15 Best Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

14. No more Cracked Heels Our heels are likely to crack if stand for long hours, let the skin get very dry or often wear backless… Simi - November 22, 2017

14. No more Cracked Heels

Our heels are likely to crack if stand for long hours, let the skin get very dry or often wear backless shoes.  This problem only gets worse with age because the fat pad on the bottom of the foot shrinks and is often replaced with callouses.  We cannot just ignore the cracks because they get worse over time and can easily become infected. This is particularly dangerous if you are diabetic or have problems with circulation.

Calluses must be softened the right way as scrubbing too hard can split the skin further. Using a pumice stone after a shower or a soak in the bath is better because the skin is softer.  You have to file the heel gently in one direction. This will slough off the dead skin without making cracks worse. Do this at least once a week and afterward, gently moisturize with a foot cream.  A foot cream with acid, like a lactic acid, helps to remove any thickening and prevent calluses from causing problems.

Lock in the power of the cream by wearing some socks. After covering each foot with the cream, slip on the socks before going to bed. Special socks for this purpose are lined with silicone but you can even use plastic wrap over your heels before putting on your ordinary socks. In the morning your feet will feel soft and smooth.

Wearing the right shoes is also important if you have cracked heels. If you want to wear flip-flops, rather choose those with a thicker sole that absorbs shock. A shoe that keeps the foot off the ground will help to prevent any dirt from getting through the cracks and making infections more likely.

15. The ‘Number 3’ Trick for Contouring and Highlighting

Most of us feel we don’t have enough time when applying our make-up in the morning to experiment with highlighters or bronzers.  The fastest way to contour when you don’t have much time is to apply bronzer down the side of your face in the shape of the number 3. The reason this technique works is that it mimics the facial areas that are naturally exposed to the sun. You just swipe a half-moon shape from your forehead to cheekbone and then from your cheek to your jawline.

You will first need to apply a foundation before contouring. If you’re going to use a liquid for contouring and highlighting, it’s better to use a liquid foundation and if you are going to use a powder, your base should rather be powder too.  Combining different product textures is a mistake.  Generally speaking, powders blend easily, creams offer high coverage and liquids have more staying power.

Once you’ve applied foundation, load your bronzer onto your makeup brush and trace a number 3  down the side of your face. The middle of the number 3 should curve in halfway between your temple and your nose. The bottom of the number 3 goes out again comes in down to just below the corner of the mouth. Repeat this on the other side of the face. Now you can apply your highlighter in the top half of your number 3 shape.

If all this sounds rather complicated for a quick fix, remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a guideline. As long as you remember that you’re trying to emphasize your best features by highlighting and conceal other features with shadowing, you will be fine. The less flat your make-up appears, the more natural its effect.