Fit People Swear by These 30 High-Protein Foods to Stay in Shape

29. Eggs

The high-quality protein in eggs contains all nine essential amino acids. The body absorbs more protein from cooked eggs than raw eggs. Also, eating raw eggs also carries the risk of food poisoning and bacterial contamination. Eggs are low in calories and have numerous health benefits. They are inexpensive and easy to cook.

And when you eat eggs for breakfast, they keep you feeling fuller for longer. That satiety means you don’t overeat without having to try to restrict your calories actively. An average sized egg contains approximately six or seven grams of protein.

People tend to think that most of the protein is in the egg whites. However, the yolks contain about half of the egg’s protein. In a large egg containing about seven grams of protein, four grams come from the white and three grams from the yolk. You need to eat the whole egg to get the full benefits.