15 Hygiene Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Away

2. Feminine hygiene products do not belong in the toilet

Did you know that in many European countries you cannot flush toilet paper down the toilet? There are actually little bins next to the toilet where this soiled paper is meant to go. These bins are then cleared out every day, or every few hours in a, particularly busy restroom. Sounds like a rather gross pain, doesn’t it? Well yes, yes, it is. But, there is a good reason for this.

Europeans are not just peculiar or masochistic in the hygiene department, they do this because their plumbing is old. This means that the pipes are quite thin and simply cannot safely transport this paper. They were built for liquid and then some, but not paper. Contrast this with culture across the ocean, where almost everything is flushed down the toilet.

This can include diapers, condoms, tampons, and pads. Granted, the plumbing is not as old and may be able to handle these foreign objects. But are you really willing to risk it? What would you do if the toilets were one day to revolt?

No one wants their sewerage strewed across the living room floor. There is a simple fix. Do not throw pads and tampons down the toilet. This is by no means taking a dig at women. Periods are natural, but they are also downright awful. They hurt and are plain annoying. But ladies, for the sake of your plumbing. When aunt flow comes a knocking, take your pad or tampon, wrap it up in toilet paper or newspaper and toss it in the bin. And not just any bin. Throw these items into a bin which is cleaned out regularly.