10 Acupressure Points for Relieving Your Sore Body

2. Third Eye Point (GV 24.5 or Yin Tang)

The Third Eye Point (also known as GV 24.5 or Yin Tang) is an effective acupressure point that is believed to relieve pain, as well as mental stress, upset stomach, congestion and headaches. Stimulating this acupressure point is thought to help manage depression, chronic fatigue and mood swings. It also increases creativity, reduces the likelihood of procrastination and sharpens your intuition.

Your Third Eye Point can be found between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. It’s often featured within the yogic philosophy and is a common treatment of migraine headaches. To use this point for pain relief, simply massage the Third Eye using your thumbs or index fingers. Apply pressure, experimenting with different levels of intensity until you find one that feels good, then hold until you begin to feel relief from whatever ails you.

Meditating on your Third Eye Point is another effective way to relieve pain from headaches. To do so, begin by sitting comfortably and pressing your palms gently together, holding them in front of your nose. Relax your head down as you bring your elbows up, allowing the index fingers and middle fingers to gently touch your Third Eye. Breathe deeply as you keep your fingertips pressed against this acupressure point. Sit still and relaxed, calmly breathing in and out, for at least five minutes.

This practice, as well as performing acupressure massage, is a great way to relieve migraines, as well as any other pain, mental stress or hormonal imbalances, while enhancing your intuition and putting yourself back in touch with your spirituality.