10 Best Tricks & Natural Home Remedies for Heart Palpitations

2.Heart Palpitations Remedy: Coughing

Another very useful technique to control and reduce occurring heart palpitations is coughing. It mind sound easy, but causing a vigorous cough does not come natural to everyone. Coughing causes several things to happen within your system, one of them is a build up of pressure in your chest. This pressure change can help your heart rest and return to a normal speed.

This measure is only a remedy once you start experiencing heart palpitations. It is not a preventing measure though. Whenever you feel heart palpitations, start coughing very vigorously for a few minutes. This will help breaking the heart palpitations pattern and return your heart beat to a stable speed.

As mentioned above, this is however not a preventive measure. Coughing will not prevent heart palpitations from happening. It will only soothe them once they are already there. If you feel like you are having too many heart palpitations and coughing vigorously is damaging your throat or lungs, please do not force it. Instead, consult your physician for a more suitable solution for you.

Each person is different and coughing may not be a measure apt for your body. However, should it be something that you feel comfortable with, make sure to be safe when doing it. Always maintain your body hydrated in order to prevent damage in your mouth, nose, or throat. This technique will be very helpful for those that have just a few heart palpitations every now and then. If you feel like your heart palpitations are getting too frequent or too long, make sure to consult your doctor in order to follow your progress and prevent heart damage from happening.

We advise to suck on caramels or use chewing gums to keep your throat and mouth hydrated at all times should you need coughing to stop heart palpitations.