40 Reasons Why Japanese Women Look Forever Young

34. They wear skin-friendly clothes Ever wondered why some clothes could be so dirt cheap? Most times, they are made from a blend of cotton and… Simi - September 15, 2018

34. They wear skin-friendly clothes

Ever wondered why some clothes could be so dirt cheap? Most times, they are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, which are cheap to come by so people give them a pass without thinking twice about it. However, a Swedish study found that such clothes are made from tons of different chemicals which are pretty terrible for the skin.

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There’s a pretty tight lid on the Japanese clothes market, barring the entry of cheap Chinese alternatives. To keep their skin clear and healthy, most Chinese women avoid clothes with strong dyes and prefer silk over artificial cotton. The result is soft hands and young skin.

35. Japanese women prefer natural alternatives

Being one of the largest consumers of cosmetics in the world, removing makeup in the evening is an important ritual every single day to maintain a clear complexion. For Japanese women over the age of 30, especially, it’s a vital part of keeping their youthful appearance since foundation left overnight will clog skin pores.

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There are a lot of cosmetics that serve this purpose, but natural alternatives like peppermint, sage and witch hazel are also trendy among middle-aged women. Sage prevents the skin from getting clogged while peppermint creates a cooling effect. Witch hazel forms a protective layer on the skin.

36. Keeping ingrown hairs at bay

Those who have experienced ingrown hairs know how annoying, painful and itching they can be. Scratching your skin all the time is no good, and it’s a condition so dangerous, even the NHS advice preventing them at all costs. If left untreated, they can lead to red spots on your skin and even whiteheads.

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Knowing this, Japanese women use loofahs to keep them under control. Loofahs are also great since they get rid of dead cells, too, without hurting the skin. As an added measure, some people like to use products with alpha-hydroxy on the loofah before scrubbing. It leads to even smoother, softer, skin.

37. They prefer not to shave

Nobody likes to be a hairy, unmanageable mess of sweat and dirt. That’s precisely what happens if you don’t shave often. On the other hand, shaving is known to be one of the biggest culprits of ingrown hairs. Believe it or not, the easiest way to prevent ingrown hairs is to let them grow freely without interfering with them.

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This isn’t always an option, however, since having hair is both comfortable for a lot of people. Japanese women prefer to use hair removal cream rather than shave altogether. Since blades can easily damage the skin. Sensitive hair removal alternatives are the best option, instead.

38. Different moisturizers for different seasons

Most people don’t yet understand their skin very well. The skin needs a lot of attention if it’s going to remain healthy and youthful for extended periods of time. One of the ways this is achieved in a lot of East Asian countries is by using different moisturizers depending on the season.

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Summer is a lot less humid than winter and vice versa. For which reason, in the winter season, heavier moisturizers are used as compared to during the summer. And in summer, lighter ones are used. At the same time, anything scented is out of bounds. When exposed to the sun, they dry up, get blotchy and make the skin itch.

39. They don’t rub their eyes

This one may come off as strange, but maintaining sensitive eyes is a lot harder than most people would imagine. Rubbing your eyes places undue pressure and friction on one of the most sensitive parts of your body – the eyelids. Not to mention the fact that it messes with well-done eyelashes.

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Instead of rubbing, light compressions are applied instead. If you have to rub your eyes, be as gentle as possible. It would be preferable to avoid touching your face altogether and don’t let anyone touch it. The number of germs people carry on their hands can be horrifying.

40. They exfoliate often

Exfoliating the skin has a myriad of benefits. In this case, the most notable interest would be preventing the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Clogged pores are one of the last things anyone conscious about their skin wants.

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The real trick, however, is exfoliating just enough. Doing it once a week should be enough for most people. Adverse long-term effects include weakening the skin so that it wrinkles more efficiently, rather than merely clearing out the pores. It can also lead to a lot of irritation since you’re constantly getting rid of the skin’s top layer before it can fully heal.