35 Celebrity Workouts to Try At Home 

Miranda Kerr Loves Pilates And Yoga Miranda Kerr, another supermodel with a super body, keeps up her figure with pilates and yoga. This model does each… Trista - September 8, 2020
Miranda Kerr keeps active by fitting in some planking while her son is playing around her. Glamour

Miranda Kerr Loves Pilates And Yoga

Miranda Kerr, another supermodel with a super body, keeps up her figure with pilates and yoga. This model does each of these twice a week. She also adds some planking in between to help keep her core very strong.

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She is a mom, so Miranda Kerr has to find time between parenting her son to squeeze in a workout. So, while her son is playing, she’ll do some planks on the floor. The model also uses Ballet Beautiful DVDs when she can’t go to her classes.

Weight lifting isn’t for everyone, but it is a terrific way to get your body toned and feeling healthy. Shutterstock

Kim K’s Hourglass Figure

You’ll be so surprised to hear that Kim Kardashian-West gets her iconic hourglass figure from weight lifting. She makes sure to stay dedicated to her workouts alongside a proper diet to keep her in this shape.

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The reality star works with trainer Melissa Alcantara for five days a week to do a session of intense body-building. These workouts are about one to two hours long. They also make sure to fit in some extra squats, deadlifts, and lunges with a heavyweight to keep her booty in shape.

With a combination of boxing, yoga, and Muay Thai, Halle Berry has kept her 25-year-old body all these years later. Shutterstock

Halle Berry’s Bond Workout

Halle Berry is one of the most notable Bond Girls of all time, and she still has the body she did when she filmed that role thanks to her gym routine. Halle enjoys yoga, boxing, and also Muay Thai, according to her Instagram.

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Boxing helps her to work up a sweat, and she also does 500 skips in a row. She also loves to improve her mobility with some yoga. With these workouts, she also does meditation so that she can release any stress she has.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Choice Of Exercise

Gwyneth Paltrow is a fantastic all-rounder – actress, singer, businesswoman, and also has a killer body. She swears by the Tracy Anderson Method, which combines dance cardio and muscular structure classes.

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This celebrity has been doing the same workout for over ten years; she has become an investor in the company, which shows how much she believes in it. She drops her kids at school and then heads straight to her workout.

Celebrities are an excellent form of motivation to get us into the gym, but remember, they are ordinary people just like us who need a good workout. Shutterstock

Finding Your Workout

All of these types of celebrity workouts are accessible to us, just like they are to celebrities. There is a style of workout that will suit everyone and their bodies and needs. It’s all about finding the type of exercise you enjoy.

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Remember that it also takes time to feel healthier and get better at forms of exercise like running, so don’t give up too quickly. Find online classes to follow along to or set yourself up with a personal trainer and get motivated by these amazing women!