Going to the Gym May Not Be the Right Choice for Some People, Here’s Why

27. Check Out Gym Reviews Online  It may even be a good idea to go online and research some reviews about the gym or workout center… Trista - January 21, 2020
See what the online reviews are to determine your best course of action. Shutterstock.

27. Check Out Gym Reviews Online 

It may even be a good idea to go online and research some reviews about the gym or workout center that you are considering. Let’s just say that you’ve decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a gym membership… You’ve clearly decided there are more pros than cons to this, and that is great. But, now comes the hard part – staying motivated. 

Everyone is always very eager when they first join up at the gym. People go frequently, do good workouts, and try to incorporate it into their lifestyle. But then slowly but surely, the visits start to decline, and life gets in the way. Suddenly the gym is on the back burner, and your contract starts to go to waste. What now?

Don’t set unreachable goals during the first week, or else you’ll get discouraged. Shutterstock.

28. Setting Yourself Up For Success

You’ll hear your alarm clock ring at 5:00 am, and then suddenly, you’re not feeling any motivation to go for your morning sweat session. You start to negotiate with yourself and then end up convincing yourself that you don’t need to go to the gym today and that you’ll go again tomorrow. But then it happens the next day again!

One way to combat this is to find a workout buddy. Some people obviously prefer working out on their own, but if you lack the motivation to go, find a friend to do it with you. Make a point to hold each other accountable, and when you say you’re going to go, you go, and you don’t let the other person off the hook. Make a workout schedule that you both stick to for the long haul. This situation is when a group setting like CrossFit could really benefit someone and their motivation. 

Going it alone isn’t the best idea; keep someone at your side to keep pushing you forward. Shutterstock.

29. Let Others Help You To Stay Motivated 

Diana Mitrea, a personal trainer and co-founder of Stronger With Time, says, “Having other people around me with those same goals is always exciting. We’re all talking about the right things and pushing each other, and we celebrate their victories as well as mine.”

If no one wants to go to the gym with you, ask a supportive partner, family member, or even a friend to hold you accountable. Their support will be a significant motivating factor in your fitness journey. Another good idea is to sign up for something that you can work towards, such as entering a marathon.

Getting the right workout clothes can also help you immensely to stay in the motivated mood. Shutterstock.

30. Get Dressed And Get Going 

Once you make a choice to enter this, tell your friends and family about it. Because they know about it, you can’t just miss it because they will be excited to cheer you on at the finish line, and you won’t want to let them down. Everyone will have their own things that give them motivation, and this might be the one for you. 

Another tip to remain motivated is to dress for a workout, even if you aren’t feeling it that day. Research has shown that brains are susceptible to “enclothed cognition.” What does this mean? It means that dressing the part can help give you the motivation you need to get what you need to do. So, put on your work out clothes and get going!