The Health Benefits of Cooking in Cast Iron

A cast-iron pan with spinach fish. Unsplash.

2. They are Chemical-Free.

Another one of the benefits of cast iron cookware is that they are chemical-free. So they are a great alternative to nonstick pans since most contain perfluorocarbons, which is a chemical linked to cancer, developmental problems, liver damage and more. Every time cast iron cookware is used at boiling or frying temperatures, it is so hot that any bacteria or viruses on the surface are destroyed. Most nonstick pans are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon.

There are a lot of rumors out there that Teflon might be toxic and that these pans may not be safe to use. A University of Florida researcher Warren Guy found complex fluorine molecules in his own blood in 1975. He published the results and alerted 3M, asking the company if the molecules may be PFOA or PFOS coming from Teflon or Scotchgard water repellent, as he knew these materials had the same type of molecules. 3M told him they had no clue but the company scientists conducted an investigation and found out that the molecule Guy found in his blood was indeed 3M’s wonder molecule. In Europe, PFOS has been banned since 2008 and PFOA will be totally prohibited by 2020.