A New Year Means New Workout Tips: Slow and Steady Wins the Race 

Triple Your Workout Effectiveness Are you trying to triple the effectiveness level of your exercises? If so, then following some simple tricks can run a long… Trista - February 14, 2020
Working out for hours is actually counterproductive to getting healthy. Pxfuel.

Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

Are you trying to triple the effectiveness level of your exercises? If so, then following some simple tricks can run a long way. First of all, make sure to limit your workouts to around 30 to 40 minutes. Some people tend to lock them inside the gym for hours. But the real truth is that after 30 to 40 minutes, the benefit won’t be of any help. Make sure to lower the intensity of the workout and move out of the gym too. It is always a smart choice to work at a higher intensity for a shorter period. 

In case you are starting with exercises, it is always better to take it slow. If you are cycling or running, start creating up endurance for a minimum of a month before you can get into anything intense than that. It means going at a pace when you can easily talk without running out of breath. Well, when you have the endurance bases all set, you can hike up the intensity to improve the workout’s effectiveness. Make sure not to miss out on protein and water intake while exercising. Keeping your body hydrated through the entire exercising procedure is essential. Furthermore, for helping your muscles to rebuild and grow, you need protein in your diet.

Having a small snack of protein between workouts provides the fuel your muscles need. Pxfuel.

Slow Lifting and Proper Shaking

It is better to have a carbohydrate or protein shake before a workout and just after you are done with one. Taking it before starting to exercise will increase the flow of amino acids to muscles while training. That helps in giving them building blocks that you need. Once the workout is done and covered with, this same shake will help stimulate muscle growth. Take one small carbohydrate or protein meal after 60 to 90 minutes of working out and get the best help. Even a meal replacement bar will do the trick.

Slow lifting is another workout tip that you might want to follow. Many people have this tendency to contract muscles slowly and then release at a slightly quicker rate. But, if you ever get to lift slowly in both these directions, you can always maximize every move. Be sure to raise and then lower to a five-second count in every possible direction. Be sure to follow the norms well and ensure the best steps as procured from reputed experts. They know the drill well and can gladly help you with it too.

It’s challenging to stay motivated while working out, but set some easy-to-achieve goals so that you’re continually moving forward. Pxfuel.

Motivation Gym Tips for Beginners

You are in the gym because you want a picture-perfect body. There are hundreds like you, and some are even there to maintain their fit body. No matter how bulky you are, don’t lose hope and be proud of what you have. Just because you are in an unfit condition in front of others, that doesn’t mean you are not capable of getting a better body. Don’t let the picture in front of you get into your head. Other than that, it would help if you focused on how to achieve the look you are after. 

Beginners mostly flock to treadmills and stationary cycles because these are easy for all ages and levels. But sure not to get stuck in this cardio race and try adding a minimum two days of strength training into your weekly regime. If you are not ready to explore the weight room, then you don’t have to. Remember that body weight exercises can be as effective as building strength.

Weigh the pros and cons of working out at home or the gym so that you can make the best decision for you, your budget, and your health. Pxfuel.

Make a Decision

Before enrolling for a gym membership, make sure to check out these tips first. Decide whether you want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a gym or plan to try out freehand exercises at home for starters. Few body shapes will force you to visit the gym from the first go and then follow it up with freehand exercises at home to maintain the newly acquired figure. Check out the options first before making a final call.

Either way, you are making the right decision to exercise, in general. With that being said, get ready for better endurance, a slimmer waist, and an all-around happier life. You will wonder why you didn’t start working out sooner after you start reaping all of the the benefits of working out. Just make sure you take things slow and steady so that way you don’t pull a muscle, wake up too sore, and quit right away. Slow and steady wins the race.