15 Hygiene Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Away

13. Do not wash cloth diapers with your clothes Babies are a marvel and an absolute blessing. The choice that people make to become parents, is… Simi - January 23, 2018

13. Do not wash cloth diapers with your clothes

Babies are a marvel and an absolute blessing. The choice that people make to become parents, is one enormous responsibility. They are effectively signing a contract which ties them up for at least the next 20 years of their lives. It is not a choice which should be taken lightly and while a child can bring so much joy to your life, they are wildly expensive to raise.

As a parent to have to feed, clothe, educate and entertain your child. If this weren’t expensive enough, there are also diapers to consider. These do not come cheap. Each baby product brand claims to have the winning formula. These ones keep your baby dry, these keep them warm, these don’t smell, these are easy to dispose of. The list is almost endless. All any parent can hope to do is to do their research and pick the one that is best suited to their baby’s needs. Some parents go a different route altogether.

This is none other than the cloth diaper. They are cheaper. They do not have any added chemicals and they are better for the environment. There are some downsides though. Cloth diapers are a bit more of a hassle. There is no out of sight out of mind, with a cloth diaper. Parents have to wash them.

In the short term, it may seem easy simply to toss them in the washing machine. This is a mistake. Babies do not produce toxic waste but they do produce waste. If you are going to wash your baby’s diapers in the machine, rinse them first and wash them separately. This will ensure not only your child health but also your own.

14. Do not take your smartphone to the toilet with you

We use our smartphones for everything. They bring us the news and messages from our loved ones. We can buy clothes and food with them. Some people have even managed to run entire businesses with them. Suffice to say, we are completely inseparable from our phones. It has already been mentioned that these little devices are carrying around physical specimens of our day. But, there is one other place where they are picking up untold germs.

That place is the toilet. Find a person in the modern world who says they are not guilty of this and you will have found a liar. Gone are the days where there is a newspaper or bookstand next to the porcelain throne. Who has time for books anymore, when your smartphone gives you access to any piece of writing ever published? This simple change in lifestyle could pose a very dangerous problem.

It does not matter the kind of disinfectant used in a bathroom. The fact remains that there are airborne germs floating around, and there always will be. This may not seem like such a big deal but consider how many times a day you touch your phone and then touch your eyes? The chances are, this happens a few dozen times a day.

 You cannot run your phone under the tap while you wash your hands. This means that the germs you are trying to wash away are already on your phone. Once you have cleaned your paws you pick up your phone again. Clearly, this nullifies the entire task. If you do not want the toilet going with you to lunch, keep the phone out of the bathroom. Go back to the good old days of the paperback.

15. A professional carpet cleaner is needed at least every few months

A very small amount of people like cleaning. The world is mostly filled with people who clean because they must and not because they want to. Some are even fortunate enough, that they are able to hire people to clean their houses for them. If you are not part of this small group, then you probably have a trusty vacuum cleaner at home.

This old Hoover is trundled out a few times a week and is set to work on your carpets. The salesman who convinced you to buy the thing probably promised you superior suction without the added price tag. They waxed lyrical about how this special little machine can clean literally anything. Got a kid with allergies? Have no fear, dust will be a thing of the past with this machine.

Maybe all of this wasn’t simply a sales pitch. And, maybe you do actually have a vacuum cleaner which has kept your carpets looking as good as new. Unfortunately, this is not actually enough. Commercial vacuum cleaners are simply not able to remove all the dust, germs and debris which are stomped throughout your house on a daily basis.

These machines can only remove the top layer of dirt. But carpets are thick, that is actually their selling point. Beneath the top visible layer, lies a veritable petri dish. Herein lies an area that is completely undisturbed, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.  To regularly disturb this ecosystem a deep clean is needed. This can only be done by professional carpet cleaners and should be done every few months.