7 signs that tell you are highly addicted to your phone

By Melisa Silver
7 signs that tell you are highly addicted to your phone

How many of us can date back the time when there were no cellular phones present at all? Well, not many of us, and those who are able to can relate the mental peace that persisted in that era. This blog post is certainly not against the invention of cell phones. Instead, the post is pointing out towards the negative approach of the modern era towards the use of this resourcefulness.

One does not need to mention the uses of wireless telephones and its contributions in cutting short the distances. It would be quite enough to say that we cannot image our lives without the cellular phones. However, we might not be paying attention towards the growing addiction in our minds, and the affinity we have developed for this innovative electronic device.

We insist you to evaluate yourself. Try putting down your phone and not looking at it back for at least 5 hours. How long do you think you can carry on? How many times have the thought of looking at your phone has popped-up in your mind?

Read out the following post to find out about the seven signs which might be an indication that you are developing cell phone addiction.