35 Celebrity Workouts to Try At Home 

By Trista
35 Celebrity Workouts to Try At Home 

If there is one thing that gets us motivated to start working out, it sees the incredible results that celebrities manage to achieve. Hard work does pay off, but which workout should you try? You should try out some celebrity workouts! Celebrities are just like us, and they each have found a type of exercise that works for them. They do everything to pilates to high-intensity training. You can even combine some of these workouts for a great result. Get motivated this year by trying your favorite celebrity’s workout and getting into the best shape possible.

Bella Hadid says yoga is not the workout for her, and she prefers to have an intense workout session. Shutterstock.

The Hadid Sisters

We also adore the Hadid sisters, and they are goals when it comes to their physiques. Do they enjoy the same thing when it comes to working out, however? Bella Hadid says that boxing is her preference. 

These celebs enjoy working out intensely for a couple of hours, as she enjoys giving it everything she has. She’s not the biggest fan of yoga for exercise, however. Bella still says yoga is calming but isn’t what she uses to stay in shape.