These Functional Products Will Help You Take Better Care of Your Body

15. 1L Motivational Quote & Time Marker Water Bottle Most people need to drink more water and struggle to make sure they stay hydrated. If that… Trista - April 28, 2022

15. 1L Motivational Quote & Time Marker Water Bottle

Most people need to drink more water and struggle to make sure they stay hydrated. If that sounds like you, you may want to try this one-liter Motivational Quite and Time Marker Water Bottle. It has tags down the side to indicate how much water you have already had and an encouraging line by each marker to help you stay motivated. Staying hydrated will be much easier, and you will feel better about your own health in the process. Many people use this water bottle every day and greatly appreciate the incentive to remain hydrated. Keep reading for more at-home products that will help you feel better and improve your overall health.


14. Pulse Oximeters

If you have respiratory problems, such as asthma or COPD, or a loved one who struggles, you know the value of making sure that the oxygen level in your blood is stable. The Pulse 7 Pro is an oximeter or a device that measures blood oxygen levels that you can use at home to check in on yourself regularly. If you notice that your readings are off, you can let your doctor know before you get into a crisis. In addition to blood oxygen, this functional at-home device determines your pulse and shows the results on an easy-to-read LED screen. Keep reading for more functional at-home products that will help boost your health. 


13. Posture Corrector for Men and Women

Poor posture seems to reign nowadays, especially with so many people working behind a computer for eight hours a day and sitting hunched over their electronics well into the night. If you are concerned about your posture and how it may affect you in the future, try this Posture Corrector for Men and Women. While it is not a medical treatment for problems associated with posture, such as scoliosis, it can help you become more self-aware of your stance and begin improving it independently. Start with just 20 minutes of wear per day and gradually build up to two hours for best results.


12. Revs Flip-Flops

Unless you are wearing Revs Flip-Flops, flip-flops are some of the worst things you can wear on your feet. While most flip-flops have no support for your feet, causing undue pressure to harm your feet, Revs Flip-Flops have soles based on reflexology, which is about the reflex points present throughout your body. Massaging points stimulate blood flow and nerve endings, leaving your feet feeling rejuvenated as you wear them. The result is improved energy levels, better mood, reduced cellulite, even more, efficient digestion, and alleviation of constipation. Flip-flops instead of a laxative? Yes, please!


11. Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

Many dentists oppose many different forms of teeth-whitening, but dentists actually invented the Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device. While chemical-based whiteners can devastate your teeth’s enamel, this handy at-home device uses light to activate a hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten your teeth. The results are dramatic, improving your smile without damaging your teeth. This functional at-home device is ideal for people who have sensitive teeth, as well as for people who have bridges, crowns, and other dental implants. It can improve the shade of your teeth by five shades within just five days of treatment. 


10. Digital Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Cordless Diet Skipping Rope Jump Rope

You may have loved jumping rope as a kid, and the fact is, jumping rope is one of the most heart-healthy exercises you can do. If you want to bring back jumping rope to jazz up your exercise routine and bring back your inner child, you may want to try the Digital Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Cordless Diet Sipping Rope Jump Rope. This helpful at-home product isn’t the jump rope you used at third-grade recess. Not at all. In fact, it monitors your heart rate and the calories you have burned during your exercise routine. However, don’t worry; you can still jump to “Miss Mary Mack” or any childhood favorites.


9. Pasta Portion Control Containers

Here is a functional at-home product for the kitchen that can help you with portion control. Many people love eating pasta but are concerned that they will eat so much that they will derail their nutrition plans. Enter the Pasta Portion Control Containers, which help you make sure that you only eat as much as you intended, and no more. You can use these containers to prepare a lunch to take with you to lunch and make sure that you also bring lots of healthy fruits and veggies. Moreover, if you were worried about not having enough room in your Tupperware drawer for more containers, never fear because these silicon containers collapse easily to take up less space. 


8. Battery Heating Knee Pad with Massage Vibration Motor

If you have ever experienced knee pain, you know that the struggle is real, whether it is a dull, persistent ache or a shooting, stabbing feeling. You can alleviate your chronic knee pain with the Battery Heating Knee Pad with Massage Vibration Motor. Most knee pads merely provide a strong brace to help stabilize the bones and muscles, but this handy at-home product offers heat and massage. There are different heat and massage settings to help personalize the relief that you will feel. As with many other health-related products, keep in mind that this knee pad is not a substitute for medical care.


7. Typhoon Vision Stainless Steel Digital Food Kitchen Scale

How often have you set out to cook a recipe, only to realize that you don’t have the means to determine if you have 14 ounces of raw tomatoes or two ounces of fresh spinach? The solution could be as simple as the Typhoon Vision Stainless Steel Digital Food Kitchen Scale, which makes measuring the weight of kitchen ingredients a breeze. The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean, the LCD function is easy to see, so there is no guesswork, and the compact design makes the device easily fit on your countertop. 


6. MLAY RF Radio Frequency Facial and Body Skin Tightening Machine

What does radiofrequency have to do with improving the health of your skin? In this unique MLAY Skin Tightening Machine, radiofrequency can stimulate collagen and elastin production, thereby boosting the appearance and health of your skin and face. In other words, this helpful at-home device enables your body’s own natural healing processes to create better skin from the inside skin. Temperature control makes sure that the device remains at a safe temperature, and you can begin seeing results within 45 days. Besides, nearly three-quarters of respondents in a survey saw improved skin in two to four weeks. 


5. Comfier Heating Waist Belt Pad

Do you struggle with lower back pain? If so, you are far from alone. However, other than misery loving company, there is little solace in the discomfort you may be experiencing in the middle of the workday just by knowing that other people have the same problem. However, you can find solace in the Comfier Heating Waist Belt Pad, which provides heat and massage to help ease the ache away. Menstrual cramps and minor aches and pains won’t stand a chance. Keep in mind that this at-home device is designed for short-term relief of symptoms and is not a substitute for medical care. 


4. ‘LectroFan Classic

The ‘LectroFan Classic is not a fan but a noise machine that can help induce calmness, relaxation, and better sleep. It comes with several settings to choose if you want to listen to fan noise or white noise; there are also variations on white noise, including “pink noise” and “brown noise.” If you have trouble falling asleep or paying attention because of ambient noise in your environment, or if you have little ones who need some extra help falling asleep, the’ LectroFan Classic may be just what the doctor ordered. Keep reading for the top three at-home products everyone should have to feel better in general.


3. Fitbit Sense

You are probably familiar with these high-tech watches, right? The Fitbit smartwatch has changed how many people view their exercise. Exercise is not just something you have to find the time for in your busy schedule but something you do throughout the day. The Fitbit Sense is the most advanced Fitbit as of mid-2022. It monitors your sleep schedule, heart rate throughout the day, and many other aspects of health that you may take for granted. The Health Metrics Dashboard can help you understand what those health aspects mean for your own body. Additionally, an included subscription to Calm can help take the stress out of your day.


2. Foot Massager Machine

How often do your tired feet leave your whole body feeling worn out and run down? The solution could be as simple as getting a good foot massage… but not everyone has a significant other willing to rub their corns and bunions. A great alternative is this RENPHO foot massager that provides a warm, relaxing massage to help take the tension that your feet might be carrying. There are different intensity settings that you can use, and you can even adjust them with your feet! This massager fits up to a men’s size 12 and has a removable washcloth to help make sure that the device remains clean and hygienic.


1. ZeroWater Purifier

Do you have one of these handy at-home products that will benefit your health? There are plenty of options for buying water filters to get fresh, clean water out of the refrigerator whenever you want it. However, with all of the water filters on the market, the ZeroWater Purifier is second to none. A famous ad showed someone pouring red wine into the filter, and it came out as pure water. This filter has a five-stage system that removes all dissolved solids in water, including rust and dust, so that the only thing coming out is pure H2O. You can also buy a meter to go with it to determine precisely how many dissolved solids remain in your water.