40 Foods to Avoid for Men Over 40

39. Artificial sweeteners

Most of us have a sweet tooth, and without knowing it, we have incorporated sugar into most of our foods. However, recent times have labeled sugar as a modern-day poison, and as such, people have started to move over to artificial sweeteners.

The problem is that these sweeteners are even worse for you than ordinary sugar. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners like aspartame have been known to boost sugar cravings.

Sure, they don’t add any unwanted calories to your diet, but the food that they go with is the problem. Furthermore, studies have also shown that they increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes and other health issues. If you want to indulge in the sweet stuff, there are natural options. Maple syrup and honey are among the best choices. They contain many nutrients that are good for your body and are super tasty.