Managing Anxiety as the Whole World Goes Crazy

Creating a plan helps provide a sense of structure for your upcoming day or week. Shutterstock

24. Plan every day things to the best of your ability. 

Throughout this past year, you may be feeling uncertain and fearful of what could come. For someone with anxiety, it can be helpful to plan. Start by writing a list of what you need to do for the day or week ahead. Sort the items by priority. As you accomplish one task, check it off and move onto the next. You will find that doing this can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and control over where you are spending your time and energy. Another way to plan is to decide what your meals will be for the upcoming week.

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Make a list before going to the store. Doing this will help you feel less anxious throughout the week because you will have already decided and prepared. Another thing to keep in mind is your past anxious tendencies. Perhaps you know that when you are feeling anxious, you experience panic attacks. If you worry that they will possibly return, prepare yourself, and practice mindful exercises to prepare. If you know what your past anxious tendencies are, you can be better prepared for them in the future.