15 Amazing Ways To Lose Weight While Doing Household Chores

By Simi
15 Amazing Ways To Lose Weight While Doing Household Chores

It is always difficult to implement weight loss program if you don’t have clear goals. The very first thing you need to do is to define your goal in very clear terms. You should be aware what exactly you want to achieve. There are some people who go for a fitness assessment in order for them to have realistic goals. This helps them to have goals that they can set their sights on.

It is possible to administer your very own fitness assessment from the comfort of your home. This involves getting on a scale and take note of your weight. Then strap a tape measure around your gut, right at your belly button. Take note of the circumference reading. After that drop the tape to your hips around the hip bones and right around your derriere. Take note of that measurement as well.

You are then required to divide the circumference of your waist by that of your hips. This should give you a figure that represents your waist to hip ratio. This number normally should not exceed 0.8 for women and 0.9 for men. It is ideal for women to aspire to maintain a waist circumference below 35 inches and men below 40 inches.

There are several ways that you can do to get the right weight that you want. Most people go to the gym while others do their own outdoor exercises. However, there are some activities that you can do at your home to lose weight. At the end of the day, it is important to note that every exercise will help you lose weight. Here are the 15 chores that aid weight loss.

1. Sweeping and Mopping the Floor

Sweeping and mopping the floor is a necessity that has to be done in every home. The house requires being clean and tidy to prevent the parasites from occupying it. This doesn’t matter how much neat the house is, if the floor is not clean, it lacks something. However, sweeping and mopping is a tiresome job. It will take a lot of energy to make it clean. This is important as it will strengthen your arms and legs as well. The work involves burning some calories.

If you cannot go to the gym due to various reasons, then sweeping and mopping is a better alternative. The muscles in your arms and legs will get stronger. Furthermore, your waistline will benefit from the work as it involves different body movements. Bending and stretching are involved when you sweep and mop. The activity turns into a significant aerobic workout. You will notice that the activities will form a circuit that helps the whole body.

Sweeping and mopping for one hour can do wonders for your body. It only requires to move the sweep across the floor and then mop it. Mopping should consider also moving it across the floor and wringing it out in a bucket. This will enable you to shed off the extra kilos that you want to get rid of. Importantly, the floor will be sparkling clean and neat. There will be no place for harmful microorganisms such as bacteria to stay on.

This activity should be included as part of your routine exercise. You will end up toning your legs, shoulders, and arms. It is important to also stand with your legs slightly wider and hold the broom or mop at chest level. Move the broom or mop across the floor in a fast and precise way. The faster you move them the more calories you are going to burn. Alternatively, squat down and push the broom and mop straight up overhead. Then lower the broom and return to standing.