Delicious Overnight Oats Recipes that Will Give You Impressive Health Results

Whether you want to start your day on a nutritious note or need a healthy midday snack, consider incorporating overnight oats into your diet. Overnight oats… Trista - August 22, 2022

Whether you want to start your day on a nutritious note or need a healthy midday snack, consider incorporating overnight oats into your diet. Overnight oats are packed with a wide range of health benefits. Because of their rich fiber and protein content, you will notice that your stomach feels fuller for longer. The meal is also good for gut health and can help clear your digestive tract. They are easily prepared in advance and great for meal planning, plus they can be adapted for several different tastes. Start with a few essential ingredients (old-fashioned or rolled oats, milk, and an optional teaspoon of chia or flax seeds, add some for flavor, and you will be good to go for the day. Check out these recipes and be ready for where the day takes you.

Girl Versus Dough

Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats

There are so many great overnight oats recipes in this list, but we’ll start off strong with peaches and cream. Some ingredients just go well together. A decadent recipe that screams dessert for breakfast, Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats provide the right amount of sweetness to conquer your to-do list for the day. The next time the fruit is in season, grab a bushel and plan a treat that cannot be beat. Pair fresh peaches with a mixture of half and half, Greek yogurt, old-fashioned oats, and honey. Secure in a mason jar, set overnight, and get ready to enjoy a wholesome and healthy meal.

Bijoux and Bits

Gingerbread Overnight Oats

If you are looking for something sweet with a little bit of spice, look no further than this colder weather favorite Gingerbread Overnight Oats. Enjoy the warmth of a gingerbread cookie, even if you eat it cold from the jar. After compiling your base for overnight oats (the usual staples of yogurt, old-fashioned oats, milk of choice, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and salt), mix well. Then add a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, a quarter teaspoon of ginger, a half teaspoon of cinnamon, and a tablespoon of raisins. Chill overnight, and get ready to swoon after the first bite.

The Bojon Gourmet

Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Another warm and delicious recipe, Golden Milk Overnight Oats, brings the comfort in several harmonic tastes into one meal thanks to its unique blend of spices. This vegan recipe calls for cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric, which gives the mixture its heavenly halo. Together with a typical base of oats, plant-based milk, and honey, this recipe is good with the seasonal fruit of your choosing. You will be glad you added this breakfast porridge to your daily routine.

Feel Good Foodie

Banana Nutella Overnight Oats

There is a lot to love about Nutella. Its essential hazelnut-chocolate goodness makes it a fantastic base for any overnight oats. Plus, you cannot go wrong with the additional sweetness of bananas for a match made in food heaven. For Banana Nutella Overnight Oats, get your traditional base of old-fashioned oats, milk or water, chia seeds, and yogurt before putting in a spoonful of the spread and a sliced banana. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy at your leisure. Another pro tip for this recipe would be to add hazelnuts for some added crunch.


Banana Zucchini Overnight Oats

The great thing about this recipe is the near disappearance act of the secret vegetable – you will not even know it’s there. This vegan recipe takes the best parts of banana zucchini bread and puts them in one convenient place. To make Banana Zucchini Overnight Oats, you will need all the usual ingredients for the base – oats, milk, and chia seeds. Slice up a banana and zucchini and add some cinnamon for extra flavor. Chill overnight. The natural ingredients in the fruit are all the sweetener you need to enjoy a banana-bread-inspired oat breakfast after a good night’s sleep.

The Bewitchin Kitchen

Pina Colada Oatmeal

A pina colada is the pinnacle of relaxation, and that same comfort finds itself the star of this flavorful overnight recipe. If you like pina coladas, then get caught up with this quick breakfast to put you in a tropical mood. Pina Colada Overnight Oats starts with a mixture of three-quarters cup of rolled oats, half cup of unsweetened coconut milk, half cup of pineapple juice, and half-cup unsweetened pineapple yogurt. Add two tablespoons of chia seeds, a half-cup of pureed pineapple, and a half-cup of shaved coconut. Place in your fridge and chill for six to eight hours. You can add more milk in the morning if your want a thinner consistency.

Eating Bird Food

Blueberry Crumble Overnight Oats

The always versatile overnight oats allow decadent desserts to be reimagined in healthy and delicious ways. For Blueberry Crumble Overnight Oats, the concept of a sweet breakfast is retooled to stay light while getting the essential nutrients to start the day. Start with a typical base for the overnight recipe – old-fashioned oats, vanilla protein powder, milk of choice, chia seeds, and vanilla extract. Add fresh blueberries and a crumble topping (more rolled oats, oat flour, coconut oil, and sliced almonds. Please give it a good mix and let it sit in the fridge for at least six hours. Enjoy!

The Almond Eater

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip

Cinnamon is a spice that can be sweet and pungent. With the meaning “sweet wood,” it is derived from the inner bark of the bushy evergreen cinnamon tree. It is an essential ingredient in many recipes, and for Cinnamon Cookie Overnight Oats, it is the star of the show. Take your rolled oats, cinnamon, almond milk, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips, and mix them all in a mason jar. After everything is well blended, chill overnight. Feel free to add more cinnamon in the morning to bring out the cozy flavor of this recipe.

Well Plated by Erin

Sugar Cookie Protein Overnight Oatmeal

It can taste like a cookie and still give you the high protein needed to propel you through your day. Sugar Cookie Overnight Oats has two primary ingredients that give it its stacked 26 grams of protein macros – yogurt and vanilla whey protein powder. Add a half cup of plain Greek yogurt, a quarter cup of vanilla almond milk, a half-cup of old-fashioned oats, and two teaspoons of coconut sugar. Other ingredients include a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and an eighth pure almond extract. Chill overnight and enjoy. You can customize this recipe with other fresh ingredients like blueberries and strawberries for added sweetness.

Sugar Dish Me

Hawaiian Overnight Oats

Made with all the best ingredients from the islands, this tropical oats recipe will feel like a vacation every time you make them. The cool and creamy dream incorporates a delicious blend of what you can enjoy right along the beach. For Hawaiian Overnight Oats, use a one-to-one cup ratio of milk to old-fashioned oats. Other ingredients include shredded coconut, brown sugar, dried cherries, fresh pineapple, and chopped macadamia nuts. After mixing the base with the brown sugar, coconut and cherries together, cover and refrigerate overnight. Top with the pineapple and nuts, and enjoy.

A Dash of Megnut

Coconut Pomegranate Overnight Oats

With the ability to combine any flavors to seep overnight, these oats pair up with a couple of fruits you may not think will go together right away. Coconut Pomegranate Overnight Oats bring out the islands in a parfait that is sweet and a little tangy. For this recipe, start with old-fashioned oats, almond milk, unsweetened coconut shreds, and chia seeds, and mix them all together. Let it sit overnight in the fridge. When you are ready to eat, layer the oat mixture with vanilla yogurt and pomegranate arils. You then have the choice to eat it or save it for later.

The Two Bite Club

Maple Bacon Overnight Oats

While bacon and oatmeal may both be breakfast staples, it may not have occurred that they could exist peacefully in one dish. But bacon lovers rejoice that this can happen with overnight oats. For this decadent recipe, Maple Bacon Overnight Oats calls for a cup of old-fashioned oats, a cup of 1 percent milk, two tablespoons of chopped walnuts, two tablespoons of maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and a slice of crumbled bacon. Mix the oats, milk, one tablespoon of maple syrup, and cinnamon. Chill overnight, and then add in the crumbled bacon and remaining syrup. Enjoy cold or heated up in the microwave.

Yay for Food

Vanilla Earl Grey Overnight Oats

Ever wish you could mimic your favorite spot of tea with your breakfast? Enter in Vanilla Earl Grey Overnight Oats, which takes the beloved beverage to another level. It tastes just like a tea latte with every bite. For this recipe, steep a bag of Earl Grey tea in a medium bowl for three to five minutes, then discard the bag. Next, stir in the desired amount of honey and add your oat base of old-fashioned oats, milk, and vanilla extract. Place into a mason jar and refrigerate. Before you are ready to eat, add more milk or honey for desired consistency and garnish with a cookie of your choice. Cheerio — that is a great way to wake up!

Sprinkling of Health

Snickerdoodle Overnight Oats

The comfort of a cookie gets the overnight oat treatment with this special and inspired recipe. Snickerdoodle Overnight Oats packs a delightful punch with all the delicious flavors you have come to know in every glorious bite. For this recipe, create a base with two cups of old-fashioned oats, a cup and a half of either milk or water, one and a half tablespoons of brown sugar, and additional sweeteners if desired. Combine all of your ingredients into a microwave-safe bowl and stir. Once well mixed, dump into a mason jar and chill overnight.

Katie The Muffin Myth

Green Goddess Oats

If an exciting breakfast is what you are looking for, then have no fear. The Green Goddess Oatmeal recipe has a plethora of goodness that is mixed right in, and the power it provides is more than just in the name. For this recipe, you need an oat base with a ripe banana, old-fashioned oats, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla extract, and spirulina powder. Combine all in a mason jar and put in the fridge to chill until morning. When you are ready to heat, garnish with slices of kiwi fruit and hemp seeds.

Lee Fit Foodie Finds

55. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats

Chocolate and strawberries are two flavors that just pair well together, and this delicious breakfast uses the best of the flavor combination in every single bite. For Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats, start with your oat base of old-fashioned oats, cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, almond milk, and honey. After everything is well mixed, please place it in a mason jar and refrigerate it overnight. Before you eat, slice up fresh strawberries and add them in. This recipe is best eaten while cold; you will swear it tastes just like the real dessert.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Salted Caramel Overnight Oats

Salted caramel is a popular candy flavor that provides a rich and creamy backdrop for this delicious recipe. Bound to be a crowd pleaser, this dessert for breakfast option incorporates the sweet, nutty flavor known worldwide. And it only takes five minutes to make! Salted Caramel Overnight Oats calls for old-fashioned oats, almond milk, caramel-flavored almond creamer, chia seeds, a mashed banana, cinnamon, and your choice of nut toppings. Assemble the ingredients in a jar and chill overnight. You can also create your own vegan sauce for this recipe. You need coconut milk, coconut sugar, sea salt, and vanilla extract for the caramel sauce.

Blair the Seasoned Mom

High Protein Eggnog Overnight Oats

The eggnog may be synonymous with the holidays, but the beverage gets the breakfast treatment with an overnight oats twist. High Protein Eggnog Overnight Oats promises the same festive vibe — only with healthy benefits. With its warm spices and rich flavor, eggnog oats conjure similar vibes, and its high protein will keep you full for longer. For this recipe, you need old-fashioned oats, vanilla protein powder, plain Greek yogurt, eggnog of your choosing, sweetener, rum extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Stir all the ingredients into a small bowl and place them into containers once they are all well combined. Chill overnight. For added flair, you can garnish with whipped cream, toasted nuts, or candies.

Amy Quit Sugar

Lavender and Honey Overnight Oats

The mixture may seem unusual, but one bite of this oatmeal recipe will be all it will take to convince you otherwise. Lavender and Honey Overnight Oats is a simple breakfast meal with less than five minutes in prep work. You are bound to love the delicate and rich flavor. After you have completed the base (old-fashioned oats, peanut butter, milk, dried lavender, and honey), give everything a good stir. The peanut butter (or other nut butter if you choose to substitute) does not have to be mixed in well. Place in the fridge for the morning, and you can add granola and fruit to complete the meal.

Ambitious Kitchen

Almond Butter, Strawberry, and Banana Overnight Oats

Strawberries and bananas are not only tasty together – their combination provides a healthy energy boost and other essential vitamins. The delicious concoction goes a step further with almond butter, and the unbeatable breakfast is that much better. For Almond Butter, Strawberry, and Banana Overnight Oats, you need the usual suspects for a good oat base – milk of choice, rolled oats, chia seeds, and Greek yogurt. After you have mashed up your banana, pour in your milk and yogurt. Stir in your oats, seeds, and strawberries before dividing your mixture into mason jars. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Once you are ready to serve, add a tablespoon of almond butter along with any other more sliced bananas and strawberries that you desire.

Hungry by Nature

Espresso Overnight Oats

Coffee lovers will rejoice at this simple oat recipe that takes hardly any time at all in the morning. Incorporate your daily cup of joe into your Espresso Overnight Oats. You may not think that coffee could be a yummy part of your oats, but it pairs well with this easy meal. Combine your old-fashioned or rolled oats with milk of choice, maple syrup, espresso or iced coffee, chia seeds, and nut butter in a mason jar, and make sure everything is easily distributed. Refrigerate overnight; you will have an extra jolt to take on your morning tasks.

Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Maple Pecan Overnight Oats

There is something simply scrumptious about maple syrup and pecans. The earthy sweetness makes this great overnight oats mixture. What a better way to have a balanced breakfast than to take this taste on the go? For maple pecan overnight oats, put your rolled oats in with your preferred milk. Then add the fixings: pecans, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. If you want a thicker texture, use chia or flax seeds. This delicious oat recipe is incredible in autumn, but you can also enjoy Maple Pecan Overnight Oats all year round.

Dessert Now Dinner Later

Tropical Overnight Oats

Bring the beach to your overnight oats with this tasty option. Tropical Overnight Oats are a great and delicious way to get your fruit intake in for the day. Add a half cup of old-fashioned oats with equal parts vanilla greek yogurt, a tablespoon of chia seeds, and a two-thirds cup of almond milk in a mason or glass jar. After everything is mixed well, place the base into the refrigerator and let it sit for at least eight hours. When you are ready to eat in the morning, you can add in your mangoes, kiwis, strawberries, or other tropical fruit favorites. This healthy recipe is definitely a keeper.

Oats Lady

Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats

One of the best parts about overnight oats is that they can mimic desserts, and you can enjoy something sweet without the guilt. Chunky Monkey Oats is one such recipe, and the decadent treat is a true timesaver. For these overnight options, add peanut butter, chocolate chips, your choice of milk, maple syrup or honey, flaxseeds, Himalayan salt, and water. If you want a thicker meal, use oat flour or protein powder. Mix well, and put them in the fridge for the night. This awesome oat recipe can be served chilled or warm after a brief 45-second trip in the microwave. Want to take it to the next level? Go wild and slice a banana on top.

Mirth Made

Pecan Pie Overnight Oats

Eating something sweet does not have to be a crime. One of the best Thanksgiving dessert options is the inspiration for this amazing dish. Pecan Pie Overnight Oats bring the same warmth and comfort as a piece of its namesake. All you need to do is place your half cup of oats with a half cup of almond milk, a quarter cup of pecans, a teaspoon of honey, and ⅛ teaspoon of vanilla extract into a container. Then add a quarter teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. After a good mix, allow the oats to settle in for the night. Enjoy eight hours later.

Sandhya’s Kitchen

Mango Coconut Overnight Oats

Another great pairing of flavors comes together in this sweet recipe. Mango coconut oats put a healthy dose of breakfast in the jar. Use a mixture of old-fashioned oats, milk and yogurt, a sweetener, and shredded coconut. After letting it sit overnight, place your freshly cut mangoes on top. Want something a little bit more? Add cocoa powder or almond butter for a completely new taste. Other options for Mango Coconut Overnight Oats include vanilla extract, chia or hemp seeds, and protein powder.

Modern Meal Makeover

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Savor something decadent and sweet with brown sugar overnight oats. Because brown sugar is less processed than granulated sugar, the substance is able to give off a caramel-like flavor. Put together with cinnamon, and you’ve got an excellent combination. After setting aside a base with old-fashioned oats, seeds, and almond milk, fill the jar with pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, and maple syrup. With Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Overnight Oats, you’ve got a sweet breakfast treat waiting for you in the morning.

Eating Bird Food

Cherry Cheesecake Oats

A favorite dessert gets the overnight oats treatment, and you will swear it is the real deal. Cherry Cheesecake Oats are not only super-rich and creamy but also filled with many nutrients and vitamins found in other variations. For this recipe, add milk of choice and cream cheese to a mason jar and mash until the blocks of cream cheese are broken up. Next, pour in the oats, sweeteners, cherries, chia seeds, and vanilla. Stir well, and add some graham crackers. If you need or desire more protein, you can also add in a protein powder. Set in the fridge overnight and enjoy the first thing in the morning.

Flavor the Moments

Coconut Cream Pie Chia Overnight Oats

The make-ahead dessert option gets another sweet pie treatment, and coconut is on the menu this time! Coconut Cream Pie Chia Overnight Oats are packed with health benefits and feel like a treat. Chia seeds are great to include in your diet because their high fiber content can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. The creamy texture of these oats comes from Greek yogurt. Start with an oat, sweetener, and milk base similar to the recipes above, and then add a teaspoon of seeds to thicken it up. After the oats have been set, stir in some toasted coconut, and this breakfast will be sure to brighten your day.

Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Blood Orange Creamsicle Overnight Oats

With this simple recipe, you will surely love the rich and fruity flavor infused in this concoction. Blood oranges are like a mix between oranges, grapefruit, and cherries. The tart yet sweet taste is paired well in the recipe with the Goji berries, which are another great source of fiber. What are the other ingredients in Blood Orange Creamsicle Overnight Oats? Yogurt, nonfat milk, a pinch of sweetener, and a teaspoon of chia seeds. You can also swap the Goji berries for cranberries if you cannot get a hold of them. After placing the oats in your mason jar, pour the milk, stir in the milk and other ingredients and seal the jar before placing it in the fridge.


Cherry and Toasted Almond Overnight Oats

Another hearty and delicious option for overnight oats is to mix cherries and almonds together for an unbeatable combination. Cherries and almonds are closely related in their distinct benzaldehyde flavors. In fact, some almond extracts are made from the pits of cherries. With Cherry and Toasted Almond Overnight Oats, you can choose dried cherries or fresh fruit if they happen to be in season. The base for the oats is pretty versatile too. Depending on your preference and dietary restrictions, you can make this recipe vegan, sugar-free, or gluten-free.

Tornadough Alli

Caramel Apple Overnight Oats

Few seasonal treats just scream fall, and caramel apples are exactly that. You can turn them into a fantastic and refreshingly easy treat with a few more ingredients. Using old-fashioned rolled oats and a milk of your choice, you can add more flavor to the base with brown sugar, apple pie filling, and a generous dose of caramel. You will understand why all these work so well together in the morning when you try Caramel Apple Overnight Oats.

Clean Plate Mama

Raspberry Overnight Oats

Raspberries are essential for premium heart function, and when combined with a bowl of oats, they can be an even more beneficial component of your daily breakfast. Raspberry Overnight Oats is a great jumpstart to the day. Healthy and high in protein and fiber, you can accomplish this oat recipe with frozen berries because the raspberries leave a sweet juice all on their own, so you don’t have to add sugar to taste great. Combine rolled oats with milk, sliced almonds, hemp seeds, raspberries, and almond butter together. Await the amazing results about eight hours later.

Evolving Table

Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats

Nothing tastes like summer like getting a bite of ooey-gooey peach cobbler. Like other pie overnight recipes, the Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats option combines all your favorite flavors into one mason jar. You will be peachy keen to add this to your menu. Using a two-ingredient base (rolled oats and milk) that incorporates fresh peaches, yogurt, local honey, vanilla, and toasted pecans, this all day snack has a certain decadent taste that is sure to please.

Naturally Sweet Kitchen

Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Take this coffee-flavored Italian dessert and make it morning-ready with this decadent recipe. For coffee connoisseurs, Tiramisu Overnight Oats is something to sink your teeth into. Get your base together with rolled oats, chia seeds, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and milk. Next, add espresso powder, cacao powder, and cacao nibs. You will also want to put Greek yogurt for the cheese layer of your overnight oats, but you will need to set this aside while you mix everything together. Layer the oats, yogurt, and cacao powder in a glass jar before placing it in the fridge. It is so good that it should be sinful.

Eating Bird Food

Brownie Batter Overnight Oats

Everyone has done it: sticking your finger in brownie batter for a taste test. This overnights oats recipe takes the best of that sneak treat and makes it healthy enough for the day’s most important meal. Brownie Batter Overnight Oats packs a protein powder punch with the basic oats base, old-fashioned rolled oats, almond milk, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. Other additional ingredients include vanilla, a pinch of sea salt, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, and peanut (or any other) butter. Refrigerate and enjoy. You may feel like you are cheating on your diet, but this dessert snack has loads of nutrients.

Recipe Runner

Cinnamon Honey Peach Overnight Oats

Looking for another use for those summer peaches? Here is another peach recipe that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Cinnamon Honey Peach Overnight Oats are as bright as it is sweet. Whip Greek yogurt, milk, honey, and vanilla in a bowl before adding the oats, cinnamon, salt, chia seeds, and peach pieces. Place into the fridge overnight for at least two to three hours. Then enjoy how well these flavors compliment one another. Sweet and simple, just like breakfast should be.

Organize Yourself Skinny

Banana Coconut Overnight Oats

One of the great concepts behind the overnight oats sensation is the ability to take two ingredients and blend them together. Enter in Banana Coconut Overnight Oats – a creamy and delicious take on breakfast. Filling overnight oats with the fruit makes it a tropical mainstay. This recipe does not have a robust coconut flavor; instead, it brings out the best in the banana. To make your own batch, start with rolled oats, unsweetened coconut, half of a ripe banana, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and a teaspoon of chia seeds. Combine all of the ingredients and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

Lemons and Zest

Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Overnight Oats

This clever and caffeinated idea will have your coffee and breakfast all in one place. Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Overnight Oats are sublime. Start with either your own cold brew coffee or store-bought. Add a base – rolled oats, chia seeds, maple syrup or honey, milk of choice, and vanilla extra. Another great addition is the vanilla almond butter to make it more creamy and more vanilla flavor. Want another shot of coffee? Put in a shot of espresso to make vanilla latte oats!

Marathons and Motivation

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Overnight Oats

It is no surprise that overnight oats are a fantastic first start to any day, and this recipe takes another favorite dessert and gives it a heart-healthy makeover. Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a versatile recipe that can cater to various dietary needs. Start by making a base with rolled oats, milk of your choosing, a can of crushed pineapple, melted butter or coconut oil, vanilla extract, chopped Maraschino cherries, and sea salt. Once everything is mixed well in the mason jar, place it in the fridge to devour later. You will swear you have taken a bite of the dessert itself when you eat Pineapple Upside Down Cake Overnight Oats!

Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate

Vanilla Overnight Oats with Blackberries

Blackberries contain various nutrients, such as vitamins C and K and fiber. Research shows that these fruits are great for brain health. Vanilla Overnight Oats with Blackberries can be a sure-fire way to start the day on the right foot. Adding protein powder to your base of oats, almond milk, and chia seeds covers all of the grounds for a balanced and healthy breakfast. Add slivered almonds or other nuts for extra crunch.

Wellness by Kay

Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a staple meal throughout childhood. And the overnight oats option can be a great call back that gives children and adults something to root for. Packed with protein, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats put up its best flavors thanks to oats, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and almond milk. Feel free to use any jam or jelly of your choice, as well as a bit of honey to keep things nice and sweet. Top with fresh berries and chopped nuts for even more fun.

Brooklyn Active Mama

S’mores Overnight Oats

This fun recipe serves up a campfire delight in the most charming way. S’mores Overnight Oats is a delicious recipe kids and adults will love. Mixing chocolate and marshmallow together make it taste just like a s’more. This breakfast is great for those who are constantly on the go. All you need to make this treat is oats, milk, mini marshmallows, chocolate bars, and honey.

Nutritionist Reviews

Strawberries and Cream Overnight Oats

This oat recipe is not just pretty in pink – it’s also a healthy way to start your day. The Strawberries and Cream Overnight Oats provide a delicious alternative to eating your oats. Take a cup and a half each of old-fashioned oats and milk, a cup of strawberry Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of chia seeds, three-quarters a cup of diced strawberries, and a scoop of protein powder. After mixing them all together, place them in the fridge for at least two hours. How sweet it will be to devour this tasty treat.

Piper Cooks

Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats

The delicious flavors of a big cinnamon roll are on full display here. And this alternative has loads of health benefits. The best part is that the Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats can be eaten warm or cold — however, you prefer to dine. Mix your dry ingredients of oats, cinnamon, raisins, and chia seeds into a small bowl. Next, whisk your cashew milk, Greek yogurt, vanilla, and brown sugar until smooth. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients bowl and mix. Once placed in the fridge, you will see why this crowd favorite should be a part of your morning routine.

Two Spoons

Overnight Steel Cut Oats

While most oat recipes call for old-fashioned rolled oats, those who prefer steel-cut can rejoice because this recipe is for you. Steel-cut oats are made up of the inner kernels of whole oats, and their coarse texture gives them a nutty flavor. Steel-cut oats are high in vitamins, iron, and fiber; these oats can also help move food more efficiently through the digestive tract. To make Steel Cut Overnight Oats, you just need to combine all of your ingredients and then pop them in the microwave for one minute. Afterward, stick it in the fridge for its overnight treatment. You can add whatever toppings and flavors you prefer.

Organize Yourself Skinny

Blueberry Overnight Oats

Here is another guilt-free, fruit-filled option that will have you sing its praises. Blueberry Overnight Oats are creamy and bursting with pockets of blueberries, plus they are packed with superfoods and whole grains. For this recipe, create your base of rolled oats, chia seeds, and milk; plus, you should add in mashed banana, vanilla extract, and of course, blueberries. Feel free to add fresh or frozen berries to your concoction. After you mix them all together, set them in the fridge overnight and enjoy the following day. You can also slice fresh bananas on top for moe fruit in your breakfast.

Fit Mitten Kitchen

Mocha Overnight Oats

Another great way to get your morning coffee incorporated into a balanced meal is with the Mocha Overnight Oats. Mix quick oats or rolled oats, unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder, chia seeds (to thicken), your choice of non-dairy milk, and any leftover coffee you have on hand. Add maple syrup, vanilla extract, and mini chocolate chips to sweeten the oats. What more could you ask for than a healthy breakfast that is centered around coffee and chocolate?

ET Food Voyage

Biscoff Overnight Oats

Biscoffs have had a rich history, with the treat dating back to 1932 in a local bakery in a small Belgian town. These famous biscuits have a deep caramel flavor and several warm spices blended throughout. To make Biscoff Overnight Oats, you will need to mix Biscoff spread into your oats base of oats, chia seeds, honey, and milk. After the mixture is well blended, cover and put it in your fridge overnight. In the morning, place crushed Biscoff biscuits on top and enjoy.

Happy Healthy Mama

Lemon Raspberry Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds

Enjoy some tartness with your sweet breakfast with Lemon Raspberry Overnight Oats. Another flavor combination synonymous with summer, you will flip about how tasty this breakfast or snack on the go could be. Adding chia seeds not only acts as a bonding agent but also adds more fiber to the meal. For this recipe, you will need old-fashioned rolled oats, unsweetened almond milk, fresh lemon juice, agave nectar, chia seeds, and fresh raspberries. Combine all of the ingredients (except the fruit) in a mason jar, mix and cover in the fridge. Once ready to eat, place the raspberries on top. You can also add lemon zest for an extra oomph to your breakfast.

Erin Lives Whole

Cake Batter Overnight Oats

Here is another overnight oats recipe inspired by licking the whisk or spoon. Cake Batter Overnight Oats is a high-protein breakfast that doesn’t taste healthy, but you can rest assured that it is. The recipe calls for rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, cashew butter, maple syrup, almond extract, salt, and sprinkles. Mix all of your ingredients (sans the sprinkles) until well blended. Then stir in the sprinkles, cover, and place in the fridge. The following day you will swear you are eating cake for breakfast!

The View from Great Island

Date Nut Overnight Oats

Dates and nuts are a nutritious way to start your morning, and this overnight oats recipe is a creamy and dreamy mixture that will set your plans in motion. For Date Nut Overnight Oats, stick to your base with either a cup of either steel-cut or rolled oats and milk or half and half. Add vanilla bean or extract with brown sugar, chopped walnuts, and pitted dates. Assemble the mixture and keep stirring until it is well blended. Cover and place in the fridge for a few hours until ready to eat.

Flavor the Moments

Spiced Chia Overnight Oats

With its blend of black tea, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon in its flavor profile, chia can be described as a perfect balance of just enough smoothness and the right amount of spicy. Spiced Chia Overnight Oats takes that idea and runs with it for a flavor profile that is, above all else, heavenly. Mix in your oats with chia seeds, spices, and brown sugar into a mason jar, and then add almond milk to up the creamy factor. Cover and refrigerator overnight, and get ready to enjoy a cozy meal.

Food Faith Fitness

Coffee Overnight Oats with Greek Yogurt

Another simple and caffeinated option, Coffee Overnight Oats with Greek Yogurt, packs the jolt you need to start your day. Oats make the day easier and healthier. Get your base ready by mixing in old-fashioned rolled oats, milk, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and sweetener together and place in the fridge until ready to eat. For those who really hate mornings, this recipe can stay in the refrigerator for five days, so you can meal prep on Sunday and have all of your early morning meals figured out for the rest of the week.

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Maple French Toast Vegan Overnight Oats

Proving that you can have your French toast in a way that is much more aligned with your diet and beliefs, Maple French Toast Vegan Overnight Oats is the easy, make-ahead meal or snack you have been waiting for. Start with mashing up a banana. Combine old-fashioned rolled oats with other base staples (chia seeds, flaxseed meal, and almond milk) with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Add in your favorite sweetener, like maple syrup or agave syrup. After mixing, refrigerate overnight and serve with fresh berries.

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Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

This dessert for breakfast is light on calories and packed full of flavor. Carrot Cake Overnight Oats is a charmingly delicious way to wake up. Loaded with good stuff like protein and fiber, this oat recipe will make you feel full longer and tastes just like the real deal. After you get your base together with unsweetened almond milk and old-fashioned rolled oats, assemble unsweetened coconut flakes, pecans, crushed pineapple, grated carrot, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and ground nutmeg. You will love the way these flavors play together like a piece of cat.

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Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

Are you craving a rich, chocolatey breakfast? Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats may be the ticket. You will indulge in all the dessert flavors without all the processed sugars and junk associated with high-calorie recipes. Use a base of rolled oats, cacao powder, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Add in your coconut milk, vanilla extract, and banana, tighten your lid, and put in your fridge. In the morning, give it a good stir and add in maple syrup if you feel it needs more sweetness.

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Coffee Overnight Oats

Research shows that coffee has tons of health benefits that are good for the liver and help you live longer. Want another coffee option that has enough get-up-and-go? You will love this option because it is super simple. For Coffee Overnight Oats, add cold brew coffee to your base of rolled oats and milk of choice, and then pour in chia seeds and brown sugar. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy it in the morning.

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Vegan Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Try this healthy Thanksgiving-inspired breakfast that is as delicious as the real thing. For this guilt-free option, start with a couple of key ingredients. Combine almond milk and oats with pumpkin pie puree and pumpkin pie spice. Add maple syrup for extra sweetness. Mix well with a whisk. Refrigerate overnight until the oats are softened. You can make Vegan Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats ahead of time and enjoy it for three to four days afterward.

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Healthy Almond Joy Overnight Oats

Candy lovers will be ecstatic over this copycat recipe that is a healthy way to enjoy their favorite treat. The dreamy Healthy Almond Overnight Oats are also packed with protein and other health benefits. Take old-fashioned oats, nonfat Greek yogurt, and almond milk and add slivered almonds, chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut flakes, and almond extract. Give it a good mix, and place the mason jar in your fridge. If you want to keep it sweet, add maple syrup or honey.

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Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats

Say yes to cookies for breakfast. The Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats are creamy and delicious and taste like a bowl of Oreos. The quick and easy recipe starts with old-fashioned rolled oats, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and almond milk. Other ingredients include vanilla, Dutch cocoa powder, white chocolate chips, vanilla protein powder, and, of course, Oreo sandwich cookies. Gather all of the ingredients and combine them into a jar. Shake well and refrigerate overnight. You can also add peanut butter or more chocolate chips for added pizzazz.

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Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oatmeal

Reese’s first created the peanut butter cups in 1928, and for nearly a century, the candies have been delightful treats. Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oatmeal is a simple yet delicious nod to this favorite candy. Gather oats, milk of choice, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and honey. Mix them all together in a jar and refrigerate overnight. You can also add in a probiotic drink or protein powder for added health benefits. Top with additional chocolate trips or thin peanut butter cups, and dig in!

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Banana Bread Overnight Oats

Banana bread is one of those great comfort foods. Turn this dessert favorite into a hearty breakfast with Banana Bread Overnight Oats that will be a sure delight. Take two cups of old-fashioned oats, a mashed banana, and two cups of unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, salt, and chopped walnuts. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate overnight. When serving, slice up some extra bananas and place walnuts for garnish. It’s the type of breakfast to go completely ape for.

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Apple Cinnamon Overnight

Several fruits have a natural companion that complements their flavor profile. Apples and cinnamon are classic pairings, and it should be no surprise that Apples and Cinnamon Overnight Oats are simply scrumptious. The earthy and hearty oats are harmonious and healthy. Put together one cup oats and one cup milk, a quarter teaspoon of salt, chia seeds, cinnamon, and fresh diced apples. Cover and let sit overnight in the fridge. Place apple pieces on top and get ready to make your taste buds sing.

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Apple Pie Overnight Oats

It is no wonder why apple pies are so beloved. They have all the charm of Americana and the coziness of an autumn day. Apple Pie Overnight Oats incorporate those same warm fuzzy feelings — only in breakfast form. For this recipe, you will need your base of old-fashioned oats, milk, salt, and chia seeds. Then place in apple pie filling and cinnamon. You can also substitute dried fruit if you wish to keep it light. Cover and chill overnight in the fridge. You can also zap this in the morning for an unbelievable treat.

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Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

A fantastic dessert on its own, strawberry cheesecake is a real charmer on any dinner table. Make the breakfast meal just as decadent with this copycat dessert recipe. Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats are superb and dairy-free. For this tempting treat, you will need your base ingredients (old-fashioned rolled oats, unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds or flaxseed meal, vanilla extract, and maple syrup) plus dairy-free Greek yogurt to make it creamy. Add fresh diced strawberries and almond flour shortbread cookies. You can also substitute graham crackers. Assemble your mason jar with layers of yogurt and oats. Once everything is well put together, refrigerate overnight.

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Funfetti Protein Overnight Oats

You can take the cake out of the kitchen, but you don’t have to take the cake out of breakfast. Funfetti Protein Overnight Oats are tasty, just like the dessert, but this make-ahead meal has healthy benefits in every bite. With only six ingredients, it is sure to be as much of a crowd-pleaser as a time saver. All you need is oats, vanilla protein powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sprinkles, butter extract, and nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt and butter extract. Once you have put in your dry ingredients, you can place a quarter cup into a bowl or jar. Spread Greek yogurt on top and add another oat layer. Chill overnight and enjoy cake in the morning.

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Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

One of the yummiest concoctions ever is cookie dough, and Cookie Dought Overnight Oats does not disappoint. Since it has no eggs in the recipe, you have no worry there! It takes four ingredients to make the dough – peanut butter, coconut sugar, Greek yogurt, and chocolate chips. After you have made your overnight oats base of milk and old-fashioned rolled oats, press the dough inside your bowl or jar. Place in the fridge and wake up to a decadent and delicious breakfast.


Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

What is not to love about peanut butter (unless you are allergic)? This Peanut Butter Overnight Oats recipe is extremely chill to put together so you can have a no-fuss morning. Add a half cup of rolled oats, a half cup of milk of choice, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and chia seeds. After you have mixed in your dry ingredients, pour in the milk first, and then add the peanut butter and syrup. Once the oats are submerged, chill overnight in the fridge and enjoy a super easy start to your day.

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Mango Overnight Oats

Mango is an excellent sources of magnesium and potassium, which are connected to lowering blood pressure and keeping a regular pulse. These fruits are also the source of mangiferin, and research has shown that this compound may be able to reduce inflammation of the heart. Mango Overnight Oats brings this powerful superfruit to the front stage as a simple breakfast option. Combine your oats with low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, almond extract, honey, and chia seeds with diced fresh mango. Place in your fridge and steep for at least eight hours before you eat.