Healthy Habits That Christie Brinkley Lives By to Stay Youthful

5. Christie exercises her brain too. She’s a believer in exercising your brain, too, not just your body. It’s essential to keep your mind active and… Trista - March 15, 2021
It’s great to keep your mind active. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Christie exercises her brain too.

She’s a believer in exercising your brain, too, not just your body. It’s essential to keep your mind active and challenge yourself to learn new things. Christie took on the challenge of learning Italian by taking at least an hour each week to study new words and practicing her conversational skills. Her goal is to speak Italian with the locals the next time she goes abroad. Learning a new language helps improve critical thinking skills and memory retention. People who can speak multiple languages are better at multitasking since learning a second language can develop new areas of the mind.

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Our brain is a muscle, and it needs training, just like our body. If you need ideas on how to exercise your brain, we have some suggestions! Memory aids are great tools to use to keep us sharp. Calendars, lists, and other reminders can help organize your thoughts much more easily. Reading is also a great way to keep our brain strong. When we read, our brains are not just absorbing the material in the book; they’re also creating neural connections and becoming more efficient and therefore making us more intelligent. The last tip we have is doing something creative – do art, do a puzzle, or even sing. Involving yourself in something artistic, or even just a hobby, keeps your brain engaged. 

Though you may want to scoop a spoonful, resist the urge and keep this for your exfoliation. Credit: Shutterstock

4. This model exfoliates every day. 

At this point, she has perfected her skincare routine. One of Christie’s secrets is exfoliating every day, which sounds pretty intensive. It is something the model/actress has done for the past 40 years, she says, and she credits it to an article she read once about men looking five years younger than women the same age. They said it was because men shave every day and the daily exfoliation with their shaving made them look more youthful, so she decided there was no way she was letting them get away with that! Her routine is a daily gentle exfoliant from her skincare line. If she feels a little dry, she’ll add in a touch of her line’s own moisturizer too, which has olive oil and honey.

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If you’re interested in the idea of frequent exfoliation, keep in mind that it’s important not to over-exfoliate. Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate since you can control the pressure you use, and there are no chemicals involved. To dry brush, you use a coarse, natural-fiber bristle brush over your dry body (not moisturized or damp) in a particular pattern. The idea behind the practice is that the brush removes the dead skin and helps your skin eliminate toxins through your pores. You should still not dry brush more than once or twice per week, so talk to your dermatologist before embarking on any hardcore skincare regimen.

Makeup can be a fun hobby for many of us. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Christie is still a little girl at heart.

She loves to play with makeup, just like a little girl. Her go-to is a more natural, neutral, golden-toned look to warm up her skin for an everyday look. This celebrity always starts with a primer under her foundation and illuminator. Christie likes a brown liner, which is excellent for blue eyes. She prefers a nude gloss for a casual, day-time look, but if she wants to make her lips look bigger, she’ll add on a lip liner. If she has an event to attend, she’ll opt for a cat eyeliner and false lashes – Christie’s a classic gal! As far as nails go, this model prefers to do them herself since she has no patience for salons. 

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For blondes who want to imitate Christie’s look, focus on light, natural colors like beige, peach, or pink hues. Warmer tones will warm up your skin and make you look rosy instead of garish. If you are going with a bold lip, make sure the undertone is warm instead of cold. For women over 50, skin tends to be a little drier, so go for a hydrating foundation and apply a sheer layer instead of trying to cake it on to cover wrinkles or blemishes. This next tip is easy: curl your lashes for maximum effect. As you age, your lashes may become thinner and more brittle, so avoid any mascara that will make your lashes clump.

Extensions can be quite deceiving! Credit: Shutterstock

2. She wears hair extensions! 

It may be hard to believe, but Christie loves to wear hair extensions to feel like she has her full hair back. When this superstar started modeling business, her hair in a ponytail was as thick as her wrist. With each pregnancy, she explains, it became thinner and never returned to its initial thickness. She likes to use Hair2wear extensions when she goes out. To protect her current head of hair, she uses a professional line of shampoo and conditioner, plus a root volumizer. When she steps out of the shower, she rough-dries her hair upside down, then styles it however she wants.

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“When I was younger, I used Sun-In and lemon juice to brighten up my blonde color. Now I see Sharon Dorram in New York City every six to eight weeks.” Sharon is a world-renowned expert colorist whose signature style is low-maintenance, which seems exactly up Christie’s alley. If you cringed when you read about using lemon juice to lighten her hair, you’re not alone, though that was a trendy thing to do back then. In fact, there is some science behind it too! It changes the color of hair isn’t really about the lemon juice itself as much as the reaction that happens when the UV light hits it. The lemon juice’s acidity level magnifies the response. 

Wouldn’t you get a massage every week if you could? Credit: Shutterstock

1. Christie gets a weekly massage! 

She gets a deep tissue massage at her home every Sunday night. Massage therapy is not a new concept; it has been around for thousands of years and has been used to cure many ailments. Massages are also primarily accepted as both a relaxation tool and a therapeutic healing tool. Getting a massage can relieve stress, alleviate pain, treat arthritis, fatigue, and headache. Deep tissue massage therapy uses firm pressure and slow strokes to massage deep layers of muscles and the tissue around the muscles. It is also used to break up scar tissue and “knots,” which are rigid and painful muscle adhesions that can inhibit circulation and cause pain and inflammation. Massages can lower cortisol and increase oxytocin, which can relax the body and reduce stress. It has also been found that massages can be more effective in relieving certain types of chronic pain than medication. 

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She also loves to take a relaxing Epsom salt bath. When she was performing in the hit play, Chicago, she would take an Epsom salt bath each night, but now it’s more like once a month. Though there isn’t actual scientific backing for this one, many people swear by Epsom baths. Epsom salt’s chemical name is magnesium sulfate, and many users of Epsom baths believe that soaking in a bath with the salt allows the magnesium and sulfates to be absorbed into the skin. Whether this is true or not, do we need an excuse to take a hot bath? It is considered safe, easy, and inexpensive, so dive in! The only catch? If you’re using an Epsom salt bath for aches and pains, make sure the water isn’t too hot since that may worsen any swelling instead of making it better. Do you want more youthful tips? Read about anti-aging foods that will keep you feeling young