Secrets to Living a Happy and Healthy Life Past 80

9. Is laughter the best medicine? According to a study, it really could be, especially as you age! We’ve said that being more positive could have… Trista - March 22, 2021
Laughter and positivity are things we need to have to stay healthy and stay happy. Credit: Pexels

9. Is laughter the best medicine? According to a study, it really could be, especially as you age!

We’ve said that being more positive could have a significant effect on your life expectancy, and what goes hand in hand with feeling happier? Laughter, of course! Laughter is good for you. Visit the comedy club, listen to a funny skit on social media. It’s all medicine for your soul and your mind. When you laugh more, you’ll be more positive too, so that is an excellent thing for your overall health. Laughter is the best medicine, as they always say! Is there any science to back this up? 

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A study was conducted back in 2016, and it discovered that women who have a strong sense of humor had a 73% lower risk of death from heart disease – how incredible is that? They also found these women from the study had an 81% lower risk of death from infection. Maybe whoever said that laughter is the best medicine knew something that we don’t. Finally, these women had a 48% lower risk of death from all causes. It’s time we all start laughing more and lightening up a bit – life is short, and we should enjoy every moment. 

Nuts are a great source of energy and sustenance that is an easy snack to enjoy throughout your day. Source: Credit: Pexels

8. You’re going to go nuts for this next tip on how to live your best life with your diet!

This next tip to living past 80 has to do with your diet again – and this time, it’s about something we love to snack on. It’s nuts! Can you believe that something as small as nuts could have such a big impact on your lifespan? Well, it does, so listen up! Experts completed a study on walnuts. They discovered that people who eat nuts regularly have a 39% lower risk of early death than people who don’t eat nuts. That’s absolutely nuts! You might be wondering if you need to eat a particular type of nuts to see this type of effect. 

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Walnuts are the best ones for you as these left you with a 45% lower risk of dying early! If you aren’t allergic to nuts, this is an easy thing to start including more in your diet. Nuts go with pretty much anything! What about having a bowl of yogurt with some almonds or cashews in it? You could also have a mixed bag of nuts that you can enjoy throughout the day. You can even add walnuts to your salad! Furthermore, as a treat, there’s nothing quite as delicious as chocolate-covered nuts – especially peanuts! Healthy eating isn’t that hard!

There are so many silly trends out there, but this one could be worth jumping on the bandwagon for. Credit: Pexels

7. It’s time to get on the trend and invest in a standing desk to add years to your life!

If you’re someone who works a desk job, you’ll find yourself sitting down pretty much the whole day. Moreover, as we now know, movement is so crucial for you and your health. How can you solve this? Well, it’s time to join the standing-desk trend! That could end up adding a few years to your life, and that’s awesome to know! Sitting for less than three hours a day could add up to two years to your life. Anything is worth a shot when it comes to aging well and living our best lives as long as we possibly can. 

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If you can’t get your hands on a standing desk, make sure you are doing more than just sitting. Take regular walks around either your office, home or garden and this will do not only your physical health some good but also refresh your mind. When we move our bodies, the oxygen starts to flow better, which is fantastic for us. If you get super consumed by work, set a reminder on your phone for every hour, or get yourself a smartwatch that will remind you to stand and incentivize you to reach that stand goal for the day. 

This past year has been the year of bingeing series, but it’s time to kick this habit to the curb to add extra years to our lives. Credit: Pexels

6. How much TV do you watch each day? That could take years off your life! 

We’ve all been watching way too much TV lately; most of us have probably made our way through Netflix twice over at this stage! There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of TV, but we should be consuming much less than we are if we want to live a long life. Did you know that every hour of TV you watch after 25 cuts your lifespan by an estimated 22 minutes? These are actual statistics, and we definitely should pay more attention to them than our binge show that we watch every time we get the chance to. 

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People who spent an average of six hours watching TV each day died about five years before those that didn’t watch any TV at all. That can be a hard habit to kick. We find the TV is our go-to when boredom strikes. Instead, we need to do something like reading a book, working on a puzzle, going outside for some exercise. Start to adjust your TV watching habits, and slowly but surely, you’ll start to form healthier habits that aren’t centered around your television screen for six hours of the day. Those five years could make a difference in your life! 

When you go for a stroll, this isn’t going to add years to your life; you’ll need to try speed walking instead. Credit: Pexels

5. Walking is an incredible form of exercise, but it’s all about the faster pace to keep you healthy as you age. 

So, you may love going for walks, but it’s all about the pace! You’re going to need to increase that speed to increase your expected lifespan! In this case, it is the hare that wins the race of life instead of the tortoise. A 2019 study discovered those who walked at a brisker pace (around 100 steps per minute) lived longer than those who walked more slowly. That also presented itself across all weight categories, which made the study very interesting. Picking up the pace might be what you need to start doing!

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Something that is a great incentive to walk faster and to walk more is a smartwatch that tracks your movement throughout the day. By setting your goals, you’ll know what you’re aiming for and when you are achieving these goals. That is a great method to help you get into healthier walking and standing habits too. If you have a smartphone, you are also able to track your steps using this device. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise as it is, and by picking up the pace just a little bit, you could be ringing in that 90th birthday in tip-top shape. 

We tend to be very judgmental of people who marry younger than them – but they know what they’re doing! Credit: Pexels

4. There’s one way to age well, and that’s to marry someone younger than you! 

There’s always the joke about when people get into a relationship with someone younger than them, but this could be what you need to live a longer life. And, this is a fact, according to a 100-year-old woman. The lady claims she has lived to this age due to having a younger husband! She thinks she would be dead if it weren’t for him. She has some interesting and valid reasoning behind this, and it again relates to making sure you stay social as you get older and surround yourself with good people. 

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Daisy says that when you are elderly and on your own, it’s easy to give up on yourself and not take care of your needs properly. When you have a younger spouse, you’re more likely to try to keep up with them and take better care of yourself as a whole. It’s also great to have some younger energy around – so there may be some method to this madness. People usually think age matters, and maybe it does, but just in a different way than we had initially thought. So, stop judging people who marry younger – it’s keeping them going!

Taking your oral hygiene seriously is something you should start doing if you want to live a longer life. Source: Credit: Pexels

3. You increase your chances of heart disease, strokes, and dementia as you age, especially if you don’t take proper care of your teeth. 

How seriously do you take your oral hygiene? If we told you it could extend your life expectancy, would you start to pay more attention to your teeth cleaning routine? According to dentists, there is a lot more to worry about than the odd cavity if you aren’t brushing and flossing as regularly as your dentist recommends. Did you know that poor oral hygiene is associated with a shortened life? A healthy mouth could be the ultimate secret to living a long life and one without a jar of fake teeth next to your bed as a form of company!

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Start paying more attention to your teeth cleaning routine, and you could live a much longer life without the pain of having to go to the dentist for regular fillings. When you have a healthy mouth, you have a lower risk of heart disease, strokes, and dementia! We bet you didn’t know that when you skipped flossing your teeth this morning! It would be best to consider investing in a really good electric toothbrush that will do the job correctly. Another popular teeth cleaning tool is the water flosser which is fantastic and easy to use. Your dentist will be impressed the next time you go across for a check-up. 

Attention pet lovers! You’re going to live a happy and long life thanks to your fur babies who live with you. Credit: Pexels

2. Pets are known to extend people’s lifespans, so it could be time to get the dog finally!

Bringing a pet into your life could be the best choice you ever make – and this extends to how long you are going to live. Did you know that people who own cats or dogs tend to live longer than people who don’t own a pet? Pets are incredible to be around. They make us relax and bring us happiness, which we have learned are key components of living that long life we all want! If you own a cat, your risk of a heart attack is cut down by nearly one-third – how incredible is that? 

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People who own dogs have a reduced rate of death by 11 percent! Pets, like dogs, can also help us lead healthier lifestyles as you have to take them for walks and play with them. A pet could be the perfect companion who will love you unconditionally for older adults who might be lonely! It also gives us something to live for, and it helps create a good routine but one that has room for fun and playtime. If you’re interested in getting a pet, consider adopting one from a shelter – both your lives will be much longer because of this decision! Read more about how owning a dog can help you live longer.

Cycling leads to a longer lifespan, so it’s time to rent that bike you’ve always said you would. Credit: Pixabay

1. It’s time to get back on that bicycle and start cycling your way to a longer life! 

Just as walking is excellent for your overall health, so is cycling! Cycling is becoming more and more popular as a means of transportation. All around the world, they are introducing easy-to rent bike stations so you can bike and go! That is fantastic as it gets people moving more than they would if they were just driving around, and it’s way better for the environment too. Not only will you have a better environment around you by cycling, but it has significant impacts on your health also. Experts completed a study on French cyclists in the Tour de France, which revealed just that. 

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They have been shown to live longer than their peers who do not cycle. The study took data from 786 French cyclists who had participated in the race at least once. It’s time to get that helmet and go out for a cycle. Don’t let your bicycle just collect dust. Put it to good use. Cycling can be a competitive sport, but it can also be an enjoyable way to get around. If you make exercise enjoyable, you’ll be more likely to do it frequently. Give it a try and see what it’s like. You could even invite friends to go on a cycling outing and make a day out of it. 

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