How to Declutter a Stressed Out Brain in a Stressful Life

By Trista
How to Declutter a Stressed Out Brain in a Stressful Life

A cluttered environment doesn’t always just mean a bunch of physical items in the background. Clutter can impact you in many ways, including your mind. When the mind is cluttered, it can have many negative impacts like confusion or distraction. All of this can prevent you from being productive and setting clear priorities. A cluttered mind means focusing on the negative, letting things fester, and holding onto negative situations. Individuals with cluttered minds often have an incomplete mental to-do list that can create unnecessary stress and chaos. Similar to other aspects of our lives, our minds require some clean-up from time to time. Getting rid of non-essential thoughts and emotions is vital to staying focused, productive, and motivated. Failure to do so can have a long-lasting impact on connections with loved ones, the environment, and the present moment. 

The brain is an extremely complex organ. Now more than ever, the world is full of stressors and worries that can all contribute to a mind of clutter and chaos. Like other aspects of your life, your home, or your work life, your mind requires organization to function optimally. You may question how to go about decluttering your mind and mood. It is not always as clear to identify where to start when you cannot physically see everything. However, there are many simple methods to declutter your mind. Furthermore, you can incorporate these ways into your daily life. These small actions can have a massive impact. When you utilize more than one of these actions simultaneously, you’ll have a more profound effect. You may need to test a few, but you will find which activities work best for you. Keep reading to learn ways to declutter your mind and mood.

Breathing is one of the easiest yet most effective actions that you can incorporate into your daily routine to declutter your mind and mood. Shutterstock

22.  A few minutes to focus on your breathing can help your mind refocus and help clear the chaos. 

The concept of breathing seems like such an obvious action, but it becomes even more critical for someone who is experiencing a cluttered mind. It is effortless, but it is one of the activities that can also be the most effective. The next time you experience a disorganized mind that feels like chaos, try taking a few deep breaths and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Concentrating on your breathing forces you to focus on the immediate task at hand. Be mindful of each breath that goes in and each breath that goes out. Studies show that focusing on your breathing can create an extremely calming impact on your mind and body.

Time to learn how to relax. Shutterstock.

Practicing this technique is beneficial. However, if you can perfect the art of focused breathing, you can revert to this simple practice whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed. Concentrate on your breathing and thoughts allows you to declutter away any negative thoughts that might be hindering your ability to be focused, present, and motivated. Deep breathing can not only help to clear your mind, but it can also increase your tranquility and elevate your mood almost instantly. In addition to being an immediate stress-reliever, focusing on breathing promotes concentration and strengthens your immune system. You will have full control of your heart rate and blood pressure by slowing things down, allowing your body to relax.