What To Really Expect In Pregnancy

By Trista
What To Really Expect In Pregnancy

Many women aren’t sure if they’re pregnant until a month in, which is a long time to wait! It would be nice to know beforehand what’s going on with our bodies when we’re trying to have a baby so we’re going to break down the process for you, week by week.

This isn’t a hard and fast guide, however. Each woman’s body is different, so this is only a rough estimate on what you’ll be experiencing each week of your pregnancy.


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Week 1

If you’re expecting to see any signs during week one, expect to be sorely disappointed. The start of pregnancy doesn’t count until the first day of your last period, so within that week, it’s likely that you’re not pregnant. The majority of women don’t discover that they’re pregnant until week four.

So what does that mean for symptoms? Absolutely nothing. Well, not really. You’re going to have the same symptoms that you would during your period because that’s exactly what’s happening.