30 of the Best Diets that Actually Work

24. Nutrisystem Diet This popular diet is similar to Jenny Craig is that you sign up to receive prepackaged meals in the mail. That means no… Trista - June 20, 2019

24. Nutrisystem Diet

This popular diet is similar to Jenny Craig is that you sign up to receive prepackaged meals in the mail. That means no prep time, and everything is already set out for you, so you just have to stick with the program — no more measuring or portion control since it’s already done for you.

Along with controlling your calories, it is also designed around controlling your blood sugar levels. There are also different programs for different types of people, such as seniors, diabetics, men, women, vegetarian, et cetera. The one downside to the Nutrisystem Diet is that you’re stuck with what they give you. That means no eating out at restaurants or treating yourself to a home-cooked meal.

25. Zone Diet

Created by Barry Sears, this diet was designed to redefine food. He treats it like a drug: the right dose has to be taken at the right time. Otherwise, it’s not going to work. The zone diet targets the production of insulin within the body, as it is in control of other hormones that cause inflammation. By keeping the insulin under control, then you’re less likely to store extra pounds on the body.

Each set of ingredients is set out in different proportions that you have to follow. These rules include having 40% of the meal as carbs, 30% protein, and 30% good fats. You’re allowed to snack if you need to, as long as they’re healthy. This diet plan does limit your calories each day, however, which can leave you feeling hungry, and there’s no flexibility in changing the proportions.

26. Macrobiotic Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet, as the name sounds, aims to prevent disease and promote overall health by introducing healthy bacteria into the body. Focus on whole foods that are listed as macro- or probiotic. These options are shown to increase the good bacteria in the gut to aid with specific digestion issues.

With all that said, maintaining this kind of diet is very expensive and hard to manage, especially with certain foods. Your meals will start to look too similar because of the lack of variety.

27. Slimfast Diet

Almost everyone has heard of the Slimfast Diet, and its miraculous results. That’s because of strict portion size control and reducing calories. You’re supposed to replace two meals a day with one of their products, be it a shake, smoothie, or meal bar, to obtain the right amount of nutrients. These are great for those who want to lose weight fast.

However, it can be a hard regimen to stick to because of the absence of two entire meals in your day. It is convenient having them on hand when you need them, but they aren’t that tasty and can get monotonous.

28. HMR Program

HMR stands for “Health Management Resources” and is a weight loss system designed to reduce calories by replacing meals with fruits and vegetables. It’s designed to change your lifestyle altogether instead of just providing you with a quick solution to lose weight. Your weight loss is also monitored, or you can choose the at-home option to keep track of your progress yourself.

Meal replacements are provided, such as shakes and meal bars; these are supposed to be eaten in place of meals, similar to the Slimfast diet. Additionally, you’re supposed to supplant your diet with even more fruits and veggies to help you lose weight. Again, this is a very convenient process, but the shakes can get dull day after day, and you can’t eat out at restaurants with friends.

29. Optavia Diet

This high-protein diet focused on macronutrients: low-density foods that force the body to work on the digestion process. The guidelines state that your meals should consist of one meat, one vegetable, and one healthy fat to help your body stay full and nourished at the same time. Also, because of the high amounts of protein, you won’t lose muscle mass in the process.

However, this diet says nothing about including carbs in your diet, so you’re going to have to cut them out. This action forces your body into overdrive and to start using some of the fat that’s already stored. The meal options, however, leave much to be desired, as some are prepackaged as powders that only need water.

30. Alkaline Diet

Finding balance within the body is essential. Some research has stated that people are eating more and more acidic foods such as red meat that through off the natural pH of the stomach. This type of diet leads to poor health but can be undone by shifting the balance back with alkaline foods. In its natural state, the body tends to lean more towards alkaline so it should be kept that way with diet. Food isn’t the only thing either; other activities can add acid to the body, such as smoking and drug use.

The Alkaline Diet seems like a natural diet to follow, as you’re not entirely restricted from one category of food; however, there are many rules to remember to the point that it can get confusing. There’s also no real science to back up these findings, so take this diet with a grain of salt.