7 signs that tell you are highly addicted to your phone

4. A solution for solitude? What do you do when you are free and alone? Do you sing, hum, take a nap, read a book, or… Melisa Silver - March 6, 2016


4. A solution for solitude?

What do you do when you are free and alone? Do you sing, hum, take a nap, read a book, or watch your favorite show? Do you go out to the park for a walk or to carry out some stretch exercise? What activity do you perform when you are out somewhere waiting for someone? Just sit and stare at the ground or think of endless themes?

All that you do during your lonely times matters a lot, since it defines what actually resides in your mind for most of the time. Well, again, many of us would probably go back to the world of our mobile phones to overcome the loneliness during all the situations mentioned above, isn’t it so?


5. Is your cell phone your anti-depressant?

We all go through certain slumping times of our lives. An important point to mention here is, what do we do to overcome such demotivating times apart from resolving them? Do we exercise to clear away the stress? Or do we perform our hobbies to keep our minds diverted from the strain of the sagging situation?

How much is our cell phone use during this period of our lives? According to a research, many teenagers increase their cell phone use during the depressive phase of their lives, which highly reflects the addiction part related to this revolutionary device.


6. Use your cell phone battery as a scale:

Can you keep a check on how many times does your cell phone needs charging in a day? This could be the best and the simplest way to determine the level of your mobile phone addiction. Despite of the fact that smart phones cause a lot of battery drainage, however, charging such phones for three or more times a day remarks high amount of use of the device. Many of us are so obsessed with cell phone usage that we might even work on it until it’s battery sign has reached its lowest range possible and shall continue using it even when it is charging.


7. You fear losing your phone all the time:

Keeping aside the fact that mobile phones are too expensive to lose, a person who might have a fear in his mind for most of the time that he would have left his phone at some place and tends to reach his pocket every minute for his satisfaction, cannot be considered as following a normal habit. If you are such a person, it means that your cell phone has occupied much of your consciousness, so much so that you remain anxious throughout the day about losing your phone.