9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

8. Balances pH levels Studies conducted to ascertain the benefits of lemon on our bodies have also shown that they are also good for balancing our… Denis Courtney - July 19, 2016


8. Balances pH levels

Studies conducted to ascertain the benefits of lemon on our bodies have also shown that they are also good for balancing our pH levels. This is because lemon is one of the most alkalizing foods making it a must-have fruit. This is despite the fact that lemon is acidic in nature but studies have shown that once consumed, they are instantly converted into alkaline in our bodies. This is because, after metabolism, citric acid does not create any acidity inside our system. Many people can easily argue about this claim stating how citric ‘acid’ cannot create any acidity in our bodies.

In fact, lemons contain citric and ascorbic acids which are just weak acids that can be easily metabolized. As a result, the mineral content once metabolized will help alkalize the blood. This alkalized state of the blood is essential in that when our body’s pH is too acidic, we are bound to fall sick easily. On the other hand, an overly alkaline system, known as alkalosis is also dangerous.

It can be manifested by the presence of problems such as loss of consciousness, light-headedness, etc. these can all be caused by too much alkaline in your body and thus a pH balance is very important.

Drinking lemon water regularly is therefore strongly advised in that it will help remove the acidity in our body and leave us with a stabilized pH level. The lemon water will also help in flushing out uric acids from our joints. Accumulation of these acids can cause a lot of problems, especially in our excretory organs (the kidneys and so on). This is because these acids are the primary causes of pain and inflammation in our bodies. Inflammations are often painful and dangerous and may result in swelling, fevers and damage to normal tissues.


9. Good for treating kidney stones

Kidney stones in this case are solid mineral formations which collect in your kidneys over time. These stones are typically formed by a substance called calcium oxalate which can simply be treated using a compound known as citrate. Studies confirm that lemon is rich in citrate, it is therefore essential for treating kidney stones. With an abundant presence of this citrate in your urine which can be easily found in lemons, it is thought that it can prevent calcium from bonding with other compounds and forming stones.

With that in mind, it is therefore safe to conclude that it can best be used for treating and preventing the formation of kidney stones. Other studies have also shown that it will work best if used alongside potassium citrate, which is just a supplement form of citrate. You can however stick to lemon water if you are intolerant to potassium citrate.

It is also advisable for you to take lemon water regularly to reduce the formation of kidney stones. It is better to use it as a preventative measure while you can even though you know that it is also great for treatment.
As a precaution, remember not to brush your teeth immediately after taking lemon water. This is because it is not safe for your teeth as they can weaken if you do so as they will erode. You should instead swirl your mouth with pure clean water for about 30 minutes before brushing them.

With the various benefits of lemon water in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to try it. Just add your preferred amount of lemon juice to your water which before taking them. You can alternatively start gradually by taking plain water the first few days and the next time throwing in a slice of two before graduating to whole fruit for a healthier body.