthy, and cruelty-free meals. The “Sapiens family,” as they call their owners and staff, want their guests to enjoy tasty, filling plant-based dishes that leave them feeling good afterward. They have a variety of options on their menu, from breakfast bowls to pizza, and have an extensive dessert menu.

Do you want a whole dessert for an event? You can purchase their cakes and pies for pickup or delivery. If you’re gluten-free, don’t worry; many of their menu items are available without gluten. Furthermore, you can get their whole menu delivered in the greater Santiago area! Don’t miss out on this restaurant’s varied and delicious menu; be sure to visit when you’re in Santiago!

Forever Vegano

29. Forever Vegano, Mexico City, Mexico

Forever Vegano is a contemporary vegan restaurant focusing on fresh, local, organic ingredients. They make their food without any refined sugar, preservatives, or other additives. Why? Because they believe that “we are what we eat,” so we should be nourishing ourselves with healthy, sustainable meals. You’ll find vegan versions of classics, like fishless fish sticks and tacos de pastor, along with sandwiches, hamburgers, and restaurant specials. They also offer a substantial breakfast menu that includes an acai bowl, pancakes, Chilaquiles de la Milpa, and more.

Moreover, don’t miss out on their vegan dessert menu, with vegan takes on tres leches cake, French toast, and Reese’s cups! Whether you’re dining in or ordering delivery, Forever Vegano has many vegan menu options to fit your needs.


28. Saido, Tokyo, Japan

Voted HappyCow’s best vegan restaurant in the world in 2019, Saido is an innocuous restaurant with one goal. And that’s to present beautiful, delicious vegan food free from preservatives, refined sugars, and animal-derived ingredients. Saido’s menu focuses on a contemporary interpretation of classic Japanese food that focuses on food diversity. They offer set lunch and dinner meal options, as well as a dinner tapas-style option. You can also enjoy carefully selected liquors and herbal cordials, including vegan sake and wine options.

Their menu offerings vary throughout the day; they come between lunch and dinner to enjoy their “cafe time,” featuring hand-made sweets and organic mulberry sweet tea. With vegan variations on classic dishes like ramen, curry, pork cutlets, and more, Saido is a restaurant you cannot miss if you travel to Tokyo!


27. Mozaic, Ubud, Bali

While Mozaic is not solely a vegan restaurant, it has a vegetarian/vegan tasting menu that has garnered accolades throughout Bali for being one of the best offerings available. Mozaic is committed to using only local, organic, ethically sourced ingredients for their vegan menu and offers a wide variety of customization to fit any dietary restriction or need. Their dishes combine local ingredients with French fine dining techniques to create Bali’s one-of-a-kind vegan dining experience. Their menu is constantly changing based on seasonal availability, so you can relax and enjoy the hand-selected options when you go.

Red Sparrow Pizza

26. Red Sparrow Pizza, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s first vegan pizza restaurant is a testament to the delicious flavors of vegan ingredients – and to the fact that just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you don’t love pizza! Their vegan pizza menu offers everything from the classic “cheese” pizza to barbeque chicken, cheeseburger, and pepperoni. However, pizza’s not all they have; they also provide “not wings” (plant-based chicken wings), waffle fries, and more. They offer an onion- and garlic-free pizza sauce on request and will work with you to accommodate any dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for an incredible vegan menu and a fun, modern dining experience, Red Sparrow Pizza is the place to be.


25. Rasoterra, Barcelona, Spain

Describing itself as “a bistro with personality,” Rasoterra pairs exclusively plant-based dishes with local, small-batch wines, vegan beer, and other beverages. Even better, many veggies are grown in their own gardens, and they embrace the “slow food” philosophy. Their vegan tasting menu is served a dish at a time, with explanations about each plateful, and changes with the availability of seasonal ingredients. They’re committed to preparing incredible vegan food while respecting the environment and promoting sustainability. If you’re looking for a relaxing oasis in Barcelona, stop by Rasoterra and enjoy a delicious meal with a story behind every bite.

Lucky Leek

24. Lucky Leek, Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a vast offering of vegan restaurants, but Lucky Leek stands out among them. They offer a fresh, seasonal tasting menu in 3 to 5 courses, with wine pairings if you want them. Their dishes emphasize gourmet cuisine. Thus, the price is a little higher. However, they show their focus on incredible vegan cuisine with every plate. For example, the current tasting menu includes a white onion cream soup, a beetroot walnut confit, smoked tofu, and an apple bread and butter pudding with sweet potato cream and plum ice cream.

The curated menu changes monthly, offering creative, stunningly plated dishes. The attentive servers are passionate about their food, and each ingredient on every plate plays a unique role in the meal. Lucky Leek is a can’t-miss spot if you’re looking for a luxurious vegan fine dining experience. Keep reading for more mouthwatering vegan meals!

Sova Vegan Butcher

23. Sova Vegan Butcher, Dublin, Ireland

Sova Vegan Butcher offers a unique take on healthy vegan food, serving vegan dishes focusing on ensuring each meal has all the essential nutrients the body needs. Their tagline is “Tasty, Healthy, Happy, Sexy,” and their menu is the highlight of the atmosphere. With dishes like seitan steak, chia burgers, soya schnitzels, and a full brunch menu, Sova seeks to appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Sova prepares popular dishes with plant-based ingredients and introduces an entirely new gastronomic experience to Dublin’s culinary sphere. They believe that sustainable, healthy food is the way to the future and that the meat industry is killing the planet. Sova is the best place to get it if you want incredible vegan food in Dublin.

Herban Fix

22. Herban Fix, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Have you ever been to this delicious vegan restaurant in Atlanta? Herban Fix is run by Chef Wendy Chang, a Taiwanese chef with nearly 40 years of restaurant experience. For her, Herban Fix is more than just a restaurant; it’s a part of a green, healthy movement that brings delicious food to the public while being environmentally conscious. They offer a fusion menu that lets you experience a variety of iconic Asian dishes, upgraded with fresh, plant-based ingredients. Some examples include spicy tofu soup with enoki and king oyster mushrooms, steamed buns with crispy soy duck, pom pom mushroom steak, and so much more. If you want to explore the world of vegan fusion cuisine, look no further than Herban Fix.

Greenery Kitchen

21. Greenery Kitchen, Makati, Philippines

Greenery Kitchen is a different type of vegan restaurant, offering only delivery and pickup food options. Their 100% plant-based vegan menu features a variety of Filipino favorites like pancit guisado and lomi, as well as other Asian-inspired dishes like their vegan take on Korean BBQ and mapo tofu. They make all their meat substitutes in-house to control the quality and flavor. Their vegan menu options are all reasonably priced, as well! If you’re visiting Manila, consider ordering take-out from Greenery Kitchen. They offer various order platforms and same-day delivery in several locations in and around Makati. You won’t be disappointed!


20. VeganBurg, Singapore

See, not all vegan places have to be fancy gourmet. VeganBurg was the first 100% plant-based burger restaurant globally and is considered by many to still make the best vegan meals around. They have many burgers and sides available, including smoky bbq burgers, chili krab burgers, and seasonal specials. Their focus is on offering fast food with a healthy, sustainable twist, providing hearty, satisfying eco-conscious meals. Not interested in the burgers? You can try their award-winning sides, like cheesy fries, bbq franks, chik n’ tenders, and more. While they have restaurants in various locations, don’t miss the chance to eat at the original VeganBurg in Singapore.

Pun Pun Market

19. Pun Pun Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pun Pun Market is more than just an incredible vegan restaurant; it’s a way of life for the owner and the people who live and work the land. Seed saving is Pun Pun’s primary objective. However, they realized that they had a unique opportunity to create and stimulate the local, organic market by opening their own restaurant and natural food store. They focus on raw and lightly-cooked foods that support local food systems, and the majority of their sauces are homemade.

They offer northeastern Thai food, curries, soups, and more. If you love what you try at the restaurant, you can visit their shop, where they sell homemade yogurt, local produce, and other products from their farm and local groups. See if they’re offering an event when you’re there to get the whole Pun Pun Market experience. Pun Pun is a great vegan choice if you’re looking for a restaurant with impact.

Mono City Bar

18. Mono City Bar, Glasgow, Scotland

Mono City Bar opened in 2002 to provide a welcoming, fun, accessible environment that serves great vegan food. They share a roof with Monorail Music, which provides an eclectic soundtrack for your dining experience. All of their food is made ethically and contains no animal products. They put a vegan spin on Scottish classics like black pudding and serve some of your favorite comfort foods, like mac and cheese. Pizzas, bar snacks, and more, round out their menu. If you’re looking for a fun, eclectic atmosphere with fun events, a strong sense of community, and a delicious vegan menu, don’t miss Mono City Bar. It will become your favorite vegan restaurant.

Le Comptoir

17. Le Comptoir, Los Angeles, USA

Le Comptoir is a genuinely unique vegan restaurant experience, serving an 8-course tasting menu where local vegetables play the starring role. While meat is an option on the menu, every course has a vegetarian- or vegan-friendly option. The restaurant is intimate, with a small counter that seats only 10. Moreover, while the food is fine dining, the atmosphere is not; the chef serves the dishes to you individually while sharing culinary lessons with you. Even better, all the meals feature ingredients from their own kitchen garden and local farmers. If you’re interested in an up-close-and-personal meal experience with a Michelin-starred chef, Le Comptoir is a can’t-miss location. It is in the US, so hopefully you can swing by sometime.

Miss Saigon

16. Miss Saigon, Lisboa, Portugal

Miss Saigon is consistently rated one of the best vegan restaurants globally, and it’s easy to see why. The M Butterfly restaurant offers over 700 rotating dishes from over 70 countries, all made from ethically sourced, organic ingredients. They work hard to use local products whenever possible, as they want to minimize waste and encourage sustainability. Examples of menu offerings include paella del borne, stroganoff with seitan and mushrooms, and hummus with dukkah and gluten-free toast. Their vegan food menu changes nearly every day, so don’t hesitate to visit multiple times and experience the full range of delicious options.


15. PLANTA, Toronto, Canada

Have you ever been to this amazing vegan restaurant in Canada? PLANTA is more than just a single vegan restaurant. Founded in 2016, PLANTA is a collective of 100% plant-based restaurants with a dream: to embrace the power of plants to nourish, inspire, and sustain. PLANTA Toronto embraces the collective’s vision by serving dishes made from seasonal, local produce whenever possible and eliminating single-use items. Their menu is primarily Asian-based, with vegan sushi and noodle options, but they also offer pizza and pasta dishes that will appeal to a wide variety of palates. Their weekend brunch has your favorites, like French toast and cinnamon buns, but it also offers unique options like shakshuka, udon, and patatas bravas. If you’re in Toronto, don’t miss out on this contemporary, sustainability-focused vegan option.

Haus Hiltl

14. Haus Hiltl, Zurich, Switzerland

Haus Hiltl has the honor of being the oldest vegetarian restaurant globally, being located in Zurich since 1898. With over 100 dishes offered in their buffet and an a la carte menu highlighting seasonal delicacies, Haus Hiltl has something for everyone. Their cuisine hails from worldwide, taking you from India to Korea to classic Swiss dishes and desserts. Seasonal dishes include delights like wild garlic spaghetti and Zurcher Bratwurst, and Rosti.

They also offer takeaway options by weight if you want to try their food but don’t have time for a sit-down meal. The original founder’s son and grandson were confectionary masters, and Haus Hiltl has incorporated that into their offerings with a substantial vegetarian dessert menu. Don’t miss out on this truly unique dining experience. Keep reading for more delicious vegan dishes at amazing worldwide restaurants.


13. Joia, Milan, Italy

Joia, the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin star, has been pushing the boundaries of fine dining since its conception in 1989. Chef Pietro’s avant-garde cooking style is based on the philosophy of “natural cuisine,” using only organic produce with no meat. Now, Head Chef Sauro Ricci has taken up the mantle while Pietro teaches worldwide. Joia offers casual bistro-style dining at the front of the restaurant, with the fine dining restaurant behind.

You can try a taste of the menu during lunch or sign up for the full 16-course “Zenith” tasting menu at dinner to be fully immersed in Joia’s local food philosophy. The menus change depending on what is seasonally available; most of their ingredients come from small local farms around Milan. If you want to try an extensive seasonal menu that is innovative and unique, head to Joia.


12. Grӧn, Helsinki, Finland

Grӧn is not specifically a vegan restaurant, but they offer a seasonal vegan menu based on organic Scandinavian produce. Their focus is on sustainability, working with local and wild produce as well as seasonal options, and they don’t use anything outside its natural growth season. In winter, they only use ingredients they’ve preserved in-house to continue serving delicious food when little is growing. Their tasting menu has up to 12 courses, and is a true delight, featuring dishes like pumpkin porridge and grilled Jerusalem artichoke. You might even enjoy one of their trial dishes, like vegan Brie cheese! If you want to try vegan food emphasizing incredible quality and seasonality, you’ll love visiting Grӧn.

Balwoo Gongyang

11. Balwoo Gongyang, Seoul, South Korea

Balwoo Gongyang serves a unique variety of vegetarian/vegan cuisine: Korean temple cuisine. This cuisine shares the history of nearly 2,000 years of Korean Buddhism. Plus, it focuses on simple, high-quality dishes made with 100% domestic, organic ingredients. Their recipes also avoid the “five pungent vegetables”: garlic, green onion, onion, leek, and wild chive, making Balwoo Gongyang a truly unique dining experience. They offer a variety of seasonal tasting courses based on the five categories of food in Buddhism. If you want to try a special type of cuisine that highlights traditional recipes and methods, you can’t go wrong with Balwoo Gongyang. Keep reading for the top ten vegan restaurants worldwide.


10. TIAN, Vienna, Austria

TIAN believes that healthy, vegetarian food is integral to a good quality of life. They work hard to provide extraordinary vegan cuisine using seasonal ingredients, including rare vegetables and fruit. Their menu is primarily vegetarian, but all courses can be ordered vegan. They offer both 6- and 8-course menus for lunch and dinner, and you can also get drink pairings for an additional cost. Some examples of their dishes include Radicchio Rosa, Beni Wild Harvest, and their Jerusalem Artichoke. TIAN’s look and feel are overtly modern, and every meal is immaculately plated, feeding your eyes as well as your stomach. Their cordial and enthusiastic staff is at the center of their unique experience, and you won’t want to miss out on their creative offerings.

Pied a Terre

9. Pied a Terre, London, UK

Here is a top vegan restaurant in London. Founded in 1991, Pied a Terre is the longest-standing independent restaurant with a Michelin star in the UK. Their latest award was the No1 vegan tasting experience in the UK, a testament to the exacting standards for all their dishes. While not specifically a vegan restaurant, Pied a Terre offers plant-based menus at all lunch and dinner services, from their full 10-course tasting menu to their four-course lunch option. You can also order a la carte from their menu. Or, add a wine flight pairing to your tasting menu for an additional fee. Their vegan menu includes dishes like a Waldorf Grumolo salad or a baked soybean terrine, with a variety of desserts available. If you want to experience classic French dining with a Greek twist, you must visit Pied a Terre.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

8. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, Washington, DC, USA

When you go to Washington DC to visit historical landmarks, check out this vegan restaurant as well. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a unique vegan restaurant open three nights a week. They offer a six-course vegan tasting menu inspired by owner Elizabeth Petty’s plant-based food journey during her experience with breast cancer. Their menu focuses on seasonal organic products and offers organic and biodynamic wine pairings at an additional cost. They take extreme care with everything from the ingredients to the presentation, and plates are works of art. You can also add a vegan cheese course to your tasting menu. Popular dishes include kale chips, parmesan ravioli, and rhubarb ginger ice cream. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw offers a truly unique, contemporary vegan dining experience that you can’t miss. However, they don’t often have space for walk-ins, so make sure to reserve your table in advance.


7. Yellow, Sydney, Australia

If you have the chance, go to this vegan restaurant in Sydney. Yellow is a plant-based restaurant inspired by the contemporary European dining scene, serving creative vegan dishes in an informal atmosphere. They serve a six-course vegan tasting menu at an affordable price. Plus, this vegan restaurant offers both wine pairings and non-alcoholic pairings for an additional cost. Though they don’t have any a la carte options, their tasting menu provides a variety of unique dishes.

You can try salted and fermented heirloom carrots with harissa oil and wild fennel or a buckwheat blini with pine mushroom and kelp. Their wine offerings reflect the Australian and international wine scenes, featuring familiar wines next to small brands and organic wines. Their menu focuses on heirloom veggies grown by local suppliers, and the chef, Brent Savage, won “Chef of the Year” in 2015. Yellow offers a truly artful vegan dining experience in Sydney and is a must-try if you’re in the city.

Gauthier Soho

6. Gauthier Soho, London, UK

Gauthier Soho, run by vegetable enthusiast and award-winning chef Alexis Gauthier, offers exquisite French gastronomy with a vegan twist. Alexis uses his 25 years of experience to his advantage, creating refined, luxurious vegan menu items that don’t use any animal products. Gauthier Soho offers two tasting menu options, Petit and Grand, which change depending on the seasonal produce available. The Petit menu offers seven courses; while the Grand menu has 10, and each can have a wine pairing at an additional cost. With dishes like wild garlic and rocket focaccia, a variety of canapes, and a “composition of dark chocolate,” Gauthier Soho leans into the French fine dining experience with gusto. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind vegan offer. Continue reading for the top five best vegan restaurants in the world.


5. Daigo, Tokyo, Japan

Daigo restaurant is one of the most beautiful dining options on this list, offering Kaiseki-style vegetarian and vegan dishes served tea ceremony style. Since 1950, Daigo has been taking advantage of the abundance of Tsukiji market to create stunning seasonal menu offerings. Some meals use small amounts of egg or bonito flakes. So, they request that you call ahead if you want a completely vegan experience. With four different tasting menu options and a focus on stunning seasonal cuisine, Daigo truly lives up to its 2 Michelin star rating. Some dishes include carrot and burdock soup with deep-fried potatoes and soba noodles with green onions, Japanese mustard, and seaweed. While they are a little expensive, the truly unique take on traditional Japanese cuisine, which incorporates Western vegetables and techniques, is well worth the splurge. Get your reservations in early because they can fill up quickly.


4. Kajitsu, New York City, USA

Kaijitsu – a name that means “fine day” or “day of celebration” – serves vegetarian/vegan shojin cuisine, considered the foundation of all Japanese cooking. They also have a Kaiseki-style tasting menu emphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. Even their dishware is carefully selected to fit their space, with some pieces created over 200 years ago! Their 10-course Omakase menu changes monthly based on what seasonal produce is available. Example dishes include Kuchidori, Kajitsu’s signature dish, which is sesame tofu seasoned with horseradish and served in a crispy rice wafer.

They’ve also served shiitake mushroom jelly with sesame tofu sauce, charcoal grilled fennel with fava beans, and seasonal desserts. Their sake pairings are subtle, high-quality offerings that emphasize the flavor of the dishes, and they serve green tea sourced from a 300-year-old tea maker in Kyoto. New York is a food-lover’s paradise, with a nearly overwhelming array of options, but you would be remiss in your vegan dining experience if you missed out on Kajitsu.

Vege Wonder

3. Vege Wonder, Beijing, China

Vege Wonder in WF Central, a trendy dining destination in Beijing. The modern vegetarian restaurant offers a unique take on Chinese vegetarian meals, choosing to ignore “mock meat” entirely in favor of getting the most out of seasonal vegetables available in China. They use familiar veggies in unique ways and often feature mushrooms in their meals. For example, by replacing meat with the mushrooms’ natural umami flavor. It’s important to note that their menu is plant-based but not vegan; however, the dishes can be made vegan upon request. Their innocuous name hides a passionate fine-dining experience in a modern setting and is definitely a stop to add to your list if you’re in Beijing! Don’t miss the chance to try this Michelin Star restaurant’s innovative take on plant-based cuisine.


2. Anastasia, Tel Aviv, Israel

Anastasia is the first vegan cafe in Israel, founded in 2014 by friends Roi Ezer and Tamar Ayalon. They emphasize fresh, quality raw materials, don’t use sugars or white flours in their dishes and seek to make vegan food accessible. Anastasia wants to dispel the myth that vegan food must be expensive and can’t taste good. They’ve even established the first vegan factory in Tel Aviv to produce all the raw products they use in the restaurant. They serve various dishes, from breakfast cereal to sandwiches to main dishes like bechamel cream fettuccine and roasted vegetable curry. Many of the options on their menu are gluten-free. They make their own vegan cheeses, yogurt, and sauces as well! Anastasia is a vegan oasis in Tel Aviv, and you simply must eat there if you’re in the area. Can you guess where the top vegan restaurant is globally?


1. ONA, Arès, France

Last but not least, ONA is truly a passion project for founder and head chef Claire Vallee. They opened it in 2016 after over 100 people donated to her crowdfunding campaign and the laborers that joined her workfunding efforts. The vegan restaurant’s menu is seasonal and experimental. More importantly, Claire takes pride in involving her entire team in the menu’s conception and execution. The restaurant has earned a Michelin Star not only for its food; ONA has also received the Michelin Green Star for the restaurant’s gastronomy and sustainability efforts. The restaurant has over 100 varieties of edible plants on its green terrace, uses renewable energy, and has a compost system to minimize waste truly. ONA is a genuinely unique gastronomic vegan experience driven by a desire to highlight the delicious flavors of organic produce. If you have the opportunity to attend the Odyss dinner menu, don’t miss it!