Anti-Aging Recipes from the ‘Blue Zones’ for a Longer, Healthier Life

Anti-aging recipes from the 'Blue Zones' for a longer, healthier life.
Discovering the Blue Zones. Shutterstock.

2. How were they discovered?

What began as a National Geographic expedition, led by Dan Buettner, to uncover the secrets of longevity, evolved into the discovery of the 5 places around the world where people consistently live over 100 years old, dubbed the Blue Zones. Dan and his team of demographers, scientists, and anthropologists were able to distill the evidence-based common denominators of these Blue Zones into 9 commonalities that they call the Power 9.

They have since taken these principles into communities across the United States working with policymakers, local businesses, schools, and individuals to shape the environments of the Blue Zones Project Communities. What has been found is that putting the responsibility of curating a healthy environment on an individual does not work, but through policy and environmental changes the Blue Zones Project Communities have been able to increase life expectancy, reduce obesity and make the healthy choice the easy choice for millions of Americans.