40 Reasons Why Japanese Women Look Forever Young

3. Oral hygiene

In Japan, everyone, including women, has an early instilled culture of oral hygiene. While most of us in the western world focuses on brushing our teeth, Japanese women take these to a whole different level. Ever since an early age, they drink all kinds of tea which works wonders for their teeth and oral cavity. Due to this frequent consumption of liquids, they never have food leftovers between their teeth. This alone decreases the number of cavities and inflammations they experience.

Credit: Freepik

Additionally, the Japanese have a healthy, but somewhat frugal diet. Fish, rice and other simple dishes comprise the majority of Japanese diets. Because these foods contain little to no sugar, they don’t cause dental problems that many western women experience on a daily basis. Japanese women are taught to preserve their oral health from an early age and candy isn’t popular in their country. These factors all add up to make their teeth spotless.