Extreme Makeovers That Made People Unrecognizable

4. Jennifer Hudson’s admirable work ethic has transformed her career and her body. Remember the good old days of American Idol when the OG judges — Paula, Randy,… Trista - August 29, 2021

4. Jennifer Hudson’s admirable work ethic has transformed her career and her body.

Remember the good old days of American Idol when the OG judges — Paula, Randy, and Simon — reigned over the production? Those were also the days when Jennifer Hudson debuted on the national stage with her participation in the show and quickly won over viewers’ hearts. As a sweet, likable, and kick-butt singer, her time on the show launched her singing career. She also made her film debut on Dreamgirls, in which she wowed audiences. However, if you were to look at her now, you may not believe she used to have a curvy figure before her fame kicked off.


Hudson’s weight loss journey is one to admire. The beautiful singer lost more than 80 pounds following the birth of her son. Furthermore, she did it the old-fashioned way — that is to say, with alterations to her diet and dedication to exercise. The songbird did use Weight Watchers to facilitate her slimming down, primarily for figuring out how to eat well. That is why she became a spokesperson for the company. While many try to find a quick fix to lose weight, Hudson proves through her own experiences that the weight will only stay off with genuine self-motivation. Jennifer Hudson is undoubtedly a talented actress and singer. She has won an Academy Award and Golden Globe, among many others. Despite the makeovers, she looks beautiful at any weight. However, she is healthier today as a result of her transformation.


3. Talented rapper Nicki Minaj didn’t always reveal her bubbly side.

One of the most famous female rappers of all time didn’t always look so glamorous and fierce. Nicki Minaj is a self-made star with humble beginnings, having grown up in a household with her grandmother, brother, and eleven cousins. She had an early knack for performing and was always beautiful. However, the rapper was far from developing the color-popping, eye-catching sense of style for which she’s become known. Before her pop stardom, Minaj put on little makeup, kept her hair naturally black, and wore simple clothing. It seems that she always had the flashy side to her, though, and it only took some recognition to bring it out.


When Minaj achieved her breakthrough with the album Pink Friday, the world got to know her genius with verse as well as her unique sense of style. True to the name of her debut album, Minaj loves to wear the flashiest colors of pink, often layered atop one another. She’s sported the edgiest hair colors and styles, from bleach, curly blond to color block rainbow hair. She also has found knock-out fashions that accentuate her famous curves. Minaj has become a superstar in all dimensions of her life. 

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2. Even good-looking Jamie Foxx has had some procedures to perfect his celebrity look.

Jamie Foxx’s voice sounds like God’s gift from heaven. Foxx has always been a musical talent, starting as a choir leader at his church and was going to study music and performing arts composition in university. Nevertheless, he was also highly talented from a young age in acting and comedy. While those attributes inspired his fame, he didn’t always have the flawless looks he’s known for today. At the beginning of his career, Foxx had a gap-toothed smile and a hairline inches behind where it is today.

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Foxx’s role in the comedy TV show In Living Color launched his career, and he’s had no shortage of significant acting roles since then. He won endless accolades for his portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray (including an Academy Award, BAFTA, and Golden Globe) and is known for drastically changing his looks for his many characters. However, even when he presents as himself, Foxx has physical attributes that were previously nonexistent because of makeovers. For one, his now pearly-white veneers give him a million-dollar smile. Moreover, his hairline has dramatically changed, moving forward significantly and developing a more structured shape, causing speculation about a hair transplant. No matter what procedures Foxx has gotten, they’ve only served to enhance an underlying handsomeness he’s always possessed.


1. From bald to beard, Tom Hardy is an expert in manly makeovers.

Tom Hardy might be a muscular hunk today, but that wasn’t always the case. Born and raised in London, Hardy started his career as a model. He looked like one too — in other words, tall, thin, and largely lacking muscle. While Hardy still acted in those earlier days, he didn’t play the macho, action-oriented characters he does today. Some might say he was “skinny fat,” and Hardy himself even admits to having been a skinny, non-athletic youngster.


No one would guess Hardy was anything but a huge manly man today. Things in the muscle department changed for Hardy around 2010 when he performed as a mixed martial arts fighter in the film Warrior, for which he had to put on over 20 pounds of muscle. Since then, Hardy has become known for his dramatic body transformations for roles, particularly for Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Charles Bronson in Bronson. For the latter part, Hardy claims to have put on seven pounds a week without taking steroids. It is a feat he attributes to eating large, daily portions of chicken and rice. His extreme and successful physical transformations have accentuated Hardy’s already-impressive acting skills.