40 Reasons Why Japanese Women Look Forever Young

By Simi
40 Reasons Why Japanese Women Look Forever Young

Anyone who has ever visited Japan can attest to how beautiful the country is, the fantastic food and, at least to foreigners, the ‘odd’ culture. Japanese culture revolves a lot around etiquette and beauty. Japanese women somehow always manage to look young regardless of how old they may be. A lot of it revolves around some aspects that are strengthened by their culture, but a good portion is also thanks to modern beauty products. This isn’t very groundbreaking since the Japanese have long been deemed some of the healthiest people on earth. They have the lowest obesity rates in the developed world.

These beauty products aren’t just modern ones. Ever since the early ages of the Japanese civilization, botanists and doctors alike discovered a multitude of different remedies for the aging malady. With different sorts of foods, physical activity, herbs, and algae, Japanese women are seemingly immortal and don’t have a wrinkle on their bodies until very late in their lives. This all stems from a stoic culture of self-preservation, but these remedies help a lot. By adding some of them to your beauty routine, you can improve your appearance, health and everything else that’s even remotely related to aging. The secret is out.

Here are some of the impressive ways they manage to do it:

1. Azuki and Wakame kelp

Amongst the myriad of natural remedies Japanese women use to treat their skin is Azuki. It’s a special kind of beans that contain a multitude of minerals and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Those effects have multiplied a thousand fold if a person uses them ever since an early age. And Japanese women add Azuki to their beauty-retention regime ever since an early age. No wonder they’re so youthful.

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In addition to Azuki, there is also the Wakame kelp factor. Unlike Azuki, Wakame kelp is a famous kind of algae that can be found all around the Japanese coastline. It’s harvested and sold in its natural form, and Japanese women use it as a part of their daily beauty treatments. Scrubbing sessions every morning turns the skin smooth, healthy and dramatically improves flexibility and blood circulation.