15 Best Foods To Fight Fatigue You Must Add To Your Diet

2. Green tea

Sometimes, we tend to overdo it with coffee and energy drinks. Culturally, we’ve been taught that these are our only viable solutions when it comes to staying energized. Fortunately, this can’t be further from the truth. Caffeine is very easy to be overdone and can leave some serious consequences on your mind and body. No to mention energy drinks of all sorts, filled with sugar and artificial substances – they’re especially detrimental. In this situation, we often forget about nature’s most powerful stimulating drink – green tea.

It’s no wonder that the countries with a long tea drinking culture boast better health statistics than those who don’t. Ever since the early days of Eastern civilizations, there has been solid proof about the beneficial effects of tea. It seemingly ticks all the possible boxes when it comes to being a quality fatigue reliever. It gives you an energy boost almost instantly, alongside some improved mental dexterity. It does so much more than giving a simple burst of power.

Green tea does something else that almost no other food or drink does – it relieves you of excess stress. By drinking it, you directly attack the source of the stress and address the core of the issue. With the polyphenols within it, green tea makes you more relaxed and allows your brain to take five from the daily stress. It’s wrong to just spike up the energy levels. Such an action only masks fatigue, whereas green tea makes sure to assault it directly.

If you don’t like the taste of regular green tea, you can add some honey or brown sugar to it. Leaves and tea bags have various aromas, so you can choose either one for your afternoon delight.