Managing Anxiety as the Whole World Goes Crazy

By Trista
Managing Anxiety as the Whole World Goes Crazy

Anxiety impacts many individuals throughout the world daily. It affects a person’s actions, thoughts and can even present itself in physical symptoms. Stress can be so severe that it becomes debilitating to individuals. Physical symptoms can range from a racing heart, sweating to an inability to focus. Mentally, anxiety can create feelings of doom and helplessness. Others may express concern in the form of irritability or impatience. The past year has resulted in heightened anxiety levels in many people around the world. A feeling of uncertainty, fear, and confusion has caused elevated anxiety levels. 

Now, more than ever, many aspects of life can feel like they are out of your control. The current state of the world and adjusting to our new normal has many feeling stressed, anxious, and out of control. As human beings, we crave security. We strive to feel safe and in control of our decisions and life choices. Our routines became altered in the past year and created a sense of uncertainty. We are now adjusting to a new life where no social engagement and virtual connections are the new normal. To help alleviate some increased feelings of anxiety, it is critical to establish new routines and manage stress in these current circumstances. Read on to find out some of the best practices to manage anxiety in our new normal. 

For many people, the new normal involves working from home and remote school learning. Shutterstock

25. Control what can be controlled.

2020 in general has increased our anxiety for many people and caused longer timeframes to adjust to the changes. You may have shifted to working from home, which creates its own challenges such as technology, creating a quiet environment, and determining how your role will change. Your children may have started to do remote learning, which also poses hurdles in itself. Many parents are now required to become teachers and help ensure their children stay on track with their education, all while shuffling their work responsibilities. Not to mention that requiring students to do remote learning has many parents struggling to find childcare now that their children are home during the workday. The multitude of changes simultaneously can increase anxiety.

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As we adjust to what our new normal will be, there will be many aspects of life that will feel out of our control. The increased feelings of being out-of-control can heighten anxious feelings, so it is essential to focus on what you can manage or plan for and take charge of those items. For instance, perhaps you can reorganize your guest room to be a quiet office space for you to focus on your work. You may also be able to map out your child’s coursework for the week, so there is a plan already prepared. To manage your anxiety, try to focus on what you can control instead of what you cannot.