15 Best Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

By Simi
15 Best Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

As women, we’ve all had a makeup emergency derail our morning. Most mornings are challenging enough as there never seems to be enough time to spend in front of the mirror creating the perfect look. Add a makeup mishap into the mix, and you’re starting all over again. One slip of the hand or brush means you have to remove everything and start over because it’s impossible to conceal that mistake. And even if you do manage to cover it, it’s going to bother you all day because you know it’s there and feel like everyone around you can see it!

In reality, we cannot afford to have a makeup artist on hand to create the perfect look for us every day. So we have to get it right ourselves. But, getting it right does not need to be difficult. It can be done with a few good short-cuts to help you. These short-cuts or ‘hacks’ are easy and inexpensive and they can help to ensure that you get your makeup right first time every time. They’re also great if you’re out and need to fix your makeup. You’ll be able to create professional looking makeup finishes with the makeup you have and a few household items. So the next time you see that colleague or friend whose makeup is always perfect, remember that these are the hacks that helped her get it right!

1. Say goodbye to mascara smudges on your eyelids

These are the most common but equally most frustrating makeup mishaps that happen, especially when your time is of the essence. In order to maximize the volume and length of the eyelashes, mascara must be applied liberally. However, when you reach the tip of the lash and you are not careful, you can wind up getting a mascara smudge on your eyelid over the eye-shadow you’ve spent ages applying!

What many women then do in order to avoid this is to apply mascara at only the base of the eyelashes and leave the tips so that there’s no chance of a mess. But in doing so they are not able to utilize and highlight the full lash to complement the eyes.

Enter the simple business card to save the day! We all receive business cards from companies and stores. Maybe you even have your own business cards! Carefully place the edge of the business card at the bottom of the eyelid at the root of the eyelashes. Use the edge of the business card to pull your eyelashes up. Your eyelashes will level with the card which will block the mascara’s contact with the eyelids.

As you now apply the mascara, do so generously. The extra product will smudge onto the business card and not onto your eyelid! This hack works well with the lower lashes. Smudges there make black marks under the eyes which makes it look as though you haven’t slept in a week! Use the business card hack again. Pull your lower eyelid down using the edge of the card and apply mascara liberally over the length of the lashes.