12 Health Benefits of Eating a Banana Flower that Most People Don’t Know About

2. Fights menstrual problems

Another essential benefit of banana flowers for women is their effect on the menstrual cycle. Because of the way in which banana flowers regulate progesterone production in the body, they can help to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding. Start off by cooking the ¼ cup of banana flowers in a little water and a pinch of salt until the flowers are completely tender and cooked. Leave the flowers to cool and proceed with the rest of the recipe. Take ¼ cup of coconut, 2 grams of chilies and ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds and mix. Then add this coconut mixture to some thick yogurt or curd. Finally, stir in the cooled banana flowers and add salt to taste.

You can relish this dish with rice, and it has its benefits. It reduces excessive menstrual bleeding. A bonus of eating this dish is that because it is rich in fiber and various nutrients, it can help with weight loss. To lose weight, you can add banana flowers can to salads and soups for extra fiber and nutrition. The flowers can be eaten raw in salads, boosting their nutrient values.

An infusion of banana flowers is also an excellent natural remedy for menstrual cramps. According to a study, banana flower tea can be made by trimming, cleaning and washing the flowers, and then shredding them, either by hand or by machine.

These flower shreds are then dried in an automatic dryer or the sun, and then roasted in a roaster at 400 – 450 degrees F for between 5 and 7 minutes. The product of this process can now be used to make a brew. Steep the shreds in boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes, and drink to help with period cramps.