15 Best Foods To Fight Fatigue You Must Add To Your Diet

Sometimes, we catch ourselves being perhaps too weak and tired to perform our daily tasks. Such a feeling can have much more than physical consequences. An… Simi - December 16, 2017

Sometimes, we catch ourselves being perhaps too weak and tired to perform our daily tasks. Such a feeling can have much more than physical consequences. An inability to perform what you really need can be a great disappointment to an individual. Therefore, a feeling of constant fatigue can be detrimental to your mind and body. The stress can take a toll on your health and you can get stuck in a vicious circle. Thus, fatigue is definitely a condition that deserves a whole lot more attention.

There are many factors that can exacerbate fatigue. Some of them are consuming various substances or drinking too much coffee. Various opiates and alcoholic drinks can make any form of fatigue much worse. The problem is that many of us deem such substances and habits an elemental member of present-day society. By posting that explanation as a valid excuse, we strip ourselves of the chance to get rid of fatigue for good.

So, a question lingers – how does one get rid of unwarranted, excessive fatigue? Whether it is emotional, physical or even mental, the best way to combat it is through proper dieting. Dieting is the most viable and natural way to combat such a condition. You won’t be ingesting any extra toxins or processed substances. That way, you will motivate your body to take the initiative. Now that you know that food is the best solution, you’re probably wondering what the best candidates are among all foods. Because of that, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 key fatigue-fighting foods. Let’s take a look.

1. Bananas

When it comes to maintaining alertness and energy, there is much to be considered in order to avoid fatigue. Since the human mind and body are complex mechanisms, they need a lot of resources in order to function flawlessly. When it comes to adding all those resources, you should aim for food that provides them on the go. Combining several dishes and snacks can be tiring and pointless at times. Therefore, you could use a health bomb with all the things we need.

One of the best candidates for this position is the fruit we all know and love – banana. It contains so many valuable nutrients that it’s sometimes hard to really believe it’s true. The most crucial of them all is potassium. Even though it’s a micronutrient, sometimes you can argue that it’s even more important than macronutrients. It plays the role of the converter, turning sugar into energy. Fatigue can be caused by a lack of potassium. In such cases, you won’t have any viable solutions to turn sugar into energy.

Eating bananas provide you with sucrose, glucose, and fructose – all simple and healthy sugars that can revive you in a matter of seconds. They are an excellent choice because of their excellent taste and many serving options. You can bring them everywhere and use the energy you get from them to accomplish everything you wanted. They are also full of B and C vitamins and even some omega-3 fatty acids.

In order to make the most out of your banana, you can mix it with other fruit and turn it into a smoothie. Everyone will be shocked by your energy spike, all because of a healthy fruit mix.

2. Green tea

Sometimes, we tend to overdo it with coffee and energy drinks. Culturally, we’ve been taught that these are our only viable solutions when it comes to staying energized. Fortunately, this can’t be further from the truth. Caffeine is very easy to overdone and can leave some serious consequences on your mind and body. No to mention energy drinks of all sorts, filled with sugar and artificial substances – they’re especially detrimental. In this situation, we often forget about nature’s most powerful stimulating drink – green tea.

It’s no wonder that countries with a long tea-drinking culture boast better health statistics than those who don’t. Ever since the early days of Eastern civilizations, there has been solid proof of the beneficial effects of tea. It seemingly ticks all the possible boxes when it comes to being a quality fatigue reliever. It gives you an energy boost almost instantly, alongside some improved mental dexterity. It does so much more than give a simple burst of power.

Green tea does something else that almost no other food or drink does – it relieves you of excess stress. By drinking it, you directly attack the source of the stress and address the core of the issue. With the polyphenols within it, green tea makes you more relaxed and allows your brain to take five from the daily stress. It’s wrong to just spike up the energy levels. Such an action only masks fatigue, whereas green tea makes sure to assault it directly.

If you don’t like the taste of regular green tea, you can add some honey or brown sugar to it. Leaves and tea bags have various aromas, so you can choose either one for your afternoon delight.

3. Pumpkin seeds

The greatest issue with fatigue-battling foods is sometimes the complexity of the portion. There is an established list of nutrients that you simply have to have within your body in order to raise your energy levels. There aren’t many foods that can combine those ingredients into one small portion. Most of the time, people are inclined to eat giant meals. This can be tiring and exhausting by itself, not to mention the fact that it strips away motivation. Thankfully, you can always get your hands on one healthy snack that can solve all the problems concerning energy levels.

Pumpkin seeds are just what you’re looking for in that department. They are small, cheap and nutritive – which makes them an ideal fatigue counterattack on the go. You can pack a bag and have it anytime and anywhere. Plus, they’re full of all the essential micronutrients that can aid you in reviving your long-lost energy.

What most people don’t know about these seemingly usual seeds is the incredibly high omega-3 quantity. In most cases, we turn to fish or supplements in order to get this fatty acid, but it’s even more widely available than we first thought.

The first thing that grabs everyone’s attention is the incredible amount of B vitamins in it. B1, B2, B5, and B6 are a formidable combination that directly affects your level of alertness. On top of these minerals, you have manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, copper and iron – all crucial elements in the anti-exhaustion equation. Adding them to your diet will surely mean the world to your tired and drained body. On top of all that, you can even experiment with pumpkin seed butter, a favorite delicacy in some parts of the world.

4. Oatmeal

Carbohydrates aren’t the bad guy everyone portrays them to be. They have a significant role in regulating the way your body functions. We may see carbohydrates as the ultimate detrimental factor to our body weight. The truth is that only excess carbs can damage your waistline. A moderate diet filled with this macronutrient gives you the unique opportunity to refuel and refill the energy reserves within your depleted body. When it comes to energy sources, there is no better solution than grains. And when we’re talking about grains, we have to mention the king of them all – oatmeal.

Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast for those who are suffering from lack of energy. It is filled with quality, not bad, carbohydrates that will serve as your daily fuel. On top of all that, you can get a large dose of glycogen – the mental fuel everybody’s yearning for. If you’re an athlete, then glycogen can give you added muscular benefits. It’s one of many reasons why oatmeal is indispensable.

It has also substantial amounts of different amino acids and micronutrients. Magnesium and phosphorous are in the game yet again, presenting the wake-up call your mind and muscles needed so badly. On top of all that, you can use it as a delicious beginning of the day. By mixing it with dried fruit, chocolate, milk or anything else – you can turn your anti-fatigue food into a super meal.

If this wasn’t enough for you, then the digestive benefits will surely be a good factor to consider. Many tasty foods don’t have enough fiber and that can be a real deal breaker. If you’ve been having digestive problems, oatmeal will regulate your intestinal flora and make your stomach function much better and faster.

5. Yogurt

Dairy products often get blasted for the effects they have on lactose-intolerant individuals. That may be the truth, but the products we get from dairy are an indispensable part of our diet and our way of life. Aside from the now well-known benefits, dairy products are excellent in their role as energy restorers. Out of the entire group, we can say that yogurt possesses the best powers in terms of reducing fatigue. It does so in a multitude of ways, making it an indispensable dietary addition.

The first line of health improvement in yogurt is the healthy and abundant proteins. They form a unique strike force within your body, giving your muscles the fuel that they need badly. According to many studies, uncalled fatigue may have its reasons for a lack of protein. Yogurt is one of the best protein sources in existence, therefore, it can be called upon when there is a lack of energy. If you’ve been having such issues, a daily dose will be able to solve the problem.

Next, we have the always useful carbohydrates. With an energy-providing role, these macronutrients are burned by your cells to make your organism run like a well-oiled machine. The best thing about yogurt is its incredible balance – due to an equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Not many foods have that sort of efficient double-punch.

On top of the protein-carbohydrate duo, there are always valuable probiotics. These healthy bacteria maintain your intestinal flora and balance out any chronic fatigue symptoms. If yogurt changes things for you, there is a possibility that you’ve had a nutrient absorption problem. It ends with the efficient intervention of yogurt.

6. Watermelon

Dehydration is sometimes a bigger plague to our bodies than we could have ever thought. Oftentimes, we think that one or two glasses a day are a sufficient amount. The reality is more demanding, to say the least. Our bodies have a need for a constant influx of water. This is because H2O is simply the basic fuel behind the cellular needs of our bodies. By drinking water, we accelerate every single process and make the mechanism of our inner workings a much more efficient one. If you’re not a fan of water, maybe water-filled foods may solve your fatigue-related problems.

Out of all the foods rich in water, watermelons surely reign supreme over all others. They are almost entirely consisted of water and possess a plethora of electrolytes. Mixed with water, these electrolytes will keep your dehydration at bay and help you reach your maximum alertness levels. The reason why watermelons are so popular is that they’re both tasty and healthy.

Due to a small esophagus or a dislike for water, many of us detest ingesting large amounts of liquid. Watermelons are your ultimate 2-in-1 bonus. You both get a sweet snack AND you rehydrate your fatigued body. On top of all that, we meet our old friend potassium, which converts sugar goodness into energy. By adding water, sugar, and potassium to your diet – you will truly soar health-wise.

On top of all that, you make watermelon-based drinks as well. By putting honey, lemon juice and water as well, you will get the ultimate refreshment bomb. By having these frequent energy boosts, your fatigue problems are sure to be a thing of the past. You can also drink these drinks during or after a workout. It’s a win-win for your body and mind.

7. Walnuts

Nuts are some of the most amazing foods in existence. It’s quite amazing how much calories, nutrients and beneficial compounds can fit inside such a small nut. As marvelous as they are, it’s always important to know how to use them to our advantage. They can cause weight gain in excessive amounts, but bring benefits in normal ones.

One of the most pronounced improvements you can experience while eating nuts is a loss of fatigue. This nasty and annoying problem is no match against the fusion of micro and macronutrients within the nuts. And out of all these nuts, the ones that deserve the most attention are walnuts.

Fiber is important for digestion, but people constantly fail to acknowledge its true significance. Chronic fatigue can be the result of a lack of good intestinal flora. Such a disruption can be really detrimental to the way your body absorbs nutrients. You may be eating a lot, but your organism lacks the right absorption tools that are necessary. By adding walnuts to your diet, that problem might be gone sooner than you think. On top of the beneficial fiber, you will get a lot of protein, which is the key to reinforcing muscle strength and volume. Both of these characteristics will allow you to perform more challenging tasks, both mental and physical.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the functioning of our brain and bring forth everything you might need to handle the mental strain of the day. Aside from fish, walnuts are the most abundant source of this. Several renowned institutions have confirmed that walnuts can help battle both fatigue and depression. Not too bad for a post-workout meal. A handful will barely cost you anything and will revive you instantly.

8. Beans

People sometimes have to worry about whether a food has a low or high glycemic index. What does that even mean? The glycemic index is a measurement of how abundant sugar is in a certain food. A high glycemic index is something that can exacerbate fatigue-related problems. It does cause sudden energy spikes, but they are followed by severe dips in terms of energy. This is why, when you’re looking for the ideal candidate to battle fatigue, you have to aim for a low glycemic index. When we’re cross-referencing our wishes with the existing choices, beans come off as an obvious choice.

The low glycemic index in beans provides you with long-lasting energy. A bean-enriched meal can last even the next day. This low amount of sugar and carbohydrates is offset by the high fiber count. Basically, from this perspective, you get benefits on two fronts. A long period of energy will engulf your body and mind, providing you with a long-term solution.

To add to this, the fiber from the beans will improve and accelerate food absorption. Everything you eat will be absorbed faster and much more efficiently. You will get more from every meal you eat. This is why beans are used to treat every single form of intestinal disorder possible. Even the more severe conditions concerning fatigue and digestion can be corrected using beans.

Soybeans and black beans are favorites because of their versatility. If you don’t like to feast solely on beans, you can make a delicious Mexican-style burrito for you and your family. The other ingredients will mask the sometimes unpleasant bean taste, all while allowing you to get the fatigue-fighting benefits you need.

9. Red bell pepper

We’ve already covered the significance of carbohydrates as an energy source. Proteins have also been discussed as invaluable muscle fuel for your body. This leaves one aspect of nutrients uncovered. Despite their ever-present nature, micronutrients sometimes get unrightfully disregarded as being irrelevant. This can be especially deleterious to your organism while suffering from fatigue. One of the most important micronutrient kinds is vitamins. Out of every vitamin we know, one stands out especially, and that is vitamin C.

If we’re narrowing down the choice for the best vitamin C source, you simply can’t avoid red bell peppers. Vitamin C in these healthy veggies functions as an antioxidant, reinforcing your immune system. But that’s just the surface of their immense array of benefits. For starters, vitamin C also reduces cortisol levels. This hormone is especially bad in overabundant quantities, due to the stress it produces. And what’s one of the leading contributing factors of fatigue? Yes, stress is exactly what we’re aiming for.

Just like most vegetables, red bell peppers boast another fatigue-combating ingredient – fiber. Due to its high contents, people of all ages and health levels can enjoy improved digestion. In fact, the majority of all health-related, fatigue problems are down to digestion problems. If your body is tired and drained, there are high chance that the food is not being absorbed the right way.

Aside from all the beneficial characteristics of red bell peppers, you don’t have to overdo them either! Just one in two days will be enough to regulate your vitamin C levels and improve your energy levels. You can fry them, bake them and even roast them if you like. There’s nothing better than food which is both healthy and can be made in a million ways.

10. Spinach

If you’ve ever watched Sailor Popeye, you saw the amazing transformation that he lived through when eating a can of spinach. Despite the imagination of the cartoon creator, there is a lot of truth in this notion. Spinach is indeed one of the best energy-raising foods on the market. In addition to its quality, there is also the important fact that it’s cheap and available year-round. In a wide palette of its health benefits, all of them are related to reducing fatigue and can contribute to the cause in a myriad of ways.

First of all, we have iron. This chemical element is legendary for its ability to help transport oxygen through the blood to the body’s cells. Cells that are deprived of oxygen usually can’t function the way you want them and will end up fatigued. Such an occurrence can cause a chain reaction that will impact your health negatively. This is why it’s paramount that you have a sufficient amount of iron in your organism at all times.

Magnesium and potassium join the mix as one of the main ingredients on the mission to restore your energy levels. Potassium is yet again instrumental in converting carbohydrates into energy, so he’s sort of a welcome addition to the mix. Vitamins B and C are also present, being pronounced influencers on your fatigue, energy, and metabolism in just about any case.

Stews, casseroles and even smoothies can house it and provide you with a mean, green punch that will bring you back to life or prepare you for a long and grueling day. If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble, feel free to put it in a sandwich and take a good bit of it.

11. Chia Seeds

Food mostly functions using reputation as a measurement tool. Basically, if something has been used for thousands and hundreds of years continuously, there might be something good about it. Such is the case with Chia seeds, the ancient delicacy of the Mayans and Aztecs. When most people are facing fatigue problems and a lack of energy, there might still be hope in the shape of this magnificent food. During those times, Mayans and the Aztecs used to give Chia seeds to their warriors. They did so in order to provide them with energy, strength and the lack of a desire to sleep while working.

You don’t have to go to war in order to be able to use Chia seeds. For non-war purposes, two ingredients are also as useful as ever. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids directly affect your cerebral structure and remove any signs of feeling fatigued or tired. These essential fatty acids may also be able to regulate your inner-body glands and correct any hormonal problems. Many successful studies have confirmed the immense significance these seeds have for our bodies.

Within the structure of Chia seeds, you can find lots of protein and fiber. These two form the dynamic duo tasked with keeping you awake for longer periods of time. Fiber helps you absorb food better, while the protein is a gateway to improved muscular capabilities.

If you’re feeling like experimenting, you can add Chia seeds to your meals or just eat them one by one when you can. They’re small, allowing you to always have your natural energy source by your side. The seeds themselves don’t take a long time to kick in, so you don’t have to worry about it.

12. Eggs

There are certain foods that we call staple foods. They are just so amazing that we simply cannot afford to live through a day without eating them. One of these staple foods is our beloved eggs. Everybody knows about their hard-to-believe protein count and iron in the yolk. This is information that has been widely known for some time. But did you also know that you can use eggs to combat fatigue? Although it may be weird at first, this solution makes perfect sense when you dissect the significance of eggs concerning your whole organism.

First of all, they are full of vitamin B. Present also in cabbage and other foods, this micronutrient has one significant role that we just can’t afford to miss out on. It converts food into energy and capitalizes on the macronutrients you eat. It has connections to the transport of proteins and the absorption of carbohydrates, both key process in maintaining a healthy and stable organism.

If you’re an athlete or live an active life, then the protein count should also interest you. One egg can have up to 6 grams of protein, which is a lot when you look at the contents and the size of that one egg. Athletes eat them all the time as a simple, tasty and cheap energy source after workouts. Drinking eggs or scrambling them can lead to a direct and efficient way to reduce fatigue and increase muscle fiber reconnections.

What about calories, you ask? Well, if you’re strictly watching what you take in, you shouldn’t overdo the egg quantities. In order to bypass this somewhat annoying calorie count, you can always mix eggs with other fatigue-battling foods. If you want to combine it with some omega-3 fatty acids, make a salad with onions and a can of tuna.

13. Edamame

Copper and phosphorous aren’t that easy to be found in many foods, but they deserve an honorable place on our plates. Like potassium and vitamin B, they have embraced a role that many seem to have forgotten. It’s important to get in carbohydrates and proteins, but merely getting them within your body is not nearly enough. The key point here is the conversion of a resource to energy. Your body needs food not only to feel full but to constantly regain lost energy. With copper and phosphorous from edamame, you might be looking at the ultimate solution to your fatigue-related problems.

Edamame is also full of exercise-friendly carbs, not the ones that stick around and damage your waistline. Eating them after a workout, with lots of salt, will bring you back from the dad and fool your body into thinking the workout never happened. That way, you will recover just in time to finish all your remaining daily duties.

The stats speak on their own behalf, as one cup of edamame is boasting 17g of protein and 8g of fiber. These numbers aren’t just amazing, they’re worthy of Olympics-level athletes. Packing them after an endurance session is the best choice.

The B-complex vitamins in edamame are some of the most abundant in all the world’s cuisines. By packing edamame in your fridge, you will have the ultimate energy replenisher at your disposal. This delicious addition is sure to save a day or two.

14. Trail mix

Yes, trail mix is actually a great solution to your morning and whatever period of the day fatigue problems. It may seem strange that a meal so devoid of fiber can function so well, but it makes sense when you think about it. Trail mix is more meant for short bursts of energy that will basically shake your very being once they kick in accordingly.

The lack of fiber is not a problem due to the holy trio of proteins, carbohydrate, and healthy fats. Dried fruit and nuts form the holy combination of all energy replenishment. Some nuts like almonds and walnuts are there to boast some of the most impressive omega-3 contents ever. The fruit steps in with the glucose and fructose, contributing to a well-rounded mix that can be eaten in a few seconds at most.

A good solution would be to have a trail mix packed by your side at all times. There is no telling when you might start needing an emergency boost. Be sure to have them packed in your gym bag, as the combination will most definitely kill off every bit of your fatigue.

Roger Federer, LeBron James, and many other athletes have given praise the trail mix as a quick snack. It’s surely incredible. Train mix is so cheap and simple, yet effective enough that the world’s best are eager to use it as a dietary addition. If you don’t like dried fruit, you can eat the nuts separately, alongside some real fruit.

15. Quinoa

Gluten allergies can be a living nightmare. There isn’t a test in the world that can determine if you have such an allergy. Instead, the symptoms speak for themselves. If you have fatigue problems, it might be even harder to solve them if you’re suffering from a gluten allergy. The choice is narrowed down significantly, but not gone entirely. In the midst of all the chaos, we believe that quinoa is and always will be the ideal choice for you.

It’s so incredibly rich in amino acids, many experts and athletes consider it a full source of protein. Not many foods aside from meat and fish have the honor of being in that category. What’s more, quinoa protein is much easier to digest than casein and whey. Folate, magnesium, and copper add the micronutrient punch you’ve been looking for.

Quinoa is also very well known for its extensive array of exercise-friendly carbohydrates. They won’t go unused and will bring forth a mean punch to your fatigue. You don’t have to use them for exercise, however, as they can be an integral part of lunch at work. Such a move will save you the hassle of drinking too much coffee and energy drinks.

On top of all that, quinoa compliments a healthy cardiovascular system. By switching out a grain and replacing it with quinoa, you will get all kinds of health improvements. Most importantly, that fatigue will be long gone then.