Instant Ways To Tell A Hotel Is Dirty And What To Do About It

2. If you find a dirty hotel room, you can start with these few steps to set the hotel investigation in motion.  It’s upsetting to walk… Trista - August 7, 2021

2. If you find a dirty hotel room, you can start with these few steps to set the hotel investigation in motion. 

It’s upsetting to walk into a dirty hotel room, especially when you had the belief that it was clean. Whether you have found yourself in this situation before or are currently in it, you can take specific steps to have the hotel room investigated for its sanitary practices. These are also critical steps for you to remember just in case you ever find yourself in this situation. First, you want to take pictures and be as detailed as you can. For example, if you see bugs crawling around the room, take photos or videos of them. 

Don’t just take a couple of pictures, either. You want to take multiple close-up shots. You also need to report the conditions of the room to the hotel manager as soon as possible. It could be a situation where a housekeeper isn’t cleaning properly. Furthermore, the manager should move you into a different room and give you a discount. Also, if you notice blood or anything illegal, it is essential to notify the authorities immediately. Other numbers to contact are the Better Business Bureau and the health department. These two should be reached whether or not you get the police. 


1. The final step to take when finding a dirty hotel room is to notify any social media outlets you have access to. 

Most people have a social media site, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You want to make sure that you create a post about the conditions of the hotel room. However, you also need to ensure that you don’t lead yourself into a lawsuit. All you need to do is simply verify your experience by discussing exactly what happened – including if the manager gave you a discount or switched your room. Even though you might not feel that the hotel treated you fairly, you want to treat the situation fairly. 

You can also contact the local media, such as newspapers, and notify them of the situation. If you need to, encourage them to conduct their own investigation as they will reach out to as many people as possible and maybe even find other guests who had similar experiences. If the hotel is a national chain, you can also email national news. Of course, if you have a travel blog or website, take the time to write a detailed and precise post about your experience and encourage your followers to share.