Discovering Our Bodies Do this Without Our Knowledge is Just Creepy

Your body makes the most disgusting noises. The body is truly an amazing thing. Not only is it capable of so many complex functions and processes,… Trista - November 30, 2022
Blocking out the sound of weird bodily noises. Source: Best Health Magazine

Your body makes the most disgusting noises.

The body is truly an amazing thing. Not only is it capable of so many complex functions and processes, but it is also quirky, contradictory, and sometimes downright bizarre. Of all the things that are strange about our body, one of the most disgusting (in a funny way) are the sounds it unconsciously makes as it goes about its daily business. We’re not just talking about farts and burps here, although they are definitely top of mind when we think of weird body noises. Many others, often unintended and out of control, are sure to draw out a giggle or two the minute you hear them.

Your nose and mouth area are commonly where most weird noises come from. A few examples are a loud series of sneezes, a few ill-time burps or belches, and a constant whistling in your nose as you breathe in and out. Your gut is also another likely culprit, responsible for a stretch of hiccups that comically escape your unwilling lips or send out a fart (smelly or not) in the other direction. It can even create its own sound as it rumbles on empty, sending out a low growl that is sure to make anyone laugh.

Cells in the human body replicate. Source: Medical News Today

Your cells are dividing right this minute, and you can’t stop them.

Imagine your body at the cellular level. What do you see? Can you see your cells divide and form replicas of each other? Now zoom out and imagine how many of these replications are happening at a given moment. The scope and range of cell division in our body can be dizzying, yet this is exactly the process that keeps us alive. Cellular division is what drives our growth as humans and helps us heal from injuries and disease, no wonder you can’t willingly stop this process from happening. Your cells are dividing and will continue to divide inside your body whether you like it or not.

Your body replaces cells as they mutate or die. However, much like a photocopy of a photocopy, the replacements are always a little less perfect than the original. By the time you are around the age of 28, however, your body is no longer capable of replacing cells effectively. This means that at about that age, you are actively in the process of dying. Why? Because your cells get destroyed faster than your body can replace them. Each replacement is most likely substandard and of lesser quality than the cells whose places they took. It looks like it’s all downhill for your body once you hit your thirties.

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