15 Simple Home Remedies for Younger Looking Skin

By Simi
15 Simple Home Remedies for Younger Looking Skin

Everyone is getting older, and so is their skin. As you age, the collagen and elastin structures of your skin start to lose elasticity. Your skin starts to lose its own ability to self-moisturize. It visually appears as lightly loose or sagging skin. As you age your facial muscles also start losing strength, which contributes to skin sagging.

Aside from the general aging process, your skin also loses elasticity due to the continual exposure to harmful UV rays. Other factors include smoking and alcohol consumption. Being overweight or rapid weight loss, unhealthy diets and pregnancy can take their toll, too.

Also, the exposure to smog or exhaust fumes and skin care products that are not right for your skin can cause problems. Along with sagging skin, you may also start to show signs of wrinkling around your eyes and mouth. Your skin could look paler and a bit more translucent, too. Some people also find that their skins are much more sensitive than when they were younger.

However, here are 15 wonderful natural remedies to assist with the tightening of your skin. Aging is a reality but taking care of your skin is another reality. A warning to the wise: Be sure to spot test each treatment on the inside of your arm before applying to your face. Leave on for the recommended time to see if your skin reacts.

1. Lovely Lemons

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh lemons? That gorgeous aroma fills the air. It’s fresh and vibrant, just like you want your skins to be. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which assists in the production of collagen. Collagen, in turn, restores the elasticity to your skin.

Lemons also have astringent properties that help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. Most homes have lemons in them and many people grow lemon trees. And buying them at the grocery store doesn’t cost a lot, too. Here’s how to use lemons on your skin:

  • Squeeze all the juice from several lemons.
  • You can do a lot at the same time, so you will have it ready for daily use. Just place what is left in a glass bottle with a lid and pop it in your fridge.
  • Once you have your juice simply use your fingers to rub it gently all over your face and neck. Please avoid your eyes because it will sting.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes and then gently wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Pat it dry with a soft towel and then apply a good moisturizer.
  • You can also add lemon juice to a bit of cold water and splash it on your washed face. Let it air dry. You can do either treatment one or two times a day.